Most Overrated Rappers of All Time

Keep in mind its overrated not the worse. So soulja boy is not overrated because we all know he sucks and the same goes with all these crappy one hit wonders and pop rappers. 50 cent for instance has no respect amoung hip-hop heads these days barring him from consideration for this list and there are many more bad rappers who are famous and sell records but everyone other than the pop crowd knows there garbage. Like fiddy and nelly and Mike Jones we all know there garbage.

Keep in mind you can be good and overrated most overrated rappers are good and some are even great like pac and eminem they just dont deserve greatest ever consideration at all.

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1Lil Wayne

autotune autotune autotune and some more autotune added in there. his lyrics are s*** too. I really dislike him. I don't see how people can stand to listen to him get high and talk for four minutes with an autotuned voice.

He's not overrated, everybody hates him. Overrated does not mean "worst", it means someone or something that is given too much hype and credit.

Wayne claims himself to be "the best rapper alive" But really his rhymes are nowhere near Nas, AZ, GZA, Eminem, Talib Kweli, Immortal technique, Kurupt and many more all of them being still alive

Wayne is definitvly the most overated rapper dead or alive

Look at his fanbase.. Either very young or very phony people, you know you gotta like it to relate to it which explains why phony people like phony rapper

The definition of overhyped rapper

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MOST OVERRATED RAPPER OF ALL TIME, next to ice cube, but seriously, his only good album was Reasonable Doubt, and everything after that sucked. Maybe because he started freestyling his lyrics, but that's no excuse. He steals lyrics, most his songs are about money and hoes, he provides little to no clever lyrics a song, and he considers himself the greatest rapper alive. Maybe it's just me, but any rapper who calls himself the greatest rapper alive his already overrated or just truly sucks (lil wayne), its up to the people to decide who the greatest is and to have their own opinions, this is just mine. Love it or hate it.

Anyone who steals lyrics from other rappers is going to be overrated but how people can like Jay is crazy, especially as he has gone really mainstream now.

I can't believe how he gets away with stealing endless lyrics, lose one of the biggest beefs of all time, be a massive sellout and still be considered one of the best rappers. People always go on about Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint and Black Album and that's it, he has like 15 albums and only 3 are considered really good, that's pretty poor. This guy gets way too much respect.

He interviews great, and seems like a really intelligent person, but musically, he is boring compared to the greats of the past. He may be better than most of his contemporaries, although Eminem leaves him in the dust. Still, he has none of the excitement of the rapper from the golden age of the 80s and early 90s. SInce everybody falls all over themselves to say what a great rapper he is, (including a bunch of white people who never listen to him), there is no question whatsoever that he is, by far, the most overrated.

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3Kanye West

RUBBISH - listen fools kanye is an innovator his albums are so different - that takes some serious skill. And he kills it in graduation and watch the throne- with some seriously good verses, but college dropout late regestration and yeezus were still pretty good lyrically. The fact that he is voted second is just a stain on this website

Guys we are talking about rap = lyrics kanye gives great music but not great raps

He's an ass but the man manipulates music like few others can. He's earlier stuff is brilliant

Solid producer and while I'd love to give him zero credit at all - maybe second best only to Dre. As far as rapping goes, this dude is just a clown. Everything he does oozes with entitlement, the one concept that should have no place in music. His flow is boring and basically just iambic syncopated syllables and the least creative rhythms imaginable - a shame because it ruins the actual music, which I won't deny is quality. Lyrically, where do you even begin? They don't tend to make sense or carry a consistent message or tell a story. He uses his lyrics to talk to the establishment, a cornerstone in rap, but he's uninformed and generally fairly racist. It's just not good or cohesive. Having a garbage perspective on life make writing real, quality lyrics. He's basically reality T.V. in music form.

His wife is even worse. - SamuiNeko

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Most overrated? Nah he's underrated!

He actually is overrated. I'm not saying he sucks, he just gets more credit than he deserves, especially for his mediocre new stuff. The problem is, people that don't know anything about hip hop are voting on this list and the only two rappers they have heard of is the infamously hated Lil Wayne, and the famously loved Eminem.

There are so many other rappers out there like Nas (and that's a more mainstream example) that are arguably more talented than Eminem. The biggest reason he is listened to so much is because white kids like rap too, but they feel that they have to listen to white rappers to relate, and Eminem is the most mainstream and socially acceptable one out there. Em himself has even admitted that if he wasn't white, he wouldn't be half as popular as he is.

He's like a rapping Jesus. He raps about life and gives messages through his music. On the other hand Lil Wayne raps about stupid stuff and blows at it.

How is Eminem even on this? Yes you can consider me a Stan because Eminem is my idol and I been listening to him since age 5 but he is not overrated because he is actually good. He is lyrically superior and musically talented then any rapper in the game right now. He is indeed the Rap god and I'm not trying to ride him but he is the best. Same thing with 50 why is he on here? Macklemore should replace Eminem on this list and Drake should be #1

Why is the Rap God here?

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Drake has became really poor! Too many love songs and he can't rap! If he's the future 4 rap were all screwed!

he's just awful except for the song forever than he became a disapointment

He is new to the Rap Game. I for one wished he never joined CASH MONEY RECORDS. - Volcadolacious

This guy is such a joke as a rapper, it's really pathetic. He makes Rick Ross sound good. Him and TI are just the worst, although Drake is worse than TI. HIs flow is equivalent to an untalented hack in high school. 20% of people off the street could probably rap better than he does without trying very hard.

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6Nicki Minaj

The worst rapper on this list. Not only is she awful lyrically but she sounds like a constipated man forcing out words through that ugly hole she calls a mouth. That butt is fake, her nose is fake, her lyrics are fake. The song "stupid hoe" made me die a little on the inside. Shes awful, should be much higher up on this list.

I don't think I can explain how awful she is in one comment- enough said

Do not get me started on how awful she is my grandma raps better than her and she is FOREIGN and the song she wrote stupid hoe well what is SHE.

She actually has some rapping talent, destroyed by her outrageous ego.

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7Soulja Boy

So overrated its not even funny

I don't find him overrated, I mean nobody even listens to him. He had one hit pop song that one only popular because of the dance, the guys a joke.

I know you said, everyone knows he sucks, but he did hae number one with the worst song of all time

Oh crank that soulja boy till he starts getting treated like he should be I'm not saying he is bad he is just not as good as most rappers so soulja boy is over rates by far he will never be as good as eminem or snoop dog or lil wayne

Overrated? Everyone hates Soulja Boy.

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8Snoop Dogg

He died when he changed to Snoop Lion

Early Stuff was good. Fell of really hard after doggfood witch is his second best work to date. Just listen to his first album with no limit and you will know why he should never be considered a legendary rapper

I used to love the old snoop and now look what he is and does...1. Go from a christian to illuminati devil worshiper...2. Then nation of islam in 2009 for 8 months... Then into snoop lion in august 2012 and change relegion to rastafasrion rasta... Make a song with david guetta that is auto tune singing and was the west coast scene and hanged out with biggie when pac hated him. Who is he? I still love his rap style and old songs...

Awesome innovator better rapper music wouldn't be the same without him

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9Wiz Khalifa

No lyrical ability, Subject matter is horrible, just a Weed
Rapper, how is he below Nas?

He can't rap. I could rap better than him. He ain't even a rapper. He's an idiot - llamaboy17

This meaning less guy is so terrible I turn down the radio the moment I hear this soft voice

Raps about his life unlike most rappers, best stoner rapper, makes constant bangers

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He's not Terrible but people are saying he's the best of all time cause of one song. WHAT! YOU ARE FORGETTING PAC, BIGGIE, SHADY, NAS, DRE, EAZY, ICE. THEY SOLD LOTS OF ALBUMS AND THEY ARE FORGOTTEN!?!? BUT ONE SONG THAT'S NOT MAINSTREAM IS THE BEST OF ALL TIME? No, nope, sorry, yeah no.

His work is not great it's ok. But the big problems I have with him is that many actually underrated artists like immortal technique, Yella wolf, Pro Era, and so on put in much work into what they love. But I'm sure Macklemore had done his fair share of work. But he is overrated, he literally got lucky with Thrift shop one song and many others put much more work out and don't get what they truly do deserve.

He is terrible. He made it acceptable for 13 year old surburban white girls to listen to rap and not Nas and 2pac rap (good rap) I mean Lil Wayne and mackelmore (bad rap)

He's smart enough to not make his songs all about him, and he's got a great video producer in his partner. His vocabulary is innovative, his flow decent, but rap is over. Put a fork in it already.

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Never heard of him - Mike48

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1150 Cent

No lyrical ability, no storytelling, not impressive at all. Getting shot or being gangsta don't make a rapper good by any means. Not superwhack either, but he's nothing special

I am an underrated rapper myself and it annoys me how lame, uninspired 'lyricists' seem to float to the top.

I hate 50 cent period

I hate 50 cent he is a studio gangsta that's why he has ran from Fat Joe. They squash there beef though. He does have good beats but that's it. - Scorpion20

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One of the most underrated rapper in history

His name explains his game

I have disagree with you, but even I have to admit, that's a pretty good burn right there. - Lasvegasxavier

He Was In The Worst Song In History Which Was Justin Bieber's Baby

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13Chief Keef

I'm embarrassed he is even a rapper people have heard of

He needs to take a shower, brush his teeth, and pull his pants up before he even says anything.

He's an embarrassment to my race. I mean, yo! You know just about everyone in america is close minded and believe whatever the media tells them.

Chief Keef is one of the worst lyricists of all time, some how worse than Young Thug, Future, Waka Flocka etc.

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14Rick Ross

This fat sack of dung definitely needs to be way higher on this list. At least in the top five. I just can't imagine in what universe did this slug ever became a famous rapper. He couldn't spit knowledge if you held a gun to his head, but he lies about being a Miami drug dealer and then steals a guy's name. Needs to be at the top of this list for sure. - PrincelyVirtu

He is my favorite phony rapper. Very delusional in this ability to be a Boss/ King Pin.

This fat prick should be number 1. Fake thug drug dealer no lyrics talks about the same bs over and over.

He never switch his style up and he is a fake wanna be that can't rap. "Freeway Ricky Ross" deserve a lil more respect.

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His Raps Suck, the only way he can connect a verse to the next is by saying a similar phrase in Spanish.

I agree! He sounds the same in every single song! It just keeps getting more boring... And yet more annoying!

He's a disgrace to hip hop he isn't even considered a rapper to me he doesn't deserve that title so far a retard who has no talent, and a complete joke

This guy really sucks. Every song sounds alike. He is smart to sell out. Make the money while you can - Mike48

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16Iggy Azalea

She can't rap. She's already got success because she's a white girl so white girls like her but her songs a terrible. She's just so fake. Just hope she stops an lets real rappers to it

She's white, so obviously people will know her and if you try to say anything bad about her, you're racist. It's honestly gotten so bad to the point where I say that Nicki Minaj is more tolerable than Iggy.

I'm a white girl who wears Abercrombie, but I listen to Tupac, and I know that she's NOT the realest. She's just a pop act who produces armies of white girls who think their hard core because they listen to "rap". Everyone I know is like that.

I'm very astonished that waka flocka is not on this list

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17Gucci Mane

Let's be honest for once! Who hears the words this clown tries to pronounce? Freeze cup was a joke! This whole rapper is a joke!

Gucci mane isn't a rapper... He doesn't produce rap... Yall are dumb if you think he does, or are most likely too retarded to realize he makes DRUG DEALING MUSIC... He literally tells the audience this over 100+ times throughout his career... By the way I'm white...

Yeah Gucci is pretty over rated, I mean he has a lot of music, I mean a LOT of music... But its mostly trash, absolute garbage

What hits is he even known for?

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182 Chainz

Seriously how was he not on this list?

This guy rhymes are out dated the cashmoney era has talked about money so this guy is late when you hear him talk about it

Stop taking 2 chainz seriously, its just fun music. He makes dumb as rock lyrics on purpose.

Elementary flow and lyrics.

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He ain't over-rated, he's a rapper from the south who people know him for songs like: Live your Life or Whatever you Like. If its anything, I think he's an rapper who deserves more credit

T. I tell stories with his music he deserves more credit than yall giving him. REAL LIFE STORIES

I still have TI struggle music when he was TIP and only the hood listen. TI now is jingle rapper no heart just another I made rapper. Just making a pay check rapper

My current most hated rapper. This guy typifies the ignorant criminal culture Americans with brains hate rap for. He has nothing to say, his flow is nonexistent, and his voice is grating. He's much worse than Jay Z, although far less popular, but he's definitely a contender for the title of worst current rapper.

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20Flo Rida

Name a memorable Flo Rida verse. Don't worry I'll wait.


Top 40 garbage. At least he know he is top 40 and doesn't try to be all hard - Mike48

Flo Rida shouldn't be on the list, he has great lyrics that motivates you to take on life.

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