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They met, had sex, boat sank, he died, she died. There is the whole movie in ten words.
Start with Kate Winslet's faux California accent in a character who should have sounded barely different from a London socialite. Next, accept for a moment that a cosseted aristocrat of 1912 was a secret sex fiend (entirely plausible). Would she not have heretofore been tuned into the gossip of all the horrors that befell easy girls? I'm not saying she wouldn't have jumped a low-born drifter, but not without wildly mixed feelings before, during and especially after.

Now the laws of physics and physiology. The water outside is cold enough to put rime ice on Jack's failing body. But inside the ship, apparently it warms to the temperature of a cool swimming pool. Prolonged dunking only brings hypothermia under an open sky.
Twilight is a bad movie, worse than this movie, but there is a ratio to the amount of fame it gets to how good it really is. In ratio wise, this movie got a lot more fame than twilight for being a bad movie while twilight didn't get as much fame for being a worse movie but the amount of fame it got for how bad it was less extreme than the fame and value of this movie, so there.
[Newest]Twilight should be number 1, garbage film.

Twilight, taking every cliche and wrapping it up into one big movie SERIES. Top 3 should be the entire movie series, not just number 1.
How is it overrated if everyone hates it? It couldn't be rated any lower. I can't name a single person who likes it.
ruined the whole concept of vampires and werewolves. they turned lycans to dogs and vampires to chandeliers
All this movie had was female oriented smut, and the biggest cliche that all females want to happen, to have all their troubles taken away by a muscular man. It's ironic that girls get mad at boys for wanting a girl who is hot, when they just want a guy that muscular and handsome. These movies were the number 1 thing me and all boys across the world dreaded every year they came out, if they remake twilight and 5 more of these movies come out, I will blow my brains out
[Newest]I wonder why so many people like this even though the plot is extremely stupid. This movie makes the book look so bad

3High School Musical
This movie sucks. Seriously. The other nine movies up here don't deserve to be called overrated while this abomination continues to exist. Putting Silence of the Lambs and American Beauty on the same list as High School Musical is basically comparing Zach Efron and Ashley Tisdale's acting to that of Keivn Spacey and Anthony Hopkins. Whoever made this list should be ashamed.


This needs to be #1.
I can't believe you people think "Titanic" is overrated...


Titanic sucks. It was boring as hell, had too much talking, no funny moments, and was just something for women to see with their boyfriends. END. OF. STORY.


No one says high school musical is a great movie, people are always insulting it and claiming how it should never of been made. The same with twilight. I swear you don't know what overrated means. Its something that everyone rates high but really is terrible. Napoleon Dynamite is a good example. Twilight and high school musical are not.
[Newest]How is this overrated? Does anyone really think it's a good movie?

I am not saying that Avatar was a bad movie. I just do not understand how a live-action version of Ferngully (let's be honest, that is what it is) can garner such acclaim and become the biggest most-successful film of all time. It was entertaining. That is as far as I would go. I find the overabundence of CGI a little distracting and the storyline common. Why was this nominated for so many awards while truly brilliant and challenging and original films were overlooked?
Pocahontas in space! So original!


I didn't vote for this because Titanic is more overrated, but this comes close. Not very interesting to be honest, this movie.

5Napoleon Dynamite
There's really no reason to like this movie. It's dull, bland, boring, and usually unfunny. I almost slept through this movie, something I don't do often in comedies! The characters are total idiots, the acting is terrible, the story is completely stupid, and the movie is filmed in the worst place possible. Any movie filmed in the country is boring in my experience! Anyway, don't watch this movie, because it truly is overrated.
I cannot sit through this movie to save my life! It is the most boring and annoying ass of a movie. I can't stand this punk, every time he is on screen I want to beat the hell out of him. The characters piss me off and the story is absolutely horrible and even the ending at the talent show is nothing amazing.
This movie is crap, plain and simple!


I agree, I heard how funny this movie was and everyone I knew kept on quoting it so I decided I HAD to watch it, so when I finally did, I was so disappointed. the movie seemed really dull and not funny and I barely chuckled.


Frozen is an okay movie, but people talk about it like Jesus Christ wrote it or something. The songs, characters, and plot are very bland compared to the other classic Disney films and it doesn't deserve all the hype.
By the way people were acting over it, I thought Frozen was going to be the best movie of the year... Maybe decade. But it turned out not to even be a classic. Disney has far better movies. Whoever says 'Frozen is better than the Lion King' is full of crap. It doesn't even make the top 30 of Disney's best movies. All my life, I've never seen a movie more overrated.


This needs to be higher! It's good family entertainment, but compared to other Disney classics, it's awful.
[Newest]I liked this movie when it came out but it's been two years and people are STILL worshiping this movie. It's an okay movie. That's it. I'm not saying it's terrible but it's not an animate classic and probably won't be.

7Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Don't people have to think a movie was good in the first place in order for it to be classified as "overrated"?
I can say never whatever I want! As for the movie, all I can say is, "NEVER create this movie about a boy that has a voice of a woman and dance around like a female latino dancer again"! Plus, don't get started Katy Perry either!
This is the worst movie ever. Juntin's voice is annoying, the songs are annoying every thing is annoying. I hope theirs not more Justin Bieber movies. Justin Bieber should die now!
[Newest]If no one likes the movie than how can it be overrated? I mean it sucked, but no one is saying that it's a masterpiece.


8The Avengers
Lets be honest the movies on here are here simply because we hate it but are probably not THAT bad movies, well they are pretty bad but the ratio of hype to actual value isn't that different, this had so much hype, and ratio wise its pretty overrated because I think it doesn't have much actually good artistic value in it, just explosions, special effects taken form every other marvel movie already made and put together, at least they are good actors
Not let's be clear, overrated doesn't mean that something is bad yet everyone seems to enjoy it. It simply means that something is given more credit than it deserves. And let's face it, The Avengers is completely over-rated. We have been waiting for this for awhile, yet it gives off too much of an "America $%&# Yeah" sort of feel to it.
The Avengers is by far the most overrated movie ever. Friends were telling me how amazing it was, but really, it wasn't. One dimensional characters, dull writing, action sequences that make no sense, do I need to say more.

Also, message to Disney: Leave Marvel and Star Wars alone!
[Newest]I've never seen this, but I've still seen the best superhero movie of all time. This is not it.

92001: A Space Odyssey
While it is often regarded as the best film ever it has multiple flaws. Significant Pacing issues that can make this film unimaginably boring, issues of repetive visuals that can also be a problem and the main theme about monolith providing evolution is not profound or interesting at all. And of course the film is incoherent at times. People might be bothered by the lack of dialogue or good characters other than Hal.

On the positive, this film focuses on humanity and its history, specifically its future some of it's themes are successful, the sense of isolation is quite established and it has an effective atmosphere on that regard. Hal is a good character, and it is a good horror film. The biggest positive of the film it how it succeeds to make you think about humanity as a whole and empathise with it.

Overall a good but extremely overrated by many film
Please. If the pacing bothered you enough to post that then go watch Armageddon. I am absolutely stunned by how many of you lack any intellect sufficient enough to prepare a bowl of cereal.
Tried watching this movie multiple times when I was in college, but I could never stay awake... Partially my fault, but after I finally powered through it (4th times a charm), I just didn't get it. I can appreciate some aspects of the film, but I just think the scope is too big for its britches. I was never big on films that challenge thoughts on our own existence too deeply, and maybe I'm being a little dim, but Kubrick was just digging WAY too deep. Shame, because I was always such a huge fan of Clockwork, Strangelove, Shining, Full Metal Jacket, etc. so when I thought I was in for a slam dunk with a Kubrick movie in the top 5 on so many top 100 movie lists, I was so disappointed. So many better movies in general and even many better Stanley Kubrick movies. Better than Barry Lyndon though.


The best movie opening sequence transition of all time by leaps and bounds. The best. The use of classical themes, the visuality of outer space is unparalleled to this day. No blue or green screens no computers! Star Wars visuals are a joke compared to this movie 9 years later. If the moon landing was faked (it wasn't ) they got the right guy to do it.
[Newest]UGH! This movie was so boring and confusing that it hurt :(

10The Hunger Games
It was great but everyone was calling it the best movie ever and its not.


This movie sucked a lot. It's just a bunch of teenage girls who don't know what a good movie is saying its good. Half the time you can't even tell whats happening because of all that shaky cam.
The whole series is boring! I only watched the movie because Woody Harrelson was in it, and he is a hell of an actor.

The Contenders

11How to Train Your Dragon
I don't get why people liked it so much!
This movie is just okay but it is not the best movie I have ever seen nor the worst.
This movie is really boring.
[Newest]One sentence: The sequel was better,

12The Blair Witch Project


The only movie I stopped watching it after 30 mins.
Was better on the big screen this movie totally sucked a** its basically a home movie were nothing interesting happens.



Agreed.. Can say the same about Johnny depp
I don't think troy is overrated at all
No good! Never seen a Brad Pitt movie that was worth watching!

15The Lion King
Who put this here? It may be overrated, but for a very, VERY GOOD reason.
If it's overrated for a good reason, then it isn't overrated, it's just highly rated.


I like this movie but it's the most overrated family movie EVERR period.
My favorite movie ever!


[Newest]Any one who likes this movie should be shoot in the pee pee.

The pee pee balls

16The Hangover

17Paranormal Activity
Overrated all off them
It wasn't scary AT ALL

18Sunset Boulevard
I had heard a long time how great this movie is but it is so boring. Norma Desmund is a totally overrated character. I barely was able to stay up watching it.

19Requiem for a Dream

20The Shawshank Redemption
The only film where two people spend most of their lives in prison and come looking younger than when they went in. It's so ridiculous from the beginning to end, It just plays on your emotions with every trick with the farcical ending. The ending is up there with 'sixth sense' for stupidity.
This is a good movie but on the imdb top 250 its number 1. That is too much.
It was a good movie but certainly not the best of all time.
Freeman or Robbins played very powerful but film is absolutely overrated.
[Newest]Whoever voted for this can go kill themselves. This movie is amazing. I bet whoever voted for this likes Forrest Gump, the undeserving Oscar winner.

This is the best movie ever! How is this even here?!
Seriously bores me to death.
One good bit in this movie and it's at the end with all the shooting.

Drags on and seriously one of the worst overrated movies I've ever seen

22The Social Network
I like this movie but the fact it got a nomination for Jesse Eisenberg as the Best Leading Actor made me laugh. He ruined this film - trashy acting.


23Slumdog Millionaire
Its very annoying how they highlight poverty in India as if it does not exist in the rest of the world. Oh and boo hoo poor so called minority being bullied by the big bad majority.
I don't know a more undeserving Academy Award winner. Just terrible, how someone can like this is beyond me.
I've never seen it, because I could tell it was going to be bad just from a title like "Slumdog Millionare".

24The Dark Knight
Anyone who thinks that Twilight is more overrated than this should (Insert Disturbing Content Here) That movie is actually underrated compared to this in fact Twilight is underrated because it is hated so much. Heath's performance is fine but it isn't Joker like, Jack Nicholson made a better Joker. Christian Bale's growls are unbearable. The movie has a dull atmosphere and takes itself too seriously. Burton's Batman was dark but it was fun. This is just kinda boring. The Dark Knight is a fine film but best superhero movie ever, that is just exaggerated. The best superhero movie is and always be The Avengers.
The main problem with this list is that all the people who like these movies are gonna dislike all the negative comments about the movie, why? Can you just let people have their opinion instead of just trying to convince them to like the movie, cause I hate this movie but I haven't met someone who agrees with me, they all say this movie is awesome and it really gets on my nerves, people even say it's better then the avengers, HOW IS IT BETTER THAN THE AVENGERS? And what's really stupid is that Avengers is higher up on this list but in reality The Dark Knight is WAY more overrated
This movie is so underrated it is unbearable. People constantly say it is one of the best films of the 200's and of all time. It is completely overrated and is really bland, boring and long. Heath was a good joker but they made him a terrorist not a comic book villain. Tim burtons films are way better in my opinion and Nicholson was a better joker. Batman returns is the best batman film

25Spy Kids

26The Birds
This movie was amazing I'm a kid whos seen many horror movies and I liked this more that things like the shining Halloween Friday the 13th scream exc... But not the exorcist

27The Matrix
The only thing going for this movie is the CGI effects that were ahead of it's time. Other than that: the acting is crap, the story is boring, it's been parodied and copied so many times it ruins it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, there's a huge lack of character development, and the monotony from the aforementioned acting is taken straight out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.
Aww, come on now. What's so bad about Neo? You have a problem?! Why hate?
There is a huge lack of character development in this movie.

28Les Miserables (2012)
This should have stayed a book. But instead we got big name actors singing like animals getting skinned alive


29American Beauty
Worst movie ever to win the Best Picture Oscar. there are not many movies out there that infuriate me as much as this one. Not a single character worth caring about, and a stupid script, bad acting, and boring as hell. No sane, intelligent human being would think this was a good film.
The ordinary story of a mans midlife crisis. Good movie but nothing worth caring about


SO overrated. Did it really win oscars?!


30Kill Bill - Volume One
The fights (with the exception of the one at the beginning) are pretty lackluster and for a movie that gets endless amounts of praise for it's originality, it doesn't seem very original; especially when one considers the fact that it's made up almost entirely of other movies. This would be fine had it done the other movies justice, but.. Well, lets just say I'm calling it overrated for a reason.
Quentin Tarantino likes to make movies about girls who kill people in impossible ways. It's very genius, if you don't actually think about it.

31The Notebook

32Sin City
I didn't have as much of a problem with actors. The movie itself is just the dumbest thing you could possibly write. The camerawork is great though. But the story... Wait a minute, there's a story here? I thought it just guys who smoked too many cigarettes and Japanese ninja goddess Sonic carhops beating the snot out of people. Very artistic, as long as it's in black and white.
Can't stand the acting. And Brittany Murphy - please go away with half of the narrators
Really really boring movie, too much narrating
[Newest]Why does everybody love this movie it sucks the story is confusing this should be number 1

The characters are annoying at best and completely unlikable at worst. The entire plot is stupid - it has too many implausible actions and twists, the magic just happens to work in a forced, convenient way (this includes being a deus ex machina), and the whole plot could've been avoided if it weren't for the villain's contrived idiocy. The songs weren't great either, and saying that the good animation redeems the film is like saying that the nice graphics redeem Sonic 2006.
Why is this on this list? This movie is UNDERRATED more than anything, people rave over the overrated garbage that is frozen while this movie is MILES better, get this film off this list, any hype this film gets is deserved
This movie was good but not great. My friend loves this movie and I just give it a 5 out of 10.


34The Wizard of Oz
FINALLY Someone who shares my opinion
Boring, dumb, and too cheesy

35Spider-Man 2
Overrated but good movie.
Let me start by saying that I am a pretty big super hero fan and I really did enjoy the first Amazing Spider-man movie, Now with that being said this movie sucked in my opinion from the get go, Crappy acting and stupid punch lines along with a horrible Green Goblin character just to list a few thing I found wrong with this movie, Both me and my wife left the theaters thinking what the hell was that. Some people have wrote positive reviews and I just can't wrap my head around it. Don't bother

36Django Unchained
This movie isn't as good as everyone claims it to be
Quite honestly, any movie by Tarintino should be on this list! He's an awful director with "NO" imagination or vision. Like Oliver Stone with Platoon, he made it on the map early with Resivoir Dogs... Ever since then he has directed nothing but garbage. You can throw Spike Lee in this catagory also. Lee, Stone, Tarintino all all a collection of talentless idiots!

Mind numbingly boring and very overrated. That's all I have to say about that crap.
Pretty good but incrediblely overrated.
Ok all it is is things and building flipping.

38The Godfather
This is a MASTERPIECE! AFI has this ranked #2 to only Citizen Kane. It is written and directed like an Italian opera. This is "the" best thing to come out of Hollywood in the last 40 years. Even if you don't like it, you have to appreciate what great movie it is. Godfather should be nowhere near this list. Anyone who cannot appreciate this movie knows nothing about films. Sorry if Fast & Furious 6 is your limits of taste.
I agree here. This movie just help influence the way criminal thug life would be redefined. It was a very good film but not spectacular. I think that Angels With Dirty Faces was better because it did not glorify gangster life. It showed how doing the wrong things had consequences. You do not find that here with the Godfather.
Too overrated, I can't stand it. I wonder how really this film can appeal to so may people when it deals just with mafia and gangsters. Is mafia and gangsters the essence of cinema? I think that there was and still is too much propaganda for The Godfather. It's certainly not a masterpiece! What's going on with people's minds?
[Newest]Nearly as good as the Star Wars franchise. I don't think this movie is overrated, if it is, then its overrated for a good reason

39Fight Club
Too much violence for nothing. Pure sensationalism. What a bore!

Absolutely hated this ridiculously, boring, weird movie.

41Dolphin Tale 2

42Gone with the Wind
I'm surprised that something this long and monotonous was recognized as one of the greatest movies of all time. Still a great movie though.
It was an epic film and probably great for that time and definitely a classic yet still overrated.

Words can't describe how much I hate this film. I agree with many of these films but this one is dreadful. This has similarities to Titanic because they both have the worst love stories ever created. This is a true story that I will reveal. I was in Grade 8 and my teacher brought Wall-E for us to watch. Everybody is excited and I am interested to see this. I actually got a headache about 20 minutes into the film. When I got home I threw up. This movie actually made me throw up. The story is stupid, the entire film is noise and no talking and the characters are horribly created. This movie actually got universal acclaim and many people claim it to be the greatest animated film ever created. I don't understand the story, if you want to watch a movie about a robot watch Short Circuit. This film is a huge piece of trash just like the character of Wall-E!


If I could wipe everyone's minds and destroy all evidence that this film ever existed I would.
This is a really awkward film.


44Iron Man
The first two are fine. The third one... Ugh.
A poor man's, watered down, Batman Begins-lite... for dummies.

I don't get the hell why would such a crap show could win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. It was so horrible, the story was a huge mess and the mother daughter relationship was nothing at sense. The characters don't even link to each other and the animation was horrible (seriously Pixar? ). Even the bear scene doesn't make any sense to that
I don't even get why would anyone like that show or it win an Oscar. The story was a huge mess and the animation is damm awful (seriously Pixar after The Incredibles? ) even Rise Of The Guardians and Wreck it Ralph is heck better in animation quality

46The Dark Knight Rises
Just because "the dark knight" is a good movie, do not mean that "the dark knight rises" is a good one. The movie has so many plot holes! And Bane is not scary at all!


The movie is boring and gives Batman more punishment than any others. It is a total disgrace to Batman because in the hole, he takes advice from pedophiles.

473 Backyards

48Dolphin Tale

49Pulp Fiction
I just don't see how this is as amazing as people say it is.
Sorry :(


A Fan of Pulp Fiction: "Man, the dialogues is so awesome! It's the best.. Bla bla bla" This movie is so boring... I think I can do better movie.

50Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

51Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back


53Ferris Bueller's Day Off
That movie is one of the best comedies ever made it was hilarious. Although it might be a bit overrated it was still a very good movie


55The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

56Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Somehow Ang Lee manages to make his fight scenes fights look both unbelieveable and boring.
After flopping in Asia it was sent to America.....the rest is History


57E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial
Must I mention the awful Atari 2600 game
I Don't Care About E.T. I Mean Phone Home? That Word Make No Sense


I watched the 1st part. I really didn't pay attention to the 2nd part


[Newest]The game is even worse than the movie!

As a huge racing fan, I used to like this movie when it came out (I was about 8 years old) and I hate it now. Never even watched the second one. The whole series just gives racing a bad name. I didn't realize that then because I was young and ignorant, but I realize it now.



60A Clockwork Orange
A film where half of the dialogue is gobbledygook isn't worth watching.

61Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump is a great movie, but it is a little too overrated by many critics. Now, I do not hate the film, I myself like it, Robert Zemeckis is a good director (Back to the Future). It is a fun and cheerful drama with an entertaining performance by Tom Hanks. However, I was not happy with the fact that this movie won the Best Picture Oscar for 1994 over The Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction. In all honesty, Pulp Fiction should've won the Best Picture Award because of many reasons. One, it has much better writing than Forrest Gump's sappy and sentimental script. Two, the non-linear, intertwining stories are marvels of cinema and revolutionized film-making. Three, an AMAZING ensemble cast: John Travolta, Samuel. L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames. Even the small roles played by Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel are unforgettable; that clearly shows how superior PF was to FG. Fourth, direction, Zemickis's FG was very predictable and he did a little bit of a sloppy job when it came to filming the scenes in the last half of the movie--they were prolonged and overbloated (For example, Bubba Gump, Apple Computers, Shit Happens). Quentin Tarantino on the other hand, didn't disappoint with PF, every single scene was memorable, and that says something about his talent for directing. Last, but not least, PF was simply more entertaining, high-octane violence, pop-culture references, dark humor and comedy; how much better does it get? Anyways, I liked FG, but given that it beat incredible films such as Pulp Fiction, it is certainly disappointing.
This is the most absolutely horrendously STUPID film I've ever seen in my life! The director has as much talent as a leech with a hot rock in its face. He can't tell whether anyone is following a script, which must have been written in the alien language of Zyxxyzzy before being poorly translated into a dialect that they didn't understand. The acting itself is all very basic and uninspired; not putting a thought into how serious or silly it sounded, making every second of this film more dull than Vertigo. Everything about this film lacks any sense of quality, and that's why I loathe it to infinity.
Thank you! Someone else has some sense after all. the basic gist of the plot is Gomer Pyle as a melodrama, which has GOT to be the single stupidest story premise I've ever heard in my life!
(honestly, what was the Academy smoking when they declared Best Picture Of The Year what would turn out to be the worst picture of the DECADE? )
[Newest]Compare to: Disaster Movie

6221 Jump Street

63Iron Man 3

64Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope
Finding someone else who doesn't like Star Wars is one of the most difficult things I've ever tried, it's like half the Earth loves Star Wars, and I never understood why, it's really lame, the whole I am your father thing wasn't as cool to me as everyone claimed it is, they were like "oh my god that's one of the best movie twists ever! " But honestly it wasn't that cool to me, and this movie at times is REALLY boring, even the action wasn't that interesting, and all the space Battles weren't cool either mostly because the effects are REALLY dated, also why do all the fans think these movies are perfect? Literally everyone I talk to who says Star Wars is awesome says the original trilogy was completely flawless, did they just choose to ignore any problems the movies had? I just don't like Star Wars and maybe one day I'll finally meet someone who agrees with me
I don't like Star Wars either but You have to be careful about saying it because The Star Wars franchise has an armada of defenders
While it's not the worst film franchise ever, cause it's not, I just don't see the appeal! Not a fan.

Please forgive me for putting this trilogy on the list. I usually don't bash anything, but let's face it: the Transformers series is not that great. Yes, it's the first time Transformers goes live action and I know it made a huge amount of money and it has your all-time favorite stars, but they're just robots for crying out loud! It's just a movie series that are made to sell toys. If you like the movie series, especially particularly, I respect your opinion. It's those stupid people and fantards who can't let the movies go, along with the haters. The critics who panned the films are not the problem at all. It only gets an academy award for best picture if it's worth it! In other words, just let it go.
I think it's stupid. Not great at all, it seems like a 5 year olds show.


66The Artist

67About a Boy


This movie just blows, everyone thought it was so funny, but it sucked the big one, would be on my list of top ten worst movies of all time behind Dracula 3000

It was so boring! Other than the occasional fights and that bit where the hunchback is in the strip club, its not interesting.
Predictable and pretentious. Id rather watch traffic go by. At least I would see an occasional bumper sticker with more depth, intelligence and meaning.

71Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

72The Karate Kid

73The Shining
It's not because this movie is boring or anything, it's just that almost everyone calls this "thing" a classic or a masterpiece. I mean, COME ON. The film completely destroys everything that was wonderful about the book. The acting is terrible. The wife and the kid is annoying, Jack Nicholson is terrific of course, but turning from a psychopath to an homicidal psychopath isn't what I call character develepmont. The rest of the movie is filled with shots of the hotel, creepy occurences that are neither discussed nor mentioned afterwards, a bad and confusing script and finally it ends with a close-up shot of a photograph that eventually leads to these secret messages or meanings that are supossedly hidden throughout this whole movie. Also even back then it wasn't well received (It was nominated for 2 Razzies)

74Citizen Kane
Great movie. Yes. Greatest movie of all time. No.

How can people think that this is the greatest movie of all time? It's good, yes, but it is nothing next to the Godfather (parts I and II but not part III), Jaws, Shawshank Redemption, even The Usual Suspects.


75The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring

76Momma's Man

77Into the Woods

78The Silence of the Lambs
Good story, good acting good everything. This movie received to many major oscar rewards then it deserved.


Silence of the Lambs does not age well. Besides the obvious (Hopkins' exceptional acting), the film has many holes; even for it's time-period. Hopkins is a strong actor, in a very mediocre film. The last scene pretty much would never ever happen. It's a film w/ an embarrassing lack of realism.

79I Am Legend

80Mean Girls
So many people rate this as razor sharp satire, underpinned by a genuinely commendable moral message. However, I have never seen a film so middle of the road before. The humour never goes beyond the obvious, and every 'witty' comment made can be seen a mile off. And as for the moral message that everyone champions - well yes, I suppose it is commendable, but the delivery is without passion and has been done before with more heart and originality. Not a terrible film, but undeserved of its high praise.
It's so stupid. It's like comedy for people who are too stupid to understand real comedy.
So stupid it was funny.

81Spider-Man 3


83The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

84Man of Steel
I'm not sure how this one's overrated. It's got a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it's really more underrated and true to Superman law.

85Essential Killing

86The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

87Ordinary People

88Schindler's List
Whenever a film is about jews discrimination or people dieyingt there is obviously going to be people who pitty this story and say its good, proof Titanic or To kill a mockingbird... This movie shows you about how people then were treated but it is very boring and is nowhere near the hype its given...

89The Exorcist

90Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

91Space Odyssey
I will never get this film. I think Kubrick lost his mind on this one. Critics say it's in there top 10 well it's in mine bottom 10.
When this came out it was new light for movie people. Now looking back....overrated



93Inherit the Wind

94Toy Story 3
This is without question the most revoltingly overrated movie I have ever seen. It is just a rehash of Toy Story 2, look at them back to back, they are practically the same story just with different backgrounds. Really, the only reason I think that this is so loved is really just a combination of the Pixar label and the nostalgia factor. Now people usually tend to blow smoke about Pixar movies, but this, it completely overshadowed superior animated movies like How to Train Your Dragon, not only does it overshadow better movies from other studios, it actually overshadows better movies from it's own studios, better than the first 2? How can the rehash be seen better than the original source? And the so called "touching scenes" rely exclusively on nostalgia, it's just "this is sad or touching because you grew up with these characters" that is just pure unoriginal, pathetic and sleazy emotional manipulation and I know that Pixar is better than that. I really hate this movie, the only good thing is really the toys that belong to that little girl, Bonnie, but they do nothing with them. Ok, everyone tends to blow smoke about Pixar movies, but really? This? This is probably one of the laziest Pixar movies I've ever seen. I think I hate this more than Cars 2, yes, Cars 2 is an atrocity, but it at least got the hate it deserved.
This is without a doubt the most revoltingly overrated thing I have ever seen. This thing relys exclusively on the Pixar label as well as the Nostalgia factor, the emotional aspects come completely from "it's sad or touching because these are characters from your childhood" not only did this thing overshadow much better movies, such as How to Train Your Dragon, it overshadows much better movies from it's own studio. Really? Better than the first 2? How is it that the rehash is better than the original, and yes, this thing is a rehash of Toy Story 2, look at them back to back, swear to god, the plot is basically the same thing. I really do hate this thing, the only thing I do like are the Toys that belong to the little girl, Bonnie, they were great, but really? Best animated movie of the year? Nomination for movie of the year? Nomination for best screenplay? And what sucks is that people nitpick the crap out of Brave, despite it being the superior film from pixar compared to Toy Story 3.
I can understand why this movie is on this list due to the ridiculous high ratings it was given from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. But nonetheless, it's still a good movie overall and it's certainly one of the most saddest movies I've ever seen. It's not a bad movie whatsoever (the animation was brilliant, the characters were well designed and even if the storyline has been heard in other movies before, it was still quite interesting), it's just given too much praise than what it actually deserves and certainly not the greatest movie of all time (I would say no more higher than 80% on the Rotten Tomatoes site, NOT 99 or 100% or whatever the movie was given).

95The Smurfs
Come on! I don't think it's overrated. The people say it's bad and it's the worst movie ever, but it wasn't that bad, it's my favourite movie, I don't think it's overrated, I think it's hated for no reason!


97Good Will Hunting
Launched the careers of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, but I still don't know how.

98The King's Speech

Yeah, I watched it in 3D. And it was the most boring movie I ever watched in the theaters. There was no plot and critics just sucked up to the wasted talent of two admittedly great actors (more Clooney than Bullock, though, and he was only in for less than half the movie).
It has next to no plot, just special effects. When you watch it on your phone... you might as well not watch anything.


Praised for great special effescts they were good at 1st but then they use the same old thing which makes it rubbish. Acting is very terrible with awful dialouge and a very boring atmospher with a rubbish ending. Just way too over rated and in my opiinion the worst movie Ever 0/10. SUPER ULTIMATE OVErrated.

100Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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