Most Overrated Rappers of All Time

Keep in mind its overrated not the worse. So soulja boy is not overrated because we all know he sucks and the same goes with all these crappy one hit wonders and pop rappers. 50 cent for instance has no respect amoung hip-hop heads these days barring him from consideration for this list and there are many more bad rappers who are famous and sell records but everyone other than the pop crowd knows there garbage. Like fiddy and nelly and Mike Jones we all know there garbage.

Keep in mind you can be good and overrated most overrated rappers are good and some are even great like pac and eminem they just dont deserve greatest ever consideration at all.

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The Top Ten

Lil Wayne
autotune autotune autotune and some more autotune added in there. his lyrics are s*** too. I really dislike him. I don't see how people can stand to listen to him get high and talk for four minutes with an autotuned voice.
Every one who voted for Lil Wayne is an idiot. People hate him, not praise him. Meaning he's not overrated. In fact, he's hated so much that he's become underrated. While his lyrics are far from being actually meaningful (aside from How To Love) he still has plenty of clever rhymes under his belt.


Wayne claims himself to be "the best rapper alive" But really his rhymes are nowhere near Nas, AZ, GZA, Eminem, Talib Kweli, Immortal technique, Kurupt and many more all of them being still alive

Wayne is definitvly the most overated rapper dead or alive
Look at his fanbase.. Either very young or very phony people, you know you gotta like it to relate to it which explains why phony people like phony rapper
[Newest]I can rhyme better than him
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MOST OVERRATED RAPPER OF ALL TIME, next to ice cube, but seriously, his only good album was Reasonable Doubt, and everything after that sucked. Maybe because he started freestyling his lyrics, but that's no excuse. He steals lyrics, most his songs are about money and hoes, he provides little to no clever lyrics a song, and he considers himself the greatest rapper alive. Maybe it's just me, but any rapper who calls himself the greatest rapper alive his already overrated or just truly sucks (lil wayne), its up to the people to decide who the greatest is and to have their own opinions, this is just mine. Love it or hate it.
Anyone who steals lyrics from other rappers is going to be overrated but how people can like Jay is crazy, especially as he has gone really mainstream now.
I can't believe how he gets away with stealing endless lyrics, lose one of the biggest beefs of all time, be a massive sellout and still be considered one of the best rappers. People always go on about Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and Black Album and that's it, he has like 15 albums and only 3 are considered really good, that's pretty poor. This guy gets way too much respect.
[Newest]He used to be so good but then he became mainstream and now he is a pop artist, his music is not even close to what it used to be.
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3Kanye West
RUBBISH - listen fools kanye is an innovator his albums are so different - that takes some serious skill. And he kills it in graduation and watch the throne- with some seriously good verses, but college dropout late regestration and yeezus were still pretty good lyrically. The fact that he is voted second is just a stain on this website
Guys we are talking about rap = lyrics kanye gives great music but not great raps
He's an ass but the man manipulates music like few others can. He's earlier stuff is brilliant
I disagree that Kanye is an innovator because he samples, how can someone who takes portions of someone else's innovation be innovative? Makes no sense. I think most people over look Kanye's lack of rap skill, he often drags his lyrics, repeats his lines and does 8 bar versus instead of the standard 16. He simply found a way to sell a lot of music but not put in the effort to do so by not putting in the extra effort to carefully write out his rhymes, his best song he has ever written was his first hit "Through The Wire", if you listen, his lines were more fluid, he had all 16 bars versus and he didn't repeat or drag any lines. Kanye is a salesman not a true MC/Rapper, he is a manipulator.
[Newest]Kanye used to be decent until he dissed Taylor Swift and married Kim Kardashian. Since he became overrated
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Drake has became really poor! Too many love songs and he can't rap! If he's the future 4 rap were all screwed!
he's just awful except for the song forever than he became a disapointment
He is new to the Rap Game. I for one wished he never joined CASH MONEY RECORDS.


[Newest]If he is the future of rap. Sad times awaits the rap community.
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Most overrated? Nah he's underrated!
He actually is overrated. I'm not saying he sucks, he just gets more credit than he deserves, especially for his mediocre new stuff. The problem is, people that don't know anything about hip hop are voting on this list and the only two rappers they have heard of is the infamously hated Lil Wayne, and the famously loved Eminem.

There are so many other rappers out there like Nas (and that's a more mainstream example) that are arguably more talented than Eminem. The biggest reason he is listened to so much is because white kids like rap too, but they feel that they have to listen to white rappers to relate, and Eminem is the most mainstream and socially acceptable one out there. Em himself has even admitted that if he wasn't white, he wouldn't be half as popular as he is.
He's like a rapping Jesus. He raps about life and gives messages through his music. On the other hand Lil Wayne raps about stupid stuff and blows at it.
How is Eminem even on this? Yes you can consider me a Stan because Eminem is my idol and I been listening to him since age 5 but he is not overrated because he is actually good. He is lyrically superior and musically talented then any rapper in the game right now. He is indeed the Rap god and I'm not trying to ride him but he is the best. Same thing with 50 why is he on here? Macklemore should replace Eminem on this list and Drake should be #1
[Newest]People think that he's overrated, there comes a point when he's actually underrated. By people, I mean today's youth
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6Nicki Minaj
The worst rapper on this list. Not only is she awful lyrically but she sounds like a constipated man forcing out words through that ugly hole she calls a mouth. That butt is fake, her nose is fake, her lyrics are fake. The song "stupid hoe" made me die a little on the inside. Shes awful, should be much higher up on this list.
I don't think I can explain how awful she is in one comment- enough said
Do not get me started on how awful she is my grandma raps better than her and she is FOREIGN and the song she wrote stupid hoe well what is SHE.
[Newest]Her ass is overrated

7Soulja Boy
So overrated its not even funny
I don't find him overrated, I mean nobody even listens to him. He had one hit pop song that one only popular because of the dance, the guys a joke.
I know you said, everyone knows he sucks, but he did hae number one with the worst song of all time
Oh crank that soulja boy till he starts getting treated like he should be I'm not saying he is bad he is just not as good as most rappers so soulja boy is over rates by far he will never be as good as eminem or snoop dog or lil wayne
[Newest]He has one decent song

8Snoop Dogg
He died when he changed to Snoop Lion
I used to love the old snoop and now look what he is and does...1. Go from a christian to illuminati devil worshiper...2. Then nation of islam in 2009 for 8 months... Then into snoop lion in august 2012 and change relegion to rastafasrion rasta... Make a song with david guetta that is auto tune singing and was the west coast scene and hanged out with biggie when pac hated him. Who is he? I still love his rap style and old songs...
Early Stuff was good. Fell of really hard after doggfood witch is his second best work to date. Just listen to his first album with no limit and you will know why he should never be considered a legendary rapper
[Newest]When he was with Dre and basically rapped half of the Chronic he was good. Now he raps with Psy. 😑😮

9Wiz Khalifa
No lyrical ability, Subject matter is horrible, just a Weed
Rapper, how is he below Nas?
He can't rap. I could rap better than him. He ain't even a rapper. He's an idiot


This meaning less guy is so terrible I turn down the radio the moment I hear this soft voice
[Newest]He's insane. how do you guys hate him? His voice is soothing, yet he is rapping about getting high and having good times as well, he's not some dumb hoe like Lil Wayne spitting garbage ass bars.

1050 Cent
No lyrical ability, no storytelling, not impressive at all. Getting shot or being gangsta don't make a rapper good by any means. Not superwhack either, but he's nothing special
I am an underrated rapper myself and it annoys me how lame, uninspired 'lyricists' seem to float to the top.
I hate 50 cent period
[Newest]One hit wonder. All that needs to be said.

The Contenders

He's not Terrible but people are saying he's the best of all time cause of one song. WHAT! YOU ARE FORGETTING PAC, BIGGIE, SHADY, NAS, DRE, EAZY, ICE. THEY SOLD LOTS OF ALBUMS AND THEY ARE FORGOTTEN!?!? BUT ONE SONG THAT'S NOT MAINSTREAM IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME? No, nope, sorry, yeah no.
His work is not great it's ok. But the big problems I have with him is that many actually underrated artists like immortal technique, Yella wolf, Pro Era, and so on put in much work into what they love. But I'm sure Macklemore had done his fair share of work. But he is overrated, he literally got lucky with Thrift shop one song and many others put much more work out and don't get what they truly do deserve.
He is terrible. He made it acceptable for 13 year old surburban white girls to listen to rap and not Nas and 2pac rap (good rap) I mean Lil Wayne and mackelmore (bad rap)
[Newest]Macklemore is like a cheap knockoff of Eminem! No talent and thrift shop is catchy but really dumb.

12Rick Ross
This fat sack of dung definitely needs to be way higher on this list. At least in the top five. I just can't imagine in what universe did this slug ever became a famous rapper. He couldn't spit knowledge if you held a gun to his head, but he lies about being a Miami drug dealer and then steals a guy's name. Needs to be at the top of this list for sure.


He is my favorite phony rapper. Very delusional in this ability to be a Boss/ King Pin.
This fat prick should be number 1. Fake thug drug dealer no lyrics talks about the same bs over and over.
[Newest]He raps the same on every song, there's nothing special about him.

One of the most underrated rapper in history
His name explains his game
I have disagree with you, but even I have to admit, that's a pretty good burn right there.


Ludacris is not a rapper he's a clown. At least guys like odb and flava flava are entertaining when they clown around luda isn't. Terrible lyrics, poor rhyming, and no flow I don't get why hip-hop heads have openly accepted him as a good rapper he's not.

14Chief Keef
I'm embarrassed he is even a rapper people have heard of
He needs to take a shower, brush his teeth, and pull his pants up before he even says anything.
Joke... that's all I can say. He's a disgrace to rap, music, and humanity.
[Newest]No talent, not much else to say.

His Raps Suck, the only way he can connect a verse to the next is by saying a similar phrase in Spanish.
I agree! He sounds the same in every single song! It just keeps getting more boring... And yet more annoying!
Pitbull and Eminem should switch places
[Newest]Pitbull should go to the kennel

16Iggy Azalea
She can't rap. She's already got success because she's a white girl so white girls like her but her songs a terrible. She's just so fake. Just hope she stops an lets real rappers to it
I'm a white girl who wears Abercrombie, but I listen to Tupac, and I know that she's NOT the realest. She's just a pop act who produces armies of white girls who think their hard core because they listen to "rap". Everyone I know is like that.
She's white, so obviously people will know her and if you try to say anything bad about her, you're racist. It's honestly gotten so bad to the point where I say that Nicki Minaj is more tolerable than Iggy.
[Newest]She's not a rapper

172 Chainz
Seriously how was he not on this list?
This guy rhymes are out dated the cashmoney era has talked about money so this guy is late when you hear him talk about it
Stop taking 2 chainz seriously, its just fun music. He makes dumb as rock lyrics on purpose.
[Newest]The guy can't even speak English

18Gucci Mane
Let's be honest for once! Who hears the words this clown tries to pronounce? Freeze cup was a joke! This whole rapper is a joke!
Gucci mane isn't a rapper... He doesn't produce rap... Yall are dumb if you think he does, or are most likely too retarded to realize he makes DRUG DEALING MUSIC... He literally tells the audience this over 100+ times throughout his career... By the way I'm white...
What hits is he even known for?

19The Game
The Game is the greatest hands down!
Dudes obsessed with comparing himself to everyone else. He ways claims to be the "king" and puts himself in the same category as pac, but nobody else gives him this title. He just repetitively states it in every song. How can he be the best when all his comparisons are to other rappers?
Was one of the best rappers in mid 2000's. I mean the documentary and doctors advocate are strait classics. Lax was pretty good too but fell off so hard after that. I was so disappointed when jesus piece came out, I was so excited to hear it but it was that Lil Wayne auto tune B.S. rap. It's to bad such a great hard core west coast rapper had to fall off like that.

20John Cena
John Cena is just a wannabe I don't know much about him but I heard him copy at least 10 Eminem songs so I don't think anyone actually classifies him as a rapper wrestler, sure, but not rapper
John Cena is a joke right... ?


This is a joke. He's a wrestler. :-)
[Newest]Is he an actor too

21Kid Cudi
Are you kidding me this guys so cool, his lyrics sre just to good, and so is his rapping
Kid cudi is not only a rapper, but also has a great singing voice. His beats are mesmerizing, and each of his songs has a meaning to them. Give him a try you will not regret it. He should be number 1
He's not even overrated
[Newest]What the hell is kid cudi doing here? He isn't overrated and he's great

22Flo Rida
Name a memorable Flo Rida verse. Don't worry I'll wait.
He's a pop artist not a rapper.
[Newest]Is he even a rapper?

He ain't over-rated, he's a rapper from the south who people know him for songs like: Live your Life or Whatever you Like. If its anything, I think he's an rapper who deserves more credit
T. I tell stories with his music he deserves more credit than yall giving him. REAL LIFE STORIES
I still have TI struggle music when he was TIP and only the hood listen. TI now is jingle rapper no heart just another I made rapper. Just making a pay check rapper

24Mac Miller
There are way too many weed rappers and his voice is annoying. He was alright but then he did Donald trump which is pathetic
Just a wanna be white rapper like he is the next Slim Shady, hell no, Eminem is a legend.
His voice is so annoying! He copies everyone else's lyrics! Why is this idiot still popular? Holy Crap!
[Newest]Mac Miller is one of the best new rappers. I used to not like his music but I gave it a chance. Listen to rap diablo or just some raps and tell me he is overrated. His is underrated if anything.

What dmx is good, he have different style and listen to the song slippin
Dmx is a dark poet, listen to his songs to feel and see what everyone fears which is coming in contact with the devil.
Dmx was awesome a lot of white dudes liked him
[Newest]Beat vocal style period. Shouldn't be on this list.


26Sagopa Kajmer
He is legend of Turkish RAP..!
How is he overrated? He's underrated. Nobody in my school has even heard of him.
Sagopa kajmer is the king of the world

27Trinidad James
A corny Jamaican fool with no talent.
He's number 23 what!
This guy look's like a straight up thug.

28Tyler, The Creator
He may not be like the other rappers but he is definitely the better than them. He writes his own lyrics, makes his own beats, and directs his own music videos. That's a lot of stuff coming from a guy that had nothing. He doesn't do drugs or drinks like the other rappers. Honestly, he shouldn't be on this list.
Tyler, just like Eminem is only famous because of angry, explicit music that idiot teenagers love. his subject matter is limited to rape, murder, other acts of violence, murdering celebrities and making fun of blogs that don't like him. even though he has had some songs that are beyond that list, in the end he's just a gimmick rapper who's main talent is saying "f*****"
Tyler the creator, more like Tyler the joke, he tries to use gimaces to be a real rapper when the truth is he should be placed in the same category as weird al
You don't even know how to spell "gimmick" so you're opinion is invalid.
[Newest]One of the most stupid ass names ever... Like... Ever

29Young Jeezy
Absolute BLASPHEMY! Whoever put this man on this list is illiterate and does not know good music. I am in disbelief. Smh.
Absolute TRUTHFUL! Whoever put this loser on this list is intelligent and knows great music. I am so happy. Cha-ching.
His old stuff was great but fell off hard lately

30Vanilla Ice
Not too bad, but overrated
Dude just check out Ice Ice Baby this guy can rap and he's nothing like Lil Wayne who autotunes himself
He's not overrated because everyone thinks he sucks

31P Diddy
P diddy is only known because of biggie smalls (Rip)

Biggie made this phony a known person and p diddy is still known till this day in my opinion this is what we are doing here on this website opinions well in my opinion Where ever diddy is seen or thought of he needs to say biggie made me I am no one. the only song people know him for is I'll be missing you dedicated yo biggie and I only heard it because of rush hour 2 man that was a good movie but yeah
I like this guy at-least his gentle habit when rapping
If you change your name like three times, you're a dumb ass.

32Big L
To me big l was a grate rapper if he was still alive he would put lots of rappers in the shade he had a very great flow for rap and he was way better than jay Z.
Why is he even on this list? If he was still alive then maybe there wouldn't be so many overrated rappers like the ones listed above. Big L is definitely not overrated. In fact, in my opinion, he is one of the most underrated rappers out there!
Big L could easily be debated for top 5 rappers of all time. His lyrics were clever and he had sick puns. I'd say he is underrated
[Newest]He's not a bad rapper at all.

He is insanely bad and I do not understand a word he "speaks"
Too much auto tune and it's scary to listen to.
He sounds like he's crying on every track. I can't sit through 30 seconds of any of his music.
Needs to be way higher up on this list. Just listen to karate chop and you will understand why
[Newest]Future? More like the past

2pac isn't overrated. He earned every bit of respect that he got. He's about number 6 on the greatest rappers ever list.
Tupac is one of the greatest Artist of all time, And I saw his slighty under-rated in this generation.
Used to think he was the most overrated for years. In fact I thought he was the most overrated up until about a week ago when I pulled out my old "me against the world" cd and loved it once again. Still he isn't the greatest I think he is about the 10th greatest. No disrespect but definitely not the greatest you know so since most people are calling him the greatest I gotta say he's overrated.
[Newest]California Love was the only song of his that I liked! Apart from that, I have no respect for this man! And I honestly don't care if he's alive or not, this guy is way overrated!
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35Lupe Fiasco
Why IS LUPE ON THIS LIST?!? You kidding me?
Lupe, criminally under-rated, get him off this list!
How could he be on this list... What
[Newest]Why is this moron that low in this list?

How come this guy is not even on the list? He is so overrated! He can't rap at all because he can't rhyme or have any flow at all!
He is so hot and he can rap so he should be first

37Hoodie Allen
Hoodie Allen would be a perfect voice for Goombario.

38Big Sean
Can't rap even if it depended on his life.
He's ok just sounds a little lazy at times.
This dude needs to stop with rapping.
[Newest]Big sean huh? More like big sack of crap

39Mehrad Hidden

40Dr. Dre
He's an amazing producer and all but not a rapper, sorry - he doesn't even write his own lyrics.
This guy isn't a rapper. He is the entropeneur of rap and an embassador. He is an icon in rap history. He might of laid down a few rhymes but he's a producer first, rapper second


As a rapper he isn't any good but usually gets called a great rapper even though he didn't write his own lyrics.

41ASAP Rocky
He is the future guys!
He is the future

Not writing your own lyrics is usually looked at as being a big no no. Still Eazy E got away with it. Not only didn't he write his lyrics, but his flow was even that good. Outside of some nice beats, his material doesn't hold up that well. Eazy had two things going for his reputation. He's old school, and he's dead.
I'm sorry, but Eazy-E isn't anything special. He had nice flow but he never even wrote his own lyrics or released albums as good as Dr Dre's and Ice Cube's albums. The fact that Soulja Boy is on this list is plain stupid, nobody listens to him anymore, I've never heard him on the radio in a long time, the people that like mainstream rubbish aren't stupid enough to even download a Soulja Boy song illegally, let along buy his CDs.

Nas is actually pretty underrated, he may have a huge fanbase but he doesn't get the respect he deserves on T.V. or on radio. Eminem should be number 2, I'm a huge fan of Eminem but Eminem is way overrated, 2Pac is number 1. Lil Wayne will be forgotten in 20 years time, so I don't really care about him.
He actually didntd even rap all at once, if you watch the NSA documentary, they say that he recorded boyz n the hood one line at a time plus he gets away with not writing his lyrics, and is even considered th GOAT not even top 30

43Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick tells stories better then any rapper ever his bars aren't there but you heard control right


This creep needs to stop rapping and learn to comb this nappy head


I agree...I listened to his new album and really thought it was bland and boring. 'Instant classic', my ass. And that 'Hold up, drink' song is possibly the most annoying rap song I have EVER heard in my entire life.
That "Hold up, drink" song has a lot deeper meaning than what it sounds like in the chorus. If you only listened to the chorus, you would think Kendrick Lamar is just another terrible rapper, but with the verses, it is awesome.


Man, I heard so much about this guy. SO much, I heard he is 'The new 2pac', 'The next God of rap', he is 'bringing a rebirth to hip hop'. COME OFF IT. I listened to 66 songs from him! 66! And not a single one lived up to his 'legendary' status. I told myself, after each monotone, boring, wack song that "Maybe the next one will be better." But it never was! Control is ok, and he is only good when he features on songs, because then he actually has a good beat to rap to. In my opinion he was ruined by bad producers that made horrible beats for him. Go check out the people on RapGenius that annotate his songs as well, they make so reachy explanations because they're all riding him. He is not that good.

Jadakiss is the best rapper 2day nobody is realer than jadakiss! Jada is the best hands up and down. !

45Immortal Technique
Immortal technique is not a bad rapper. Come on you guys
We are not talking bad rapper, this is a list of rappers that get way more hype than they deserve

Overrated rapper with a corny flow, wack lyrics and disses rappers that are better than him too much, like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.
Best rapper alive. I love Eminem but this guy speaks the truth. Ill mind of hopsin 5 is one of the best things I've ever heard. Should be up there with pac
I like him, I feel he's real, but will never bee an Eminem or 2pac

47Lil B
Hated by many so he is not overrated.
How is the Based God on here? This is a disgrace he's amazing!

Definition of auto tune
Worst rapper of this gen he is worse than lil Wayne
T-pain is r&b not rap

49Trey Songz
Trey songz is not a rapper idiot
Stop adding z in your name

He started rapping more about money.. He fell off.
His voice never went through puberty
Bob got good music
[Newest]B.O.B. =dumb ass no creativity

51Ice Cube
Ice cube is one of the best rappers ever
I agree I don't know what these people are thinking
I think ice cube melted

52Tech N9ne
You bastard you should have your dick cut of
I like his music he is a little over ratef and at the same time he underrated ask 10 people who he is no body will know him or any of his coworkers

53OJ Da Juiceman

54Waka Flocka Flame
This chimp music is for wannabe thugs who hold there pants up with one hand and twist there hair walking the street. Pure idiot music
His name say's it all.
Awful lyrics and a punk who thinks he started punk/rap

55Shahin Najafi

56Honey Cocaine
Overrated? Nah.. She sucks, she's dumb af. Whack flow. Like yeah she sucks but she ain't overrated, when's the last time you heard of her? Laugh out loud

57Method Man
He's best when singing hooks and he does this well. He also drops the occasional gem on a verse and is excellent as a guest rapper. He should just never get top 10 consideration at all.
What? He's not even bad at all.

58Bizzy Bone
He is pretty good and all but he is currently fourth on the greatest rapper list? I don't even think bizzy is worthy of the top 50

This guy never need to pick up the mic again. ST LOUIS Is back in the shadows

I must be one of those brain-washed.
I consider I used to love H.E. R one of the best tracks ever written.
Best example of concept in using an extended metaphor.

Maybe you are listening with ear plugs. Enough said every one is entitled to their opinion.
This wannabe "conscious" rapper is an atrocious hypocrite. His rhyme scheme is repetitive and BORING as hell. All he talks about are about how he is "hip hop", just to distract listeners from his god awful flow and bland lyrics. I mean they suck hard. Just completely generic bull. Not entertaining AT ALL. How can this turtleneck soft rapper be even considered a legend is beyond me. He doesn't talk about anything, he's one of the worst rappers to hit the mic. A complete disgrace to music. Just one listen on a song by Common and you'll see how repetitive and boring he actually is. Totally overrated, in every sense of the word. Lupe and Nas are WAY more conscious than this joke of a rapper could ever be. Enough said, this guy is a clown. His songs are mindless, repetitive, weak-ass insignificant drivel. And anybody who considers him good are brain-washed, stupid ass, useless "hip hop" heads; who wouldn't know piss from lemonade.

He Is The Best yas is persian god

62Norm Ender
This guys sucks butthole
Norm Ender is best rapper in world

63Lloyd Banks
Banks only looks good by comparison because when your rapping with terrible rappers like young buck,50 Cent, and Yayo your bound to look pretty good compared to them. His first solo album was about average his second was a little bit above average and like I said he only looked good on beg for mercy cause of the wack rappers he was dealin with making an average lyricist like banks look great by comparison.
Lloyd Banks is underrated and so is Young Buck he isn't terrible at all!
Listen to F.N. O then come back and say this.

64Schoolboy Q
Can't rap and people just say he's good because they bandwagon every new artist.
Schoolboy Q is underrated what you talking about
Schoolboy q a real gangster


Birdman is more of a crook/creative rapist. Ask Lil Wayne
I think birdman is more of a business man than rapper.

67Hurricane Chris
I'm so glad this guy does not create music anymore. He had little 7 year old's on the playground singing a bay bay.
Hurricane had a nice style but his lyrics need work
I'm so glad this guy dissapeared like 8 years ago. But who know's, one day he might show up out of no where and start singing that one hit wonder " A bay bay" song.

68Bobby Shmurda
He's been selling crack since like the fifth grade

69A$AP Rocky

70Juicy J
He should have been stopped rapping a long time ago. He's so old.
Dude, your like 50 years old. GET OFF MY T. V SCREEN.

He's the greatest Turkish rapper. He's underrated. Take him off now
The best every time

72Reza Pishro
He is Iranian Eminem!

73Biggie Smalls
Is this a joke biggie overrated?!?!?
Biggie is not overrated and it is a disgrace that people compare him to mediocre artists like Eminem and Tupac.. RIP BIG
He gets called the greatest rapper of all time just because he's dead. At least he has an interesting voice and some interesting lyrics.
[Newest]Lol no Biggie & Nas & Black Thought are the greatest.

2pac and Eminem are the real overrated ones. They for real suck only whites listen to them

74KRS One
I like krs one... Most of the times. but he speaks about justice and racism while he hates white people!
This list is already bull so I thought id join in
Clearly the best lyricist... Y'all need to really listen to this dude I'll metaphores... Hooks... Not to mention.. Crazy intelligent word play and has always been far unda-rated.. He's still at it today.. Check the intalect.

75Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt talks about somethin real in all his songz. he occasionally makes stupid songs with Tyler but those are funny
Earl isn't overrated, he's amazing! Y'all don't know real rap, Lil B is more overrated than him.


76Ice T
One of the first guys to do gangster rap, but when you listen to his songs, you can't really hear what's going on to his voice. He is a good rapper, but definitely not the person guys think he is
Suck at rapping, so bad that he had to make a controvesial rap song "cop killa" just to sell albums. Sorry just never thought he was good. He needs to stick to pimping hoes.

More like most underrated rapper. This guy kills it and has a lyrical style similar to tupac.
Oh no z-ro the crooked the realist rapper out the south right now, guess you can't relate to that life KOTG
I'm tired of hearing about this wanna be gangster rapper who all he talks about being one deep

This guy can't even rap. Go youtube his rap videos, and you will see how bad he is. Only super junior fans think he can actually rap. Delusional
Totally overrated by delusional elf

79Machine Gun Kelly
Just, bad. Only Invincible is good.

Rakim is good why is he here

81Ice JJ Fish
Not even a rapper
Are you serious I love him


This guy can mess up a song. You will have an instant piece of crap song. Get him on the track
This guy just absolutely is horrible

83Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates Is a undergound rapper who is gonna make it to top

84DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled is not a rapper.

85Flavor Flav
My eyes! Flavor flav was a hype-man not a rapper! Geez!

Good at making performance. Good looking. Just another follower rapper.
Whinny voice. so irritating. act gangsta and stuff while wearing eyeshadow and lipstick

87Daddy Yankee
He was good when he was underground then he started making club music and became crap. Daddy Yankee is also a jerk who never gives shout outs to his people, Daddy is not the King of reggaeton that should go to Tego or maybe Calle 13.
He was an MC back in his underground days in the 90s and his early mainstream days (barrio fino and el but he became garbage in 2007 when the big boss album came out :(

88Sansar Salvo

89Mobb Deep
I can't believe what I just saw. whoever put them in this list deserves death
Great storytelling amazing beats. Nothing bad so far.

90Lil Mama
The most overrated piece of garbadge to ever make music. I'm sorry, but her flow is just straight up garbadge. She's not even trying. I'm so glad she left music industry or else hip hop would have been ruined.
But now there's Nicki Minaj, who ruined rap music much more than Lil Mama could have done, especially with her songs Stupid Hoe and Anaconda.


He should of continued rapping

93Young Thug
He doesn't even speak English. Worst rapper of all time by far. Lil' Wayne had at least one good song.
I'm tired of hearing about this wack ass rapper. He has a horrible flow and is a awful lyricist.
Lowered the standard by a lot!

94Lil Boosie
This guy time in the game came and went. All he can do now is be a hype man. Like his daddy FLAVOR FLAV
How is he even on this list?

He is just a little kid, chill out.

96Lil Durk

97Chanel West Coast
The most over rated piece of garbadge ever. She the worst flow. She's the worst female rapper ever. She killed hip hop.

98Kamel Wehbe

99Yasmine Daouk


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