Top 10 Most Popular Bands

Which band is known by just about all adults, teens, kids and all age groups?

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1The Beatles

This list is stupid. I don't think any band could ever surpass the image of the Beatles. It just can't be done. They are just too prevalent and influential to ever really NOT be the most popular band. Regardless of musical quality, the Beatles win hands down.

The Beatles is undeniable the most popular band ever, but yet not the best. I agree that Beatles is very, VERY influential band, and music won't be the same without them. But for the best band, I can't say because there are countless bands spread over this world even after the Beatles, and each person has different opinion about their best.

This list is about the most POPULAR bands, not the BEST bands. The Beatles have sold around half a billion albums while Metallica has only sold 110 million albums.

How did I guess, oh right the Beatles are amazing

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One, the unforgiven, enter sandman, lord of summers, master of puppets, nothing else matters, fade to black, sad but true AND MANY MORE IF you FOUND BETTER SONGS TELL ME because you WONT

Only Metallica name is enough...
I'm akshat Sharma of India and here people don't know what is real music... I want to suggest all people of India to listen Metallica they are really guitar heroes...

Metallica should be on the top, honestly.

Metallica Should Be In Number First...

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3Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is the father of heavy metal. The greatest music genre ever. Taking the elements of blues rock and turning it into heavy metal. And they are very popular and much better then some Beatles band.

Led Zeppelin brought the revolution in hard rock and heavy metal praise the lords!

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I think Queen is most popular band. They music is perfect. And after Freddie Mercury died AIDS stayed very important theme.

Not even the most popular band of their own late-70's era. Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, and The Rolling Stones were all much more popular, along with Elton John.

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5Linkin Park

Right now Linkin Park is the most popular band m/ despite that I'm a LP fan I admit that the other bands here are much more better but my musical taste is Linkin Park and I love em m/

Linkin Park is the greatest band I've ever seen. Its really amazing.

Black eyed peas above linkin park this list seriously need to be altered
I think most people who voted don't even know much songs of linkin park

Linkin Park should be on number 1

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Even if you have set metallica on the first place, but you all know that AC/DC is the most popular band ever. Over 50 millions Back in Black albums sold. Is not that enough?

Pure power and energy...rocking for 40 years already, who else could take their place? I mean... If AC/DC isn't the one would be.

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Band of the generation X. All time greats!

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8One Direction

One direction is definitely the most popular band right now. Nice voices, very cute, good kids, and girls love them! Several awards for their style, looks, and music. 1directioner!

They've got that british thing going for them ;P and they're good looking which helps

They are talented singers, good looking and have broken many records and won a ton of awards. Most popular band on the planet right now

Don't deserve, they are rubbish

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9Guns N Roses

Awesome, awesome band should be number one.

Guns N' Roses is awesome! They're the best

Compose more rock songs

Guns N' Roses the best

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10Pink Floyd

Everyone who speaks English has heard of the Floyd

The Newcomers

?Tran Siberian Orchestra

The Contenders

11The Rolling Stones

They are an epic band of rock and should be number 3

They are one of the best

12Green Day

The leaders of modern rock... Still kicking today with the youth after many others have died

Always feeling the youth inside.

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13Iron Maiden

They're the kings of metal, baby! The only ones left of their kind!

The Lords of Metal and owner of the best music around. Up the irons!

Maiden arethe kings of their genre. They are a overnight success band. All their members are phenominal musicians and they all love what they do. Hell hey have TWO jetliners. They are the true kings of metal.

This band is sick, I listen to this almost all the time

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15Avenged Sevenfold

RIP Jimmy " The Rev " Sullivan._.

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They are so rock!


My favorite band... I love most of their music, and there are LOTS of people who know them. Especially after Viva La Vida.

I think Coldplay is a Band WHO inspired people and the Songs are good to think about your Life

I love this band! I honestly think they should AT LEAST be in the top 10

One of my favourite bands. I love all their albums.

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18Maroon 5

The "BEST BAND IN THE WORLD" they should be at FIRST

They deserve to be lower than the twin towers

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19Black Sabbath

Haven't heard of most these bands Where's All Time Low?

20Destiny's Child

love them, I mean they made the best songs ever like survivor, bootylicious, independent woman, emotion and girl. -

Sorry but 5 seconds of Summer is wayyy more popular than most of these bands

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