Most Overrated T.V. Shows

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Jersey Shore
ITS NOT A SHOW. SERIOUSLY. A bunch of guidos doing nothing but humping, fighting and partying is not a show. The fact that people even like this garbage is proof how brain dead and stupid MTV is. How is it not cancelled yet?
What kind of show puts on a bunch of English people, that do nothing put have sex and talk with their pathetic accnets, I don't even know why they are doing the show

2American Idol
Its ridiculous that people take this as seriously as government elections


It's an awesome show but it would be even better if all the winners/contestants were as succesful as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.
It's okay sometimes but PLEASE stop crying


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It seems that's all hear on television these days all about glee. Even when the show has nothing to do with the show. What is Desperate Housewives doing on this list. That show is my favorite show, it is worth all the hype, they live up to it to.
I would rather use red, corrosive fruit punch and splash it right on Lea Michele's face and let it burn! Plus, their songs are terrible!
The epitome of bullcrap that teenage girls are obsessed with. Nothing is funny about this show.


4Hannah Montana
Only thing worse than the acting in this show is the music
All Disney shows suck, but this gets on my nerves. Hate it.


5The Simpsons
Incredibly boring show, used to be funny but never been hilarious. One episode takes around 200 days to make, compared to one episode of South Park - 6 days to make. I'd say South Park is more intelligent and funny, however it does tend to be far more childish at times. I'd quit if someone was able to do something better in 6 days compared to my 200 days.
Seriously Why isn't this Number 1 The Simpsons have been on the Air far too long its time they finally put the series rest once and for all, The series creator is still under the delusion that the show is still funny and interesting after like what 20 or something years on the air.


When yo look at this show, you can confirm that Americans have no hope whatsoever.

6Keeping Up With the Kardashians
I definitely hate this show including that gecko-face fraud named Kim! She's America's most hated celebrity ever and she'll go on making terrible shows! I hope that she'll be burned in corrosive acid all over her freaky face!
I hate this show, HATE IT, HATE IT! It's like they can rule the universe and create an apocalypse where poor people like us work as slaves! Plus, Kim Kardashian is the most hated bombshell in the universe!

7SpongeBob SquarePants

8True Blood
I'm a big idiot for voting this and so is the other 6% this show is brilliantly written regardless of how redundant the concept is. You think the next big thing is hating vampire T.V. shows like Vampire Diaries and movies like Twilight. Let me tell you something, it's never EVER about the broken down basic idea of what its about. It's about the little details and twists cleverly written which has been very well done In this T.V. show an opinion may be an opinion, but some are blind and thoughtless unlike others.

9Vampire Diaries
Same story over and over again, I love you, no I love you...
Have no idea why TVD is on this list

10Adventure Time

The Contenders

11South Park
Worst show ever, first seasons are good but now it's just swearing and just lame handicapped people.

12Toddlers and Tiaras
Are you kidding me this isn't number one? Wow you would think a show like thise with absolutely nothing interesting would number one but no, It actually gets millions of views from idiots, and it's ridiculous.

13Phineas and Ferb

14The Big Bang Theory
This is what happens when people try to write characters that are "supposed to be" smarter than the writer.
It isn't bad sitcom but I heard many people saying this is one of best T.V. show ever. And that just BBT isn't. There are so much better sitcoms.
Just stupid sitcom, only stupid teenagers ehinks that this is most clever show on T.V.

15Sesame Street
It's not your everyday kids show! It's a timeless classic!
Why does everyone love this show? IT sucks! It teaches you absolutely nothing.

16Gossip Girl

17Dancing with the Stars

This show over stated it's welcome, the show wasn't even that funny most of the time. I'll never understand why this series even got 10 seasons

19Teen Wolf

20Full House
the most annoying show on television.


21My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
REALLY? This show just sucks. It's about the most sexist toy ever, has absolutely no humor, has bad writing, putrid looking visuals, and that stupid idiot pony won't shut up!


I swear people worship this "show" like gods and there are so many idiot male grown ups that watch it. Every "pony" needs to burn slowly.
How is this at number 23 when SpongeBob and adventure time are at 7 and 9? Really?

22Desperate Housewives

What is this doing on the list this show is amazing!


24Family Guy
I HATE THIS SHOW! Good GOD, WHY ISN'T IT NUMBER 1? People don't seem to understand the meaning of "overrated. " It means that the subject receives POSITIVE reception of which it isn't worthy. Everyone knows that Jersey Shore is garbage. You don't see people like, "Hey did you see the latest episode of My Little Pony? Best show ever! " I didn't think so. On the other hand, EVERYBODY constantly praises the evil garbage otherwise known as Family Guy. Why? I'm not sure. What's so funny about a stupid baby going "Mom? Mom? Mom? Mommy... "? Oh wait, that's right - NOTHING! It's NOT funny, it's annoying! The characters are bland and stereotypical. I mean, COME ON - we must have seen the intelligent baby cliché at least 20 times before. Also, MacFarlane's idea of "humor" is ridiculous. Cut away gags and pop culture references - that's all he knows! Plus, he is extremely offensive! He just LOVES to poke fun at minorities, black, women, Jews, and gays, doesn't he? Geez, at least South Park makes fun of all races, genders, religions, sexualities, etc. - white people included! I could go on, but I shouldn't. Bottom line, Family Guy is trash that doesn't deserve a quarter of the praise it gets. Thank you.
This show was funny the first couple of seasons, but now it just looks like a repeated ritual. By the way, why does everyone say this show is more offensive than South Park. Family Guy just makes a 10 second joke about races, sexuality etc. South Park just keeps crossing the line and takes EVERYTHING way over the top.
Family Guy is just bad, and I will never understand why so many people enjoy it so much.

25The Voice


27Grey's Anatomy

28Modern Family
This needs to be in the top ten. This show is not that funny but EVERYONE loves it.

29The Real Housewives

30How I Met Your Mother
In my opinion boring characters (except Barney, he is not bad), jokes you can see from a mile and a very forced story.
I really donÂ't know why everyone seems to love it.



33Breaking Bad
I'm surprised this hasn't been added yet, as it's the only thing that anyone can talk about these days. To put it simply, who really wants to see a show about a teacher ruining his life by selling drugs? That's really all that happens in the story. A teacher selling drugs and trying not to get caught is what the whole show is about. As you can see, the sheer amount of creativity and planning that was used to develop this show is breathtaking.

34Regular Show
A total waste of space on Cartoon Network's afternoon time block, or any other time block that ever existed or will exist on that channel. yes, the show is that bad. Mordicai and Rigby constantly remind me of all the paralels that can be drawn between themselves and the next generation of lazy youngsters. That's probably why all those dumb*ss 12yr olds are running around doing the "WHOA" and the "Aw Yeahhu" and crap like that.

35Duck Dynasty
Everyone at my school is all, "OH MY GOD, DUCK DYNASTY IS THE BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME! " I don't get what's so great about it.
Everyone watches it it's boring humourless T.V. that everyone thinks it's the best show ever. Everyone starts trends over it like iced tea and always wearing realtree camo to school. F*ck Duck Dynasty

367th Heaven

I wove pokemom wait wa me votd rong one and I'm only four wa mummy wa awaaw awaaxcawa candy fwposs thanks dady can I have my nude time

37Two and a Half Men

38The Walking Dead

The unfunniest sitcom ever. The humor is just about a bunch of people sitting in a bar, hating each other and making fun of each other. I've hardly seen more sadism comedy in a sitcom. Sam Malone is totally unfunny, Woody is mentally retarded, Carla is mean and sadistic, Norm is just an asocial fat guy, Cliff is the most annoying character ever (just telling crap no one is interrested in), Frazier is the know-it-all bore and Diane is just a spoiled arrogant cow. That's the whole comedy of the show, trust me.
Diane is such an annoying know-it-all arrogant spoiled cow and Shelley Long is an awful actress. Carla is just mean, evil and sadistic. Woody is like mentally retarded, Norm is asocial and egoistical, Frasier is boring, Sam isn't funny at all and Cliff is a adult toddler and as annoying as possible. I don't know how you could like it. The humor is a mix between sadism and stupidity.



42Married With Children


44The Only Way Is Essex

Its not funny, no matter what people try to make of it as being "clever".

46Mad Men
Brilliant production design, acting, writing E.T. C but tedious as hell like watching a beautiful painting for an hour

47Wizards of Waverly Place

48Big Time Rush

49Dragon Ball Z

50Everybody Loves Raymond
I don't know how people can find this funny. It was one of the most successfull T.V. shows ever, but I don't think it was funny. Ray Barone is just a weak and henpecked bore. Debra is always in a bad temper, a cow to Raymond and unkind. The mother is over-caring and bizarre. Robert is at least sometimes funny with his weird and depressive manner. The only really funny character is Frank. I love his dry and cynical commentaries. Peter Boyle plays brilliantly. Unfortunatly his screen time is too short. RIP Peter
Ray Barone isn't funny at all (just a lame henpecked husband) and Debra, his wife, is just a mean cow. Marie, the mother, is like demented and over-caring and Robert, the brother, is just always depressive and weird. The only funny character on the show is ole Peter Boyle as the father, Frank. He makes some funny commentaries. RIP Peter

51Pretty Little Liars
Seriously this show is boring why don't they just go the police or something? And students dating teachers? It needs to die like now it's not that great.


53Parks and Recreation
Amy Poehler is highly overrated as a comedienne in this show. What is this show really about? Where is the humor, PEOPLE?

54Doctor Who

55Doctor Who

Flush the pokeballs, hit Ash with a frying pan, kill the pokemons and grill them! I getting tired of these same anime trash that's ruining people's time watch their OWN favorite shows! Just cancel this massacre!

57The Brady Bunch

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