Most Pathetic Horror Movies

Have you ever watched a horror movie and though/ this is total crap, or they could've done a lot more to the acting cast or the plot to the motion picture itself. Or even promting the movie in a scary nature, when its not even that scary. And very crappy Visual effects and sound effects, that needed more effort on working.

I have narrowed that list down to 10, so enjoy and vote your favourite. And add some more in...

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1Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2

Why is Halloween and jeepers creepers on here it makes no sence. Hallween started all the slasher movie crap. You probaly put those movies there because you were to scaried to watch them.

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2Paranormal Activity 2

They are all crap and any moron that gets frightened by these has to be seriously demented, they are just total nonsense and a waste of airtime.

I hate al of those movies. They werent even scary and this is coming from a 15 year old girl!

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3Saw V

I am a big fan of the Saw series. This was the only installment in the series that felt a little disappointing. I still don't think that it is bad, but the pace was a little too slow for the 5th installment of a horror series. It didn't have enough excitement.

The VFX were just ridiculous, they could've done a lot more with this film, easily the worst Saw ever made - roblist

4One Missed Call
5Psycho (1998)

I agree with the Psycho remake making this list. I don't understand what the point of doing a remake is if they are just going to recreate the original frame by frame. Why not update it? You will never top or recreate the classic status of the original, so why not just take it in a new, more horror direction? Make it scarier! This one was just a bore to me.

6Robot Monster

WHAT THE HECK?!?!? Drag and Halloween were AWESOME! One Missed Call wasn't too bad either... - JamesHetfield13

7Vacancy 2: The First Cut
8Jeepers CreepersV2 Comments
9Drag Me to Hell

It's scary because it's an absolute disgrace to the whole Scooby Doo series.

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Scooby-Doo was a horror movie?
King Kong was scary and realistic in the 30's or whatever,
this movie just plain stunk. It deserves #1. Watch a trailer and decide for yourself. - BKAllmighty

This ripped off Gremlins and Gremlins 2 The New Batch this should be number 1.

12Jack Frost (1997)

Watching this film was a painful experience. The 'snowman' creature in the film itself looked nothing like the image on the DVD cover; very disappointing. Looked more like something you'd find in Santa's Grotto. The actual film itself was totally pointless. Poor story combined with bad acting. Watched it once, but never again. A waste of time and money. I will bury this DVD for the sake of Humankind.

14Scream 4

Pathetic plot, cast, kills everything about this movie is terrible.


WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE?! This started it all! Seriously, people. (Unless you mean the remake, the remake sucks. ) But the original was the 2nd greatest horror movie-- to me, anyway --And this does NOT deserve to be here!

16King Kong (1933)
17The Exorcist

Are you kidding this is my second favorite horror movie easily what the hell

18Dead Snow
19Cabin Fever
20Return of the Killer Tomatoes
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