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Lars Ulrich (Metallica)


Lars may be an overrated drummer but he is the reason for all of Metallica's financial and business success, he is one of the greatest business minds of all time and just so happens that he isn't that bad of a drummer.
He's a good drummer but everyone thinks he's amazing and that he's the best drummer ever. I like Metallica, but Lars is VERY overrated. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE REV IS ON HERE. HE IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE BEST DRUMMERS EVER.
I disagree sorry Lars is awesome quite hating metallicas drummer at least he's not a drop out band member like someone in Metallica!
Not a bad drummer by any means, but absurdly overrated. The Rev may be a bit over rated, but he still owns on the drums and owns Lars
They should have fired Lars Ulrich instead of Jason Newsted. Lars Ulrich ist the absolutely most overrated drummer in current music businnes for about the last 25 years. Lars Ulrich has got a big mouth but only low skills.
Lars Ulrich is no longer overrated, I haven't seen many sites where he's listed as one of the top drummers ever (Which I think he should) and I know worse drummers (Phil Rudd or Tommy Lee), at least Ulrich has a bit of creativity.
He's okay but overrated, he's just lucky that he got in a popular band and made it big. he's an average drummer :P
How the eff is lars the most overrated drummer? All he gets is hate and he's actually pretty good just not the best
He ruins every gig - maybe he is good on some albums, but how many takes did they need? Live he shows no talent at all...
Lars ruled for a long time(Kill 'Em All to... And Justice For All). But he has fallen off drastically.
So over rated! I've seen 10 yr olds who are better. He is the only real weak link of Metallica. Their guitars over drown Lars repetitive crappy drumming.
This is one list Lars deserves the #1 spot! So what if he helped create Metallica? He's also the driving force to break away from there signature metal sound towards Nu-Metal.
He has an arrogant attitude, no big skills, he even looks retarded behind the drums!
Can't groove to save his life
And he's a Douche Bag
Ahh it humors me that I knew when I opened this link that Lars would be at the top
Not really that good. He's ok.
He's are good but no greatest!
The worst drummer in Thrash!
The worst drummer in metal.
Thank god I'm not crazy this guy sucks,
But how the hell is dave grohl on this list?
Thousend of drumers in you tube plays better, even when they are not profesionals.

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