Most Overrated F1 Drivers In 2010

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1Lewis Hamilton

Consistently makes stupid mistakes such as in Monza or Singapore which cost him the title. Cracks under preasure when seeing Alonso in his mirrors (Korea sn Brazil). He is also NOT the best overtaker. he only makes those moves with the mercedes-engine and the f-duct. He couldn't get past a far more inexperienced Hulkenburg in Brazil despite a superior car, and he had some 10 chances at the 'Senna-S'!

A specialist at driving very fast in a straight line. On a bad day takes it on his team and lacks outstanding abilities. Must improve his strategies and tyre and fuel management

Good not great... Loves the spotlight more than the sport that gave it to him... Needs to focus or bow out

A very good driver, not a great or worthy champion. Has ZERO charisma.

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2Sebastian Vettel

Been in the best car for most of his f1 career, failed to win a race in 2014 compared to his teammates 3 wins

He is a pretty good driver, but the very main reason he won last two championships is that he had the very very best car in the competition...

The whole list is such a rubbish.Drivers in it are all good ones.

3Michael Schumacher

Didn't win his championships with a team mate that was allowed to challenge him.

Now he doesn't have Eddie irvine to get behind him and act as a jammer, we can all see how a past-his-prime racing driver struggles in the main pack. Har har!

Lewis, overrated? WTF?! Don't you guys watch Top Gear? The guy's so natural it hurts!

4Jenson Button

Fast in a good car but lacks the leadership to mould a winning team/car, hence why I cannot call button a great

he struggled in 2009 after his car was no longer the best vettel or barrichello should have won

5Karun Chandhok

How is this guy even racing? Not rated as bad as Narain but still just as bad.

6Bruno SennaV1 Comment
7Felipe Massa

He doesn't have that racing class like the other drivers, he can't win if he is not on pole, even when he is on pole he doesn't always win,

Didn't deserve to be in a Ferrari and proved why he didn't deserve it over the years.

8Mark Webber

This will be his best chance at a WC but cracked under pressure. Caused a huge crash as well, twice.

9Fernando Alonso

what the hell? This guy should be at the top.. and lewis the best and most consistent of 2010 season and not overrated...

10Jaime Alguersuari

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11Nico Rosberg

Always bottles it when it is an important race

12Robert Kubica
13Pedro De La Rosa
14Rubens Barrichello
15Adrian Sutil
16Kimi Raikkonen
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1. Sebastian Vettel
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