Most Popular Canadian Celebrities


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Henry Lau
He's absolutely awesome b

Guy, I always support you
I feel goosebumps when I'm heard his violin strings! REALLY AWESOME! DAEBAK!
Henry is insanely talented in so many aspects. Whenever I hear him playing the violin, the guitar, the piano and his singing with his beautiful voice.. I'm inspired. I fall in love with his voice and talent every time I hear him. He deserves so much love and appreciation and I hope he finally gets it.
[Newest]A very talented young man. Can sing dance and play multiple instruments. Not to mention he can also speak three languages. It doesn't hurt that he is very handsome either.

2Celine Dion
She is a awesome singer! Ithink she should be number 1 on the list. She has the most trendy outfits. I would love to have her closet and makeup and body. She is awesome. I love Celine Dion!

3Avril Lavingue
Avril Lavigne is a person that makes songs herself, never lies. She loves her job, which is important in being a singer. She sings on concerts just as well as on all the CDs. You can never get upset with her!
She amazing, some of her lyrics are just so powerful x
She is so beautiful... She also has beautiful voice.

4Pamela Anderson

5Justin Bieber
Okay so not many people like him, but you can't deny he can sing and he is very popular. In fact I don't like him, but he is very popular
Even if you hate him, that still doesn't change the fact that he's the most hated and loved person in the world!
Right; so I don't like Justin Bieber's music, but he's kind of like the most popular person in the world currently so he deserves no. 1 on this list.
[Newest]Oh what Justin Bieber should be number 1. He is the most famous worldwide and his voice is so awesome and he is really pretty wow

6Jim Carrey
With films like The Mask and the Ace Ventura franchise he's often considered the original movie funnyman.
One of the most talented actors ever existed! He's equally good in comedic roles as in dramatic ones. He's simply amazing!
Okay this dude is funny. His roles are iconic. I peed my pants.

7Matthew Perry

8Bryan Adams

9Keanu Reeves

10Nelly Furtado

The Contenders

11Linda Evangelista

12Michael J. Fox

13Chad Kroeger

14Kris (Wu Fan)

15Corey Haim

16Ellen Page

17Cobie Smulders

18Mike Myers

19Shania Twain

20Ryan Reynolds

21Michael Bublé

22Rachel McAdams


24Avan Jogia

25Hayden Chistensen
It's Hayden Christensen and he's ok I guess. I've only seen him in Star Wars even though I am a girl I love it". I am 11, but I love star wars l

26Kristina Maria

27Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes

28Carly Rae Jepsen

29P.K. Subban

30Patrick Roy

31Alyssa Reid
I love her so much! She's too underrated.

32Ryan Gosling

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