Most Physically Attractive Female Celebrities

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The Top Ten

Mila Kunis

2Emma Stone

3Kelly Brook

4Katy Perry

5Kate Upton

6Sofia Vergara

7Scarlett Johannson

8Jessica Biel

She is a nice cool person she has nice rhythms to her songs and does belly dancing while she peforms in music videos and goes to concerts

10Kate Beckinsale

The Contenders

11Julianna Guill


13Christina Aguilera
Has a soulful voice that people just love and was one of the judges on the voice

14Britney Spears
Is a singer that has many songs and started singing when she was very young and continued her career as a singer up until now and is still singing she is pretty and is famous what a cool combination

A very wild girl and is currently a singer and sings pop songs wich some young people love to listen to she her latest song does feature will. Iam.

16Lynn Collins

17Tiffany Hwang

18Katrina Bowden

19Danica Thrall

20Alexis Knapp

21Rita Ora

22Mia Wasikowska

23Florence Welch

24Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir

25Sabrina Carpenter
Is starring on the hit new show girl meets world and is also a singer lots of children enjoy her music and her role as maya hart and as riley matthews best friend ongirl meets world

26Zendaya Coleman
Formerly starred as rocky on the former disney show shake it up also dropped out of her role to play as alliyah in the original lifetime movie

27G. Hannelius
Is currently playing the role as avery jennings on the disney show called dog with a blog when she was was younger she was on the former disney show called sonny with a chance is also a awesome singer she is 15 years old

28Lucy Hale
Is on the pretty little liars show and played in the movie secret of the wings is also a singer

29Troian Bellisario
Is an actress on the pretty little liars T.V. show also has been in movies is a talented young actress and plays as spencer hastings on pretty little liars

30Danielle Fishel
Has been on boy meets world when she was a kid and is now on girl meets world she is funny on T.V.

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