Most Overused Advertising Cliches

Experts say that the average person is exposed to about 3,000 advertisements every day. With that many advertisements out there, it is no surprise that advertisers have a hard time coming up with something new. It seems that many advertisers out there have completely given up on being original and are simply recycling the same old ads. This list is a collection of the cliches that advertisers keep on throwing in their ads.

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1But wait! Order now and you also get

Shut the hell up already! Hasn't your dumb-ass commercial gone on for long enough?

There are at least 50 ads on tv right now that have this on it

yes, I hear that on every commercial - Razor79

Oh. So if I order this piece of crap now I can get more crap. ? Wow "cool"

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2Any price ending with 95 or 99 cents
3Cool looking ads that have nothing to do with the product

These ones are great. You watch a 60 second commercial and when it is over, you have no idea what it is that you are supposed to buy.

4Fake Doctors

it is fraud and false advertising which are both criminal acts - moose4life19

5But wait! There's more!

Kind of similar to But Wait! ORDER NOW AND YOU ALSO GET

6Children advising parents on finances, real estate, insurance etc.

Thank you! Those commercials are not cute at all! They're annoying, especially the smart-daughter-dumb-daddy ads!!

These are bad because they all try to make you laugh, and think they are original, but the kids are just annoying. - RoBot214

725 percent more effective!
8As seen on TV!

Isn't it on T.V. already? - ArpstaAmy333

9Prices too low to advertise!

You'd think they didn't want people pounding on their doors in a frenzy to get their product. Maybe it's a safety issue - "we don't want our employees trampled to death, so we won't tell you how low our prices are! " Give me a break.

10For a limited time only

Oh yeah! This simply means: "We're going to stop selling this in a few years". Well any product can be : "For a limited time". You can't sell something FOREVER!

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11Going out of business sale

Ever heard of The Dump? It's a furniture store that probably has had four or five "going out of business" sales that I can remember hearing about on television.

12Cell Phone Commercials That Don't Know About House Phones
13The first 100 callers also get...
14For only 17 payments of $29.99

It normally costs hundreds of dollars, but you can get it here for only 5 payments of $75 - waterboy51

For only three easy payments of $39.99.
JEEZ! Please, just put the normal price. And no shipping! Make it so the shipping is in the cost. And instead of $39.99 put $40.00.

15In business since...

Just because a company is old doesn't mean it's good.

16The more you buy, the more you save!
17Comes with certificate of authenticity
182 day sales

Is there such thing as a two day sale. I've seen "Two Day Sale: This Friday through Sunday" Can't these people count

19Get More

Ad’s that display the idea of ’You get More with us’ by showing a dog with 6 tails or an ice-cream with like a hundred flakes or a human sized box of popcorn with a weedy man crumbling under its weight etc

Countless advertisers think they're being oh so original and cute and "provocative" by using this tired double entendre.

20Today Only!
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