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281Flushed AwayV2 Comments
283A Bug's Life

Grasshoppers SUCKS then kill ants and never grasshoppers again

V2 Comments
284A Charlie Brown ChristmasV1 Comment
285A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
286A Boy Named Charlie Brown
287Snoopy Come Home
288It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
289Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown
290Happiness is a Warn Blanket, Charlie Brown

Antz rip off a bugs life bee movie and turbo

Actually this movie was made before all of those movies you just listed - gabgriffinfcs

V1 Comment
292Chicken Run

This movie took TWO YEARS of hard effort to make! The humor is great, the acting is great, overall a really good movie! So why the heck is it apparently overrated? I can't recall any extreme hype about it...

This Movie Is Great! Stop putting these on

293Astro BoyV1 Comment
294Lots and Lots of Trains Vol.2
295Lots and Lots of Train Vol.3
296Lots and Lots of Train Vol.1V1 Comment
297Freddy Got Fingered
298Knocked Up
299The Angry Birds Movie

Well this movie is like 5 minutes to me.

300The Danish Girl
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