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1Over My Heart - Laura Branigan

The most personal Laura album, and one of the most underrated albums from the 90's. Very powerful vocal. Laura was an amazing artist - Irina2932

2Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle

The are many words for this album - personal, beautiful, intriguing, deep, slicker, polished... - Irina2932

3The Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson

The most intriguing Janet Jackson album. You can find many musical genres here, a big diversity of themes and problems. This album is real ART - Irina2932

This is Janet baring her soul, leaving no holds barred, no subject untouched. Here, she takes the listener beyond her velvet rope.

4Fading Shades - Sandra

Not the best Sandra album but definitely the strongest (vocally) and the deepest. She was heavily pregnant at the time. She even had to sit during the recording sessions of the album. - Irina2932

5It's a Man's World - Cher

The album proved that Cher is a true singer rather than a mere entertainer. Very deep and intriguing record - Irina2932

6Ray of Light - Madonna

The album that introduced electronic music to mainstream!

7Erotica - Madonna
8Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson
9Brave - Jennifer Lopez
10Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

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11Equilibrium - Luminous

Gary is a very excellent songwriter and a positive individual in general. Very personal about looking at life in a very positive way. Uplifting and nice to hear when most songs that are more about somber things and struggles in artists lives. It's nice to hear personal songs about positives in the world. I am a positive person and this album is on a very personal level with me and is so uplifting for me and Gary's songwriting shares that with you along with some vocals by Julie that are beautiful.

Excellent from the first song to the last. What beautiful music with such atmosphere and meaning. Relaxing, tasteful music. 2006 release with standouts "Life Is Beautiful", "Make It Happen" and "I Have Arrived". What a listening experience and pleasure. Lay back and enjoy!

Yes Gary Butcher and featuring the vocals of Julie Harrington. Truly amazing and beautiful music!

Personal on a "feelings" level with Gary.

12The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
13Mercury Falling - Sting

Stings most personal album. Stings songwriting is brought out and is a more somber and introspective album. Much different than his more popular upbeat music. It's a more "Mature" Sting. His deepest work.

14Closer to You - The Coronas

The groups more personal album. Great songwriting. Very underrated Irish band.

15Steady Now - William Wild
16Rise - Samantha James
17Subconscious - Samantha James
18Painting Pictures of a War - Aquilo
19Skin - Ephraim Lewis
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1. Over My Heart - Laura Branigan
2. Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle
3. The Velvet Rope - Janet Jackson



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