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261 Hey Jude - The Beatles Hey Jude - The Beatles

This song is boring, overlong and far from one of their best songs. Within You Without You, Ticket To Ride and I Want You are all better than this.

How did the beatles and queen get in this list? People have no taste. Just because a song is popular doesn't mean it has no substance to it. Stop being judgemental and ignorant

Ultimately there will be a cure for these poor people that like this pish... We live in hope.

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262 S & M - Rihanna
263 Burn It Down - Linkin Park Burn It Down - Linkin Park
264 Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles

OK HANG ON JUST A SEC! This is one of the best songs ever and in my opinion, the best Beatles song! This is such an outrage! Whoever created from number 20 on is stupid and I hope you step on a Lego

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265 Go Time - Jackie Evancho
266 Bad - Michael Jackson Bad - Michael Jackson
267 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Hard to argue with this one. Isn't even that bad of a song but got way overplayed to the point where a lot of people hate it.

I feel this is the most overrated song, I find it boring slow and overall not even that good.

These guys wrote this song because of Neil Young saying crap about the south!

It's not that bad. But Free Bird is better

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268 One Week - Barenaked Ladies One Week - Barenaked Ladies

Pathetic white guy attempt at rapping. They just tossed a bunch of words that rhyme and came up with this turdfest of a song. Chikity china the chinese chicken? Have a drumstick and your brain stops ticking? What the effing eff is this?

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269 Chinese Food - Alison Gold
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