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201 Pokemon Silver Pokemon Silver V 1 Comment
202 Mega Man

The main character has become a hero to zero and the poor sap didn't even make it into marvel vs. capcom 3. Plus every single game is exactly the same just with slightly different enemies every time.

Please put Mega Man (Legends/Battle Network/Starforce) games on the list. The Classic Mega Man games are very underrated in comparison.

203 Braid Braid

A great game? Yes. But I am sick and tired of seeing this game on so many people's lists! The graphics and music is great, but the game can be really boring and there is NO replay battle besides time attack modes, which do NOT function well with levels so confusing. Buy a different indie game.

204 Watch Dogs Watch Dogs

I absolutely HATED this game. Gameplay was so sluggish.

205 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

It seems everyone is forgetting what made Big Rigs so amazing. That infinite backwards acceleration.

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206 Dragonball Xenoverse Dragonball Xenoverse V 1 Comment
207 FEZ

Honestly, the creator of this game even treated the work of godlike Japanese game developers as supposedly (self-proclaimedly)"inferior" to this incredibly mediocre and overrated game.

208 Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country
209 Donkey Kong Country 2 Donkey Kong Country 2
210 Subway Surfers
211 Limbo
212 Mario Kart 64
213 Guacamelee! Guacamelee!
214 Hotel Mario Hotel Mario

I thought this was the most hated Mario game ever made?

You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!

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215 Cho Aniki
216 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
217 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Who else thinks on the cover Mario wants to slap Luigi?

What the heck! This game has amazing graphics and gameplay!

218 Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight
219 Shadow of the Colossus Shadow of the Colossus

How is this game so low. People praise this as the best PS2 game, over such greats like Jak, Ratchet & Clank, Sly, God of War, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, because why? I found the game boring, I didn't care for the story and that stupid mechanic of the horse not always obeying your commands was unnecessarily annoying, because why? Realism? The game has a guy making a deal with the devil to resurrect his dead girlfriend by killing a whole bunch of towering beasts before realising you screwed up and are possessed and turned into a baby. What's realistic about that. If you like the game, fine. But it gets a lot more praise than it deserves. Seriously, what is great about this game, I legitimately do not know

220 Ms. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man

One of the only overrated Classic Pac-Man games besides the Pac-Man World games for the GBA. It's very fun, but mainly just a half-differently gendered version of Pac-Man.

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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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