Top Ten Most Overrated Rock Drummers


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Jimmy The Rev Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold)
I don't hate him, btw I admire him and I love Avenged sevenfold.
But I just can't stand that only because he is dead he is gettin overrated and he is over such more talented drummers as John Dolmayan from SOAD...
RIP jimmy sullivan but I can't stand him, lars and travis being so overrated
He's okay but the fact that A7X bitc_es compare him to the likes of John Bonham or Dave Lombardo makes me sick.
Just because you die doesn't automatically means you are better. The fact is everyone start caring about him after he died. But before no one cared. Avenged Sevenfold is not real metal and they suck.
[Newest]He was good, but is too good as many other drummers in the world, he didn't make any difference

2Lars Ulrich (Metallica)
I love Metallica, and even I agree 100% that Lars is the most over-rated drummer ever!
He's a good average drummer. He is overrated, yeah, but did you know he was one of the founders of metallica? So no, he's not just lucky to get in a big band, he helped create it.
How come everyone thinks he's good? He's OK but nothing great. I know guys who can do what he does
[Newest]Lord there are just too many reasons why this douche is overrated.

3Travis Barker (Blink-182)
The band REVOLVES around Barker. Which is unfortunate because he's not that good. That's great that you can drum super fast and not keep a beat but that's what anyone could do. Anyone who thinks that Barker is at all a talented drummer needs to look at Bonham and Moon. By far the best drummers the world has ever seen. Not only did they drum with speed and precision, but they didn't make their band revolve around there sound. They made their sound fit and flow with the rest of the song. That's talent. Not aimless drumming.
He gets progressively worse as his career moves forward. This guy was best in the Aquabats. I hate his hip hop productions.
If this guy comes one in any top 10 countdown of the greatest drummers, any one can, lars ulrich, joey jordinson, the rev, not overrated, heres someone to put one on this list
[Newest]He Is Way Too Good A Drummer For Blink-182

4Ringo Starr (The Beatles)
Not "The Worst" But EASILY the "Most Overrated". There is absolutely NO WAY he even Approaches being one of the best drummers. Sure, he kept a good beat, and was tasteful, and there's nothing wrong with his playing at all, he's just not that amazing. One of the other Beatles, I can't remember who, said, "He's not the best drummer in the World. He's not even the best drummer in the Beatles! " There's absolutely nothing special about his playing. That, combined with his consistent place at the top of "Best drummer of all time" lists, makes him the most overrated drummer in my opinion. He has the greatest discrepancy between his actual talent, and peoples' opinion of his talent.
I don't think you knuckleheads get it. If the band swings, it's because the drummer swings. Ringo is one of the most consistently underrated drummers because he was not a soloist, wasn't flashy or showcased. He just played the drummers tastefully, supported the music. The lead instrument in a lot of the Beatles was the bass, which means that the drummer had to stay out of the way.
I love the beatles but Ringo was a mediocre drummer. People only regard him as a great drummer because of the band he was in.


[Newest]Ringo wasn't exactly the best drummer in the world, but he was relatively flashy for his time, keeping the beat much better than contemporary Charlie Watts. Listen to "Rain" or "A Day in the Life"... you'll see that he's got skill.

Also, can't knock him for having 2 solo #1's ("Photograph" and "You're Sixteen").
More comments about Ringo Starr (The Beatles)

5Joey Jordison (Slipknot)
Basic drumming in every song. Nothing but fast double bass pedal and basic fills. Plus the guy triggers the crap out of his drums. Very overrated drummer. I would vote for Lars but he's already number 1.


He's just ok no where close to the best drummer in metal.


Yes this guy is overrated, why? He is good but when is comes to extreme speed and technicality he just falls short. I see people say he is the fastest drummer alive, how? Not one slipknot song has reached speeds of 290 bpm. Check out inferno of Behemoth, song Shemhamforash.
[Newest]The kid just play fast, and that's all his magic, he is overrated

6Shannon Leto (30 Seconds to Mars)
Leto & Lars (mostly because he's also an ass) are way too over-hyped. Honestly, Leto is okay, but #2 on best of all time? Really? The only reason a tard like this is that high up is because of retarded little fangirls and fanboys of 30 seconds to mars (which isn't even that good of a band). I know for a fact that John Bonham, Keith Moon, Stew Copeland, Nick Menza, Nicko McBrain, Ringo Starr (no bull, people just hate him because they want flashy drummers instead of those who can keep a great beat), Bill Ward, and Mike Portnoy could kick his ass with the tip of their pinky on a cymbal.
I think every drummer deserves place like Leto. I mean he is not so special to be the best drummer. I don't like his drum beats his style and not even their band 30sec 2 mars. They are the most overrated rock artist.


He is # 1 on the best rock drummers! I can play all of his parts easily!
[Newest]Why is he number 2 on the top ten greatest drummer ever? Obviously neil peart is 1# but Keith moon, John Bonham, Buddy rich and Stewart Copeland are WAY and I mean WAY more better than him.

7Dave Grohl (Nirvana)
I wouldn't say he's still riding coat tails. Dave gets Grammys in his sleep, and still sells a lot of records. As far as his drumming goes, ever hear his work with QOTSA, or Them Crooked Vultures? Its good stuff people. I'll quote Elton John in reference to Dave Grohl. "There isn't a musician worth his salt that doesn't respect that man. "
As much as I love Nirvanas music and all but Dave Grohl is extremely overrated! I love Dave too but just because he can hit hard and play the same beat every song doesn't mean he is "amazing". There really is nothing special about him! He doesn't even have perfect timing!
Dave Grohl should be in Taylor Hawkins band The Coat Tail Riders. Taylor is riding Dave's coat tail while Dave is still riding Kurt Cobain's coat tail and it's 2012! I mean honestly when is the last time any of us has downloaded a Foo Fighters song? Really? Much less be able to recite the name of any of their two-bit sell out non catchy soulless get old fast songs.
[Newest]He is an awesome drummer

8Yoshiki Hayashi
nothing special
btw why is danny carey on this list he is underated people


He is good. But he definitely isn't neil peart good. NOBODY is that good. Some people are close(travis barker), but nobody will ever touch neil peart.
Neil Peart good? That's funny. Although he's probably the richest drummer, he's not in the top 10,000 ROCK DRUMMERS. He's stiff, simple, and has absolutely zero groove. He should be the all time over rated drummer. Watch "Burning for Buddy" HE CAN NOT PLAY with the top drummers. He financed a "second " Burning for Buddy so he wouldn't look like the garbage he is. He's a VERY lucky man
THE REV'S ON HERE? The guy is UNDERRATED. Nobody gives him credit because he died idiots. This guy is ridiculous. Danny Carey is on here? Carey is the best ever to me. This guy is such a horrible drummer. I could do anything this guy does and a little more.

9Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)
I've seen a lot of rock shows and Tommy by far was the best. Great sound and stick work.. He has played upside down and played while his drum set was spinning him upside down. Tommy Rocks
Sorry guys, but he was awesome, he has great drumming ideas, just listen to Dr feelgood, he is not the best but is a great drummer
Just because you have an amazing drum set, it doesn't mean you're good.

10Phil Rudd (AC/DC)
I swear everything he does sounds exactly the same. No creativity.


Everybody says he's so amazing but he just isn't very creative. He doesn't use that many fills and just keeps a solid rock beat. I've never even heard him open the hi hat. Everyone say he suits the music and that's what matters but I think one of the most important qualities of a drummer is their creativity.
He plays the same drum beat every song without variation and his idea of a drum fill is hitting a tom once
[Newest]He totally have to learn different beats

The Contenders

11Trè Cool (Green Day)
His name is cooler than his drum techniques
He just plays a straight forward beat. That's it
He is underrated. And is really good and does not do the same beat over and over again some times the song is like that. And the only one that is like stray heart.
[Newest]He's the best. This list is crap.

12Rob Bourdon (Linkin Park)
The whole band is far too overrated
His contributions on The Hunting Party actually sound like a retarded four year old slamming himself into the wall repeatedly.
He is not overrated, he is an awesome drummer... The whole band is awesome not only chester but everyone is awesome

13Danny Carey (Tool)
Danny Carey's name shouldn't be mentioned anywhere near the word overrated, he deserves every ounce of praise he gets. You don't have to like Tool to understand this guy has undeniable talent and creativity. One of my favorite drummers of all time.
Danny is a god, easily one of the best drummers of our time. His ability to play perfectly with perfect fills in a variety of weird ass time signatures is a testament in itself. Plus he's wicked fast and his approach to drumming is creative and intelligent. Anyone who thinks Danny doesn't deserve the credit he gets should probably get their hearing checked
He seems to do basic fills and it sounds good, but I've never seen him do anything special.
Do yourself a favor and LISTEN to what the man does with tricky time signatures and odd grooves... They ACTUALLY GROOVE. That, my uneducated musical compatriot, in in itself special. Feeling and pocket are just as important as simply keeping time. Making a wildly shifting song have emotion and power, subtlety and beauty, with a few hunks of metal and some skin stretched over some hoops of wood (read as "NO NOTES") is no easy task. He is brilliant and, as a previous commenter stated, properly (if not UNDER) rated.

14John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
If you think he's overrated, you need to check yourself.
For you penalty of having Bonham on this list you will never be allowed to listen to Led Zeppelin again. You will be forced to listen to the Go Go's
Is Bonham overrated? Moby Dick is the essence of drumming. definitely one of my top 5 drummers.
[Newest]I don't think there has been an item on a list that has offended me more then this so thanks for that.

15Alex Van Halen
I can't listen to that fuzzy old beat. Every song it is the same. Van Halen would have been a lot netter without him. He would have never been in a successful rock band without his brother.
Same boring drum beat for every song

16Roger Meddows - Taylor (Queen)
The only reason why guys like Rog, Bonzo, and Peart are on this list is because meth head heavy metal dopes are mad that their favorite bands drummer is not on the top 10 list.

17Steve Forrest (Placebo)
Steve is incredibly energetic on stage.

18Keith Moon
This comment is to short and simple, music is about hearing the bigger picture, don't just focus on keith moons down falls. Most drummers get drunk and do strange things.
So overrated with no beat, all he did was drink and beat up his drum set. His solos SUCKED! So overrated
Keith Moon isn't overrated. It sounds like two people are banging on the drums when he plays! Besides, what do you expect from The Who? They are easily one of the most destructive bands of all time! Like whenever Pete Townshend smashes his guitar... ON STAGE! And his solos were KICKASS!


Moon is amazing. Whoever voted for him don't know drumming.

19Cindy Blackman

20Mike Portnoy
Mike portnoy is quite possibly the best progressive rock drummer there is. He is absolutely full of himself and there is no denying that. The thing is, is that dream theater and liquid tension experiment, for the most part, are bands only appreciated by other musicians. And of course not everyone on this list is gonna be a tony royster jr or a jojo Mayer, but they were able to play what was necessary to resonate with their band most soundly. Can you imagine portnoy in acdc? He would have over played so much. It would be a constant drum fart in the background. Although I do believe Travis barker is awful. If everyone had the opportunit to see another drummer mimic travis's drumming with the symbols and hi-hat 4 feet lower and without violently rocking his head up and down they would find that Travis only has the talent of putting on a good visable performance.
What? Who put Mike on this list?

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