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221 Journey Journey

Yeah this game gets a lot of credit for a lot of nothing...

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222 Wave Race 64 Wave Race 64

It's funny just looking through the games at the bottom of the list. Wave Race 64 is just too overrated for me. Everywhere I go I have to hear something about this game. Madness - bil

223 Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Battlefront

Wasn't as good as the first few Battlefronts

I want this game. Why is it overrated. Tell me. I want to know if its good or bad cus I wants it

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224 My Singing Monsters V 1 Comment
225 Homestuck
226 Geometry Dash

All you are doing is dodging things, The colors make my eyes hurt and it really shouldn't get this much praise.

You know what, I screwed up. Agario isn't the new Angry Birds, this is. Overrated, millions of copies, everywhere at school. This is why I only have 2 friends.

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227 Saints Row Saints Row
228 Rolling Sky
229 F-Zero GX F-Zero GX
230 No Man's Sky No Man's Sky
231 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare V 1 Comment
232 Batman: Dark Tomorrow Batman: Dark Tomorrow

This game is underrated, not overrated!

I Can't Believe People Like This Game - VideoGamefan5

233 Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft: Story Mode V 1 Comment
234 Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Hero World Tour
235 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
236 Secret of Mana Secret of Mana

People think it's the best snes square game ever but that title goes to FF6

237 Mega Man 2 Mega Man 2

Great game, most played megaman games and the soundtracks are great

Okay I will admit this game is good...but kinda overrated. I like the game don't get me wrong but compare it to Mega Man 3. MM2 feels so easy and buggy and it was kinda overloved. Maybe Mega Man 7 needs more love ya know. - Chaotixhero

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238 Final Fantasy XII
239 Mario Kart 7 Mario Kart 7

Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 & Mario Kart: Super Circuit are much better than Mario Kart 7.

Mario kart 8 is far superior than this.

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240 Mario Super Sluggers Mario Super Sluggers

Like at Mario superstar baseball

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Call of Duty isn't bad, just overrated.
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