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Justin Bieber
I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER. I am a 14 year old girl and most of my friends are obsessed with him, but I don't get it AT ALL. This guy has absolutely NO TALENT, he just qualifies as a singer because a bunch of crazy 10-year-old fan girls wish they had hair like him. I can't even believe he isn't at #1. The JONAS BROTHERS? Really? I haven't even heard of them since 2006. All I can say is, Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby NO!
Like the great Arya Stark of Game of Thrones said "Most girls are idiots."


I don't know why he is not at the top in the list? Maybe because he is new and bands like linkin park, evanescence, breaking benjamin are not at their prime. His real fan base are silly girls who don't know anything about the music but just like his childish face. He is just a four day wonder and soon will be at the top of the list
I'm a 12-year-old girl. I hate Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, all those other generic pop singers, Twilight, and I am not a Facebook addict. I am not an attention whore, a fangirl, a prep, an emo, or any sort of bad stereotype. I have friends, a social life and get A's (Yes, I'm Asian. Get over it. ) I don't understand the hype with Justin Bieber. His singing is mediocre. But THE WORST PART IS THE FANGIRLS. ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CRITICIZE ANY OTHER FORM OF MUSIC UNRELATED TO JUSTIN BIEBER.
[Newest]Justin Bieber does suck! You people should definitely check out Vic Dibitetto's three rants on him. They really are worth your time I promise. Trust me.
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Madonna is the worst vocalist.. She has no vocal range be it high be it low.. Just keeps sexual themes.. Who made her the Queen of pop.. Its Lady GaGa who is a trained classical musician Rock dance fashion Icon

Moreover he fake blonde hair signifies she is not proud of being a brunette as if being a brunette is a sin.
Madonna is of Italian origin but has not done anything for the Italian music scene.

Her body is just like a man ^^ her vocals like a zero rating vocalist
Why is she so bad? My mom loves Madonna, but it's your opinion and I'm not going to start fights and respect your opinion.


A very below average vocal range. If she tried to be a singer in the 40's or 50's she would have trouble getting a job sweeping a recording studio let alone singing in one.
She's a mediocre singer who uses shock value to draw attention to herself and to distract from her lack of talent. I don't understand why people like her.
[Newest]She's in her fifties now and she's still using shock value to draw attention. Madonna if you're reading this, GROW UP! You're 56 years old. You can't keep this up forever you know!

3Taylor Swift
This girl cannot stay on key to save her life. She should be a song-writer with co-writers (b/c without them all her songs sound the same) but NOT "sing". However, she is a brilliant business woman as was writing young women on facebook to be friends when she was just getting started. She knows how to sell her brand and get many people overlook her horrid voice. She is talented but not vocally. VERY overrated.
Nothing important. Just another whiny female country-pop singer who sings about nothing but love.
I've always thought that she was either a psychopath or a lyrical genius. After stats showed that her relationships last less 9 months, and she writes about half an album about each guy, even the ones who don't last that long. She's stalkerish and her once genuine lyrics now sound overprocessed


[Newest]No offense, but all she sings about are break ups. She's not creative when it comes to her music.

4Lady Gaga
She's the biggest copycat in the world! She's has money and sucess just because she has copied the Queen of Pop!
The theatrics - meat wearing, semi-nudity and costume gimmicks cover up an average voice and pretty uncomplicated compositions. Yes she has talents (classically trained pianist) but so what? She doesn't seem to use her talents in the slightest.
Yet another blistering melanoma on the sunbed tanned plastic skin that is Popular Music. Idiocracy is here this list is full of proof.
[Newest]Lady Gaga copied Missing Persons. And they're way better than her.

550 Cent
Led Zeppelin Is over this clown?
what this guy sing is all about gangsta and some nonsense stuff
I wouldn't consider he rap because It's like he was just talking the lyric
nothin special
Those guy who said Led aren't good must not know what rock is voting Led Zeppelin instead of others
I'm not even born around 60's 70's or 80, s
but I love Led Zeppelin
Better than sellout marketing artist these day
and Eminem is the man dude
He really raps somethin meaning full
not just making fun of someone else
those who vote eminem must listen just 2 songs of him
never listen to Like Toy Soldier? Hailey's song? Mockingbird? My Daddy's gone crazy? Lose Yourself? Beautiful? and so on
He's not making fun at all
actually he really rap

These should be voted
The Jonas Brothers
Soulja Boy
Miley Cyrus
Pete Wentz
Lil Wayne
Justin Timberlake
Fall Out Boy
Avril Lavigne


people who commented and vote for a7x, 30seconds to mars, slipknot and linkin park you SUCK...! don't vote them becase they are popular.. they will never get overrated to us.. True music lovers... 50 cent, solja guy or whatevr they are music eaters... dnt call them mussians... justin kid, miley cyrus, rihanna, michel jaka... etc... can they sing...


I don't get it. And that's a good thing.


6Kurt Cobain
All the time, I see him on lists of great guitarists and being one of the best guitarists ever. He was never even that good of a guitarist. He knew it too! He would say all the time that he wasn't that great of a player. His solos were sloppy and not that unique, his riffs were repetitive, his clean and acoustic stuff was just too simple, and not to mention that he screwed up about every show!
I'm sorry but this guy in the top 25 of Rolling stones top 100 guitarists and Slash not in top 100, somethings messed up, I respect him, but the hype around how good he is is way too big, there best song is not the crowning achievement in rock, all they did was make Grunge popular, which isn't even that good of music
Kurt wrote honest lyrics, hard to listen to his singing and he was an ok guitar player at best. He just happen to hit it when there was a desire for something other than glam rock. There were a lot of other bands that came out at the same time that have better lyrics and musical talent.
[Newest]He was an amazing musician, but he is very overrated.

7Snoop Dogg
Excuse me, but why is everyone hatin' on Eminem! Just cause ya'll don't like rap and don't understand what real rap is doesn't mean you can just hate on Eminem. He's beast. But Snoop dogg sucks, he doesn't even rap, he just talks without any beat or rythem.


All he does is sell himself out. Rapping with crappy artists like Big Time Rush, Jason Derulo, Lil Wayne, and even promoting terrible artists like Wiz Khalifa and Far East Movement. This guy truly is a sellout.
Snoopy is lousy rapper. More interested in young girls than music

8Miley Cyrus
some people doesn't know what music is, they listen to her commercial stupid music!

by the way, THE BEATLES here? since Oasis to SOAD, many bands like them, only a retarded would vote for that in this list. LED ZEPPELIN? I bet the people who voted there likes to listen Justin Bieber. METALLICA and KURT COBAIN ahead Justin Bieber? that's stupid!


shocking to believe she isn't higher and should be in the top 10 along with daughtry


Horrible plastic pop singer... Cheap soulless pop rubbish this is, totally plastic rubbish music... A total insult to the music industry, eek!
[Newest]Miley Cyrus is worse than Justin beaver which says a lot

Here whole career is based on her ass and looks. All her vocals sound the same and married Jay- Z (the most overrated rapper of all time ) to stay famous. She is talented but is famous for the wrong reasons.
Yes, she is overrated. Because she is more popular with her big butt and her relationship with than with her voice and music. She is always in panties, with open legs.

...And sometimes, when she dance she jumps and tumbles as possessed, metal hen in rut.
No noteworthy contribution to the arts. Crazy in love? A sample from The Chi-Lites' 1970 song "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)", used as the song's horn hook. Bootylicious? Seriously? Halo written by One Republic's Ryan Tedder. Total aesthetic appeal compensating for any true artistic value.
[Newest]She talks about how "Flawless" she is and then turns around and talks about how "Pretty Hurts".

10Lil Wayne
This clown sucks! He got booed off the stage at bonaroo, his lyrics suck, he's a whiny little prick. He repeats his lyrics because he's a terrible song writer.

Why the hell are Led Zeppelin, Nirvana (Kurt Cobain, Bono, U2, Eminem even on this list. The people who are voting to put these people with actually talent are thick and uneducated. They haven't listened to good music.
I almost doesn't get worse than lil wayne. Dumb thoughtless unlyrical hip-pop. Not to mention the fact that lollipop is one of the worst songs ever made


Definitely the worst popular hip-hop artist of all time. Makes me wanna kill myself.
[Newest]To me rap is crap

The Contenders

Bono is above Lil Wayne? You must be joking.


Can't argue with this nom. He seems to be convinced that HE is U2. He's not that great a singer either, more of a shouter and groaner.

12Nicki Minaj
Exposed garbadge. Can't rap even if her life depended on it. She sound's like a drunk monkey and a constipated gorilla mixed together. She alway's make's these random ass noises in the middle of a verse. And these weird ass faces. She does nothing but waves her fake a$$ and titties in the air thinking she's getting to Broadway or something. All of her song's make no sense and within 10 seconds of the song will have you pounding your head up against the wall. Her favorite thing to sing about is " stupid hoe's" which is based on one of her songs " stupid hoe" that had me rushing to the hospital because of bleeding from my ear's. I wish she would just leave the hip hop industry alone.
Sure it takes talent to rap like that but it doesn't change the fact that her lyrics make no sense AT ALL. I'm a junior in high school and literraly everyone is obsessed with nicki minaj. Nicki's music it WAY too overrated and she should be nearer to the top of this list.
Her "music" is so incredibly nonsensical, it makes me wanna rip my ears off
[Newest]How are Kurt Cobain and Bono both above Nicki Minaj? Nicki Minaj sucks!

13Britney Spears
No the Beatles are the best britney sucks

14Chris Brown

15Mariah Carey
I admire her talent, but the part coming with her job is the part where you have to respect your fellow musicians. She basically dissed Ariana Grande for being compared to her, hates on Eminem (One of the biggest rappers of all- time, and pretend Nicki Minaj isn't alive. I'd suggest that you don't diss on people who have a lot of fans, have had a number 1 song in the past 5 years and can come up with something other than a remix of a Christmas song that gets played on the radio every Christmas Eve. I love your music, you just have to pull yourself together!
All I can say is go and listen to vision of love and try to sing it you would do good at first but after maybe two or three minutes into the song and a couple of 3 or 4 or 5 octaves your voice will start to get tired and run out of breath and gasping for air Mariah Carey vision of love song is a hard song to sing can't nobody sing the song the difficulty of the song is just way to powerful especially the studio version it was enhanced and the live version is hard and difficult to sing as well Mariah Carey vision of love song, nobody will never master that song while singing it it's way to hard to sing along to.
If there was a singing contest in the Olympics she would win hands down. She can hit any note in any song mans nearly always does, that is why she us so terrible. Has no idea how to approach a song, any singer that tries to be better than the song cannot be taken seriously.

16P. Diddy


18Tech N9ne
His fans are so stupid. They always talk about the mainstream and crap. I bet they could name a total of 5 underground rappers bunch of posers. His fans only listen to him to look cool and underground. I like tech he is okay but not top 100 good.


Eminem is one of the greatest rappers Ever period no more no less. Other rappers are just jealous of his flow and awesome rhymes
Eminem is probably one of the most overrated rappers of all time. Sure, his flow and lyrics are awesome, but many of his fans treat him as the omnipotent god of hip-hop. Just go to ant top ten list on this site that is rap-related (and even some lists that are not rap-related) and you will see him in the #1 spot. His first few albums were great, but Encore and the albums that followed were kind of mediocre. His newer songs are mainly popular since they have popular singers like Rihanna sing the hook, and they appeal more to the pop music that would normally not enjoy hip-hop. While I still think he is a cut above lame rappers like 2 Chainz, he certainly isn't the king of the game, so stop treating him like he is.
I hope I'm not the only one who has noticed with each album he says I stuffed up so I'm gonna fix it and make a change. Well were still waiting for that change
[Newest]This man is the definition of overrated.

20Janis Joplin
Her voice isn't even pleasant


Drug addict talentless chick
Only famous 'cause she's white.

21Adam Levine
Most of Maroon 5's songs sound almost exactly the same.

You should think about your mental condition, if Skrillex is a musician in your opinion. All what he do is press Play and Stop on his computer to make "wubs" and "dubs". Come on, its bull#$%^, not music.
No talent AT ALL.
Also, I voted for him, just because Bieber and Lady Gaga are already on the top of this rank.
This Animal Loved By 13 Years Olds Is Pure Cr ap
Skrillex sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Enough said
[Newest]You even call him a musician?


23K.S. Chithra
Really overrated on this site, but I don't know why, she is not that good, lata ji is better than her, even singers of today like shreya and sunidhi are better than her
I saw her on this site, listened to her, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overrated.


worst pop singer. she sings very annoying
Walking STD that sounds horrible live. No talent woman that uses sex as some delusional form of female empowerment.
Her songs are annoying. Not even a fly or an ant would.

2pac's overrated because of his fans. I'm not hating, again, at him. Like what these guys said, he didn't do anything fancy on his songs, and his fans are nothing but lowlife moralists. HE'S ONLY GOOD BECAUSE OF THE MESSAGE HE BROUGHT IN. But he still sucks. Dear Mama, Changes, Brenda's Got A Baby are all mediocre songs, despite the crap message he brought. He says he loves LA, but he's born in New York and he barely lived in LA. Even Snoop Dogg used different styles and he's more overrated than tupac? Even Dr. Dre is better than this fakeass. I only like the songs "Hit Em' Up", "Ambitionz Az A Ridah", or "California Love", and Snoop Dogg had better songs than that.
Tupac never did anything fancy in his songs, he used the same crap in his 4 years. He's not even a thug.

2pac is definitely overrated. Period. But hey, at least Biggie copied his style.


He used one flow his entire career yet is usually credited as the greatest rapper of all time. In his dreams he was jealus that real hip-hop fans liked nas and biggy way better than him. pac simpley sucks eminem has skills and actually uses similies, punchlines, and metaphors which increases the difficulty of your rhymes. Pac never did that he is overrated he was good but he can't be compared to the great nas or rakim or even ice cube. None lyrical with limited range and no flow, these days little kids think he was god but the true hip-hop heads know the truth and its that 2pac was and is overrated. He knew he wasn't that good himself but his brainless fans think he was the best witch he never was. If you think 2pac was the best you do not know anything about real hip-hop ohh, he rapped about politics he's the greatest, not immortal technique would have ripped this guy in a battle know doubt. Pac sells t-shirts but the real hip-hop heads know what's up.
Tupac was a smart guy, but he had no significant musical skill. He just wrote slightly (just slightly)above average rap lyrics and that's about the extent of his involvement in his albums. The rest was just his persona and producers in the studio. His music is practically indistinguishable from the glut of other gangsta rap from that period, and the lyrics are all crap.

He's taken on mythic status, but the majority of his output is awful, and even his best songs are just mediocre. Easily the most overrated entertainer in my generation. I can barely name one song and I am a into useless trivia, that's how irrelevant he truly is.
[Newest]He has like 4 good songs

26Kylie Minogue

27Soulja Boy
no talent at all he is the stupidest person I have ever heard, how many songs does he have anyway? 2? 3?


He ruined hip hop

28Rebecca Black
Just not that good the only reason why she's famous is cause she has so many haters and auto-tuned is used in every song
Not sure why she's even famous. She only released one 'hit' single "Friday." And it was so annoying. Her voice sounded so autotuned, it's ridiculous. I don't like her, I don't hate her either. I just didn't like the song. :/

29Selena Gomez
She's only popular because she dated that Bieber kid. It doesn't matter that she was famous before he was around but she wasn't that much talked about until she began dating him. She's talentless. She isn't that much of a good singer. She should just stick to acting. Even if she isn't that good actress.
Selena gomez seriously just annoys the crap outta me having to see her untalented and half nude body EVERYWHERE, I've tried my hardest to avoid the sound of her voice but its basically impossible. Shes nothing but a rich spoiled decent looking untalented girl that has slept her way out of disney and into the industry. If I ever have to hear: I love you like a love song baby, and I keep it on repeapeapeapeapeat or baby sloww ddowwnn the songg, I will dig my ears out. Please people have some sense, shes a horrible role model and her music is just plain bad, don't let your children listen to this.
She's should be 1 on most overrated and Michael should be the last number.


30Kanye West
He's just a regular human. I wouldn't even call him an artist
Always praising himself instead of working on his own music. That's just stupid.
The guy isn't really an artist, just a douche.


32Michael Jackson
most jackson fans couldn't name 5 jackson songs they just go by the hype, didn't write most of his songs, didn't make an original dance move or routine, above average singer but certainly not the best

I actually like him but lets be real, his fans went from record low to record high the day he died
It's another case if someone where's flashy clothes, dances and has some catchy songs he's considered a talented musician.


He gave himself the "King of Pop" nickname. More likely he was the king of child molestation. Very unstable... Look what he did to his face. He had no nose left... Not a stable human being.
[Newest]He has been really influential, people don't know what they're talking about

Fake blond was criticizing for this voice.
Not completely a Latina.

34Bruno Mars

35Garth Brooks
Overrated piece of crap. ONE if you have been in the business for 20-30 years and someone can count the number of good songs you've made on one hand your not that great. TWO he doesn't write most of his songs. and THREE the only reason people like him is because he's a marketing genius. ill give him that it takes a genius to sell complete and utter crap

36Katy Perry


38Justin Timberlake
What's wrong with people these days. Celine Dion, Elvis and many other above Justin timberlake. Please don't kid me. I am an ultimate fan of Celine. She has a beautiful voice. I don't know why people don't respect her that much. And this good for nothing Justin Timberlake is less overrated as compared to her. Please for God's sake. Well, the only good thing about this list is that Madonna is second cause I hated whenever she was called the greatest female singer the world has ever had. Well, no offense for her fans but seeing Celine in this list really freaks me out.
Justin Timberlake is the most annoying excuse for a good singer ever. EVER! He has the whiniest voice and I don't understand how a normal person could possibly sit through one of his songs. I will forever hate this person. My ears have been scarred for life.
Sorry but he got the most whiniest voice ever and he thought people would think of him as the new Al Green. He thinks he got soul.

He's okay, but this is Justin Beiber's mentor. And he's incredibly self veneered.

pretty much the same as madonna



42Jimi Hendrix
He has been named the best guitar player of all time by the rolling stones magazine. This insaults a legion of exceptionally outstanting guitarists who can do things of which Hendrix could never even dream of. In my eyes Hendrix is by far the most overrated musician of all time.

Overrated as hell. That's all I have to say.

44Meghan Trainor

45Iggy Azalea

46Pete Wentz
That's not how you play a bass!

47John Mayer
I think John Mayer is an extremely talented artist who is constantly misjudged because of the prejudices people have about him. He has an amazing voice, writes good lyrics and plays the guitar beautifully. If you listen to his songs like 'Gravity' and 'Slow dancing in a burning room', you'll understand what I'm talking about. If you want to discover amazing music, I urge you to listen to his songs. Do not let your prejudice get in the way.


Lots of my friends suggested his music, which set the expectation high to me. So I went to Spotify and listened to his songs from the most popular list. First song, so-so; second song, no-no; third down to the tenth, still nothing. Honestly, I've been trying real hard to like his music, but he failed me. Still, it's a matter of taste
Just repeat the same lyrics over and over for the entirr length of a song, and you have John Mayer. My 5 year old could come up with better lyrics than "say what you need to say. " Ok John, we get it. Please just say what you need to say already and finish the song.
[Newest]Is a no talent hack! Damn, when I was 12, I listened to bad music too. John mayer belongs in a high school dance, not on the radio

48Charice Pempengco

49The Beatles

really, really despise this guy and all he stands for. todays pop. him and the likes, neyo, flo rida, jay z or whatever they are called, they normally just crop up in the middle of a half decent song that they 'feature' in, and ruin it.


Akon is all right and all, but come on...he sings like he's drunk and suckin' helium...all of his beats are the same, I cant tell the difference between song other than the words and his songs are played TOO MUCH!
I dislike how most of the music today is about autotune this and autotune that. I honestly don't see why disco beats and autotune creates such a hype in the world.. Like david guetta and various Korean pop groups.

51Miranda Lambert
Miranda's an animal abusing, untalented redneck moron. She is outragingly overrated! Plus she is married to the infamously stupid co animal abusing untalented redneck moron Blake Shelton.

52Joey Jordison
Not really that talented a drummer to be honest, and his double bass isn't even that impressive. His signature snare drum was also a disappointment.

53Christina Aguilera

Karaoke elevated to the mainstream stage. He was the end of rock & roll and started nothing.
Elvis is awesome! He is not called the 'King of Rock' for nothing. You have no taste and you're opinion sucks.

55Celine Dion

56Bob Dylan
Honestly, I do like some of his music, but let's be honest for a minute: The man can't sing. Period.
His lyrics are OK, but you'd have to work pretty damn hard to get to the point where Bob Dylan is in music.
I mean, look at him, then look at someone like Eminem, who puts his near-traumatic childhood into his songs, worked his ass off every day of his life, and who is as I consider a musical genius of today.
Now look back at Dylan. Do you think he worked his ass off to get where he is? Nope. He's just a weed smoking hippie that wrote halfway decent songs at the right time in america when we needed songs like his.
Also, I wouldve voted for Madonna, but honestly, she seems like she at least is at some degree of talent.
You are so right he is a Bruce Springsteen of the past. Like Springsteen he can't sing. Unlike Springsteen his songs have a little more meaning not filled with cliches. Like Springsteen SO OVERRATED!
His lyrics were actually pretty good but... He can't sing. His voice sounds a cat screeching while its being pulled by a truck with its tail attached to it.

57Frank Sinatra

actually very overrated in every list there is gackt. l'arc, d'erlanger and b'z are better than him


Look at the lists here. He is at the top on many. This just can't be right. Very overrated
It must be Gackt according to the top ten lists here.

59Bon Jovi

60Sid Vicious
A yob with no talent for music, met a sad sticky end not a moment too soon.


62Avril Lavigne
Why the hell Green Day is there? Avril Lavigne is so overrated. Also she's a poser and she sings, she sounds like a dying goat. I don't know why do people like her life she sings pop, not punk.
Why is this bitch so bottom of this list she needs to be in the top 20

And the jonas sisters should be no.2 be because number 1 has been reserved for justin idiot
She is a retard with only one or two good songs.

63Lars Ulrich
Lar Ulrich is not only a bad a drummer, he is also a jerk. Metallica should have kicked this clown out, not Dave mustaine
Easily the worst drummer in metal.
Overrated just like the rest of Metallica.

64Kelly Clarkson


66Sarah Geronimo
She does not have original style of singing. All she does is copy other pop singers like celine dion, or regine velasquues and I hate it that she is being promoted as the next shron cuneta in the Philippines... So OVERRATED.. HATE THIS GIRL.
The most Overrated musician I know.


Yeah.. most over rated.. immitation, mimicker, China phone.. Hehe

Anyone who uses auto tune deserves to die a horrible death. Remember when you had to have talent to make music?

68Rod Stewart
awful voice - why is he so popular?


I will give him Maggie May and Reason to Believe are great songs but the rest of stuff is white trash.

69Eric Clapton
Inarguably one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. Cream is absolutely amazing. So, why is he making weepy ballads? He should stick to doing what he's best at: rocking.


Even Though He Was A Great Guitarist, His Style Is Oh...
Too Repetitive...

70Bruce Springsteen
Don't understand how he can write or perform with his head buried in his ass
He should be number one on this list. He has zero song writing ability. His song writing are all cliches! He is an awful singer. This is clearly exposed when he gets on stage to do tributes. He's always so overmatched by the other legens on state. His voice is just awful

71Jackie Evancho
She's had a long career yet.
She is really overrated.
Number 1, really overrated.

72Lea Salonga


74Sarah Brightman

75Axl Rose
I'm sorry, but this guy has got anger issues. He gets angry and beats people up over the stupidest things and then leaves the concert, which is a waste of people's money. I would never see Guns N' Roses in concert. He's also kind of arrogant. He thinks his band is nothing without him, but if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't even be a band; it takes more than one person to be a band.
Being a total douche is his only true talent.
Should be higher than Slash


Sadly, all that's left is just a pretty face.


79The Notorious B.I.G.
This guy should not be anywhere near this list.

80Ariana Grande
Her little 10 hear old fangirls are always talking about how flawless she is. To be honest she has bad enunciation, a nasally voice, and without makeup and her song with Mac Miller she would be nothing.
Why is she not in the the top ten?


81Dave Mustaine
People give him way to much credit then he deserves.


Anti gay talentless republican.

82Rick Ross
Not really even a musician.

83One Direction
Ugh, some people. One Direction is an absolute disgrace, along with the hundreds of other "singers" of today.


They have nearly no fans that aren't eleven year old girls who squeal and want to be thugs when they get older. They have no talent, they're only famous because of their looks. Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Echosmith, and Foster the People, now those are bands with talent!

84Delta Goodrem
'Innocent Eyes' nice Delta gone 'plastic' Paris Hilton!



Still don't know how he is popular.

The comments below. This band's music is band I can name many other female fronted bands that completely blow them out of the water. Not only do bands like Nightwish, Epica, and Xandria have superior instrumentation (that not only includes rock instruments, but sweeping symphonies as well), but the vocals surpass that of Amy Lee's by far. Check out Simone Simons or Tarja Turunen
Doesn't belong on this list!
Why are they on here?

88Carly Rae Jepsen
Her song I really really really really like you is some basic crap a 5th grader can make up she's a flat, no ass or titties, one hit wonder


90Regine Velasquez

91Travis Barker

92Brian McFadden

93Phil Collins
Really the only musician I ever really think of as overrated. His songs are pure schlock. I love music, including a lot of stuff people here would scoff at, but I just don't get liking Collins.


It is the biggest con in the entertainment industry. Name is the most popular female colour, so the colour is everywhere and she gets helped out every time the colour shows up. She doesn't have a good voice either. Everyone of her songs gets 'helped' by the media because they enjoy conning people into liking something that is really crap. That 'so what' song sounds like a little baby copying 'black night' by deep purple and y'all eat it up like it's original and great because you are continually told to like it.
Speaking of "So What" why does she think she's a rockstar? That song sounds like it's from a Disney film. She tried to be r&b and now she's trying to be rock. She sucks.

95Asking Alexandria
Asking Alexandria do not belong on this list, they are very good and not even that popular. If anything, they are underrated.
Bunch of 12 yr old fan girls. Go listen to Megadeth.

96Liam Gallagher

97Chris Martin
One of the few genuine contemporary artists. Coldplay rocks and haters suck.

98Grace Askew

99Carrie Underwood

I can't believe her song's are blowing up the pop Chart's at music award's. She has no flow or passion when it comes to singing.
She is a fake teenager who is only a not all that talented voice, severely and utterly overrated.

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Updated Friday, April 24, 2015

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