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Michael Jackson
Michael you are the best ever lived! You teach us how to love! You walk up us you bring us to the light and bring us to the fairyland from the selfish world! Michael you make me a better person! Michael you tell us that the biggest and greatest happiness is to help the people and see the smile on their faces! Michael I know you are innocent and your voice and everything is real love you forever!
Because of he was the most heavenly person ever lived on planet earth. I know that Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga etc. Are great entertainers as well as Michael, even though some people may think they are even better, they'll never realize what "it" is about. Every singer can say something connected to God, some mean it, others don't. But the point is: Michael was not only a singer, entertainer etc. He is more...
I don't like the popular people. I usually try to pick unique choice for me, but comparison ends when it comes to Michael Jackson. Low pitch voices don't usually go for singing. But Michael changed to rules. Moon Walk inventor, Best song writer, King of Pop, the legend, Michael Jackson deserves to be in the top of list.
[Newest]Michael is best human ever lived in the world

2Miley Cyrus
She is the best! And really popular! She can really sing she is pretty and she has a good heart
Miley rocks so does michael jackson they all rock I am going to follow my dream like them
in my opinion, miley is the #1 most popular celebrity! she is so awesome, beutiful, and she can really sing and act!


[Newest]Miley haters make her more famous

3Beyonce Knowles
Come on everybody likes beyonce a bunch of people above her are controversial and unlikeable and miley cyrus her producer is lame don't know who he or she is but her voice is totally messed up you can totally tell that isn't her real voice they just change it to make it sound different.
she won 4 musics best female pop artist of all time, in which the winner was voted for by the brittish public.


Beyonce is real, and she worked hard to be good. Her voice is powerful, and she deserves to be top.
[Newest]Come on everyone loves her she is an idol

4K.S. Chithra
more and more popular forever

He is a great singer of all times... The whole world likes him and I'm his great fan... Keep it up man and get all the success...
He should be ahead of Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears.
Their all on drugs and alcohol but Eminem is not, Also the best rapper in the world should be up their at 3 not 6.
No one can challenge him man he is unique and he will be unique
Eminem should be ahead of Miley Cyrus

6Lady Gaga
1. As of March 2011, she has 31,110,369 likes on facebook and hailed as the most liked celebrity in facebook and defeats Michael JACKSON with only 30,530,707 likes.
2. She got number 1 Twitterholic based on followers and she has 8,953,225 followers. Next to her is Justin Bieber with 8,328,290 followers.
3. Her song born this way becomes number 1 in the top 100 music hits!


She is the most powerful woman in the world! Way more talented than Eminem and Carie Underwood. She should most definitely be placed 1st. DUH!
One of the most talented performers in the industry. Earns my vote

7Mariah Carey
She Is The Best Diva Ever I Love Her She Has So Many Beautiful Songs And A Very Simple Girl I don't Care Whether She Lip Sync Or Not I Still Love Her So Much
I love her! She has been my favorite singer for as long as I can remember.

8Carrie Underwood
I love her! She is the best country music star to me! Like totes love! She is awesome, and if you don't like her, that's your opinion and your problem! If anyone else likes her, thank you!

9Katy Perry
Beautiful, talented a verry funny & lwvely person. She inspires us wirh her songs. She does care about the bad things in life but dexided to stay positive. We love her

10Britney Spears
She is beautiful and a great dancer, She might not have a good voice but she is making a lot of hit songs but some other musicians with good voices barely make a hit song, So don't expect her to be perfect (of course she is kinda perfection) She had the most iconic performances and so many successes I LOVE YOU BRITNEY ♥
I love britney spears she is so awesome I have meet her before and she was so nice. She is the best singer ever, every one likes her, I am a supper good fan. Keep it up britney I really want to meet you again so so so so much.
So you think Christina Aguilera is more popular than Britney? Oh, come on, give me a break. It's not about talent. It's popularity. Let's be objective.

The Contenders

11Olivia Holt
Olivia Holt is awesome! She deserves to be #1!
I didn't do it great show
I love her singing

12Robert Downey Jr.
The greatest gifted actor of our generation. A great singer and a great artist!

13Taylor Swift
Taylor you are amazing, I love your songs and your music videos a are a good songwriter and singer.i love you!
I love you Taylor Swift!
You record many songs that I LOVE keep it up!
Taylor is AWESOME! Just last week, she skyped an extremly sick girl, because that was one of the girls wishes! She is so sweet!

14Adam Levine
I love him he is so sexy 😍😍😍

15Yoshiki Hayashi
I believe in a madness called... X!
Your songs changed my life. Thank you for sharing your emotions with us
You teached me the real "art of life"

16Christina Aguilera
You are one of my best wish you all the best

17Selena Gomez
Go Selena I hate Justin how could he be so stupid who would want to not be with someone like you
She is the most prettiest, gorgeous, beautiful (from inside and outside) girl that the world has witnessed. I will throw a huge party if I get to meet her. that's the biggest wish of my life
Selena you are the BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! I wish I could meet YOU

18Megan Fox
She is most popular right now

19Arnold Schwarzenegger

20Lindsay Lohan
She seems to be everywhere.


She has been in headlines non-stop for more than a decade

Oprah called Charice the most talented in the world.
Charice can sing any song with passion.
Charice is humble, very talented, phenomenal and awesome

22Taylor Lautner
He seams so down to earth compared to other young stars

23Whitney Houston

24Charlie Sheen

25Shahrukh Khan
I love you sir king khan
He is the king of world
He is Bollywood in himself the king khan

26Kelly Clarkson

27Tom Hanks

28Jackie Evancho
Popular for all of the right reasons...
No one who meets Jackie goes away unimpressed or unhappy.


If you don't know her by now... Prepare for an "Awakening".

29Sarah Geronimo

30Tom Brady
Tom Brady is just a boss, plain and simple. He won his first Super Bowl when he was 24 and won 3 before he turned 28. Which one of the three Superbowl rings happen to be his favorite? He says, "The next one. "

31Paris Hilton
What is she even famous for? I mean her parents are famous, right? Well who knows, if she is an actor I wouldn't think she's any good.
Everywhere you look Paris hilton this Paris hilton that
Every magazine cover and her song stars are blind is still being played SEVEN YEARS LATER D:

32Will Smith

I love p! Nk she is a good singer

34Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer is awesome yes no?


36Brett Favre

37Justin Bieber
He has saved more lives than you, so you have no rights to judge. His music inspires people, and has helped them get through difficult times. Haters need to get a life, because someone you know might not be in your life today if it wasn't for him. Not to mention that he is so damn gifted in every way imaginable. Listen to his music, it speaks.
I love you Justin Drew Bieber and deserves to be #1 <3 #YouKnowTheNameNotTheStorry, haters don't listen to his music and read about him like us Beliebers do, he's so talented, and don't say we only care about the looks cause we don't buy the albums to listen to his face
Sadly, he is the most famous celeb. Still, his fame has gone down a bit and I am glad that some of his fame is gone...


[Newest]He is the best and really hot I love him he has a big hart and cares about others I don't know how could some people hate him

38Robbie Williams
I could listen to his voice forever. I love his originality.
Very talented and good looking

39Jeremy Clarkson
One of the 3 hosts of Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson is also the funniest of the 3 hosts followed by Richard Hammond then James May.
Outspoken and Right Wing, Jeremy Clarkson is often a man of much controversy, but that's why we love him.

40Jeremy Bloom

41Diego Maradona

42Tony Romo

43Axl Rose

44Johnny Depp
Johnny depp is the only really talented and amazing actor out of this $h! T list :p serieusly where are the awesome celebs!?

45Peer Van Mladen

46Ariana Grande
She has an amazing voice and is the best singer ever
I love her songs especially the way
Love her so much
"I love the way"
[Newest]She can sing very high notes and be good at it.

47Derek Jeter

48Drew Barrymore
She's not only gorgeous, but super talented. She's an actress, producer, and former Guess Jeans model.

49Enrique Iglesias

50Jermain Taylor


51Leona Lewis

52Lil Wayne

53Jessica Simpson

54Demi Lovato
WHY THE HELL IS SHE ON THIS LIST! She runs her mouth way too much. Her acting skills sucks and so do her singing skills. She is really ulgy. She has a butt chin. Everything about her is disgusting if you ask me. Her mom is probably a monkey, and her dad is probably a gorilla.
Heart Attack is stuck in my head
Heart Attack is a great song

55Lionel Messi
Messi is the best in the world. He should be at least at top 5

56Kareena Kapoor
She is the most talented actress in all over asia so she deserves it.

57Elvis Presley
Best all around celebrity ever!


59Zac Efron

60Hrithik Roshan
He is the king

61Jay Sean

62Kanye West

63Carly Rae Jepsen

64Jay Z

65Kristen Stewart

66Kevin Bacon

67Jesse Eisenberg

68Johnny Ramone

69Dee Dee Ramone

70Joey Ramone

71Ellen Degeneres

72Olly Murs


74Jeremy Hunkler

75Avril Lavigne
Only the most passionate singer ever!

76Prince Harry

77Chris Pratt
The guy is like a male jeniffer lawrence, he's just awesome like that


79Paul McCartney
Most successful and biggest-selling musician of all time.

80One Direction
Honestly they're quite nice guys. I'm a guy and I think they're pretty cool

81Ross Lynch
Star of Austin and ally leader of R5, come on guys ross is the man.

82Katie Holmes

83Bella Thorne
Shake it Up great show

84Zendaya Coleman


86Dove Cameron

87Piper Curda

88Austin North
I didn't do it love it

89Peyton Meyer

90Peyton List
So funny Great Show Yo!

91Meghan Trainor
She inspires people to not worry about their size.

92Jessie J
She is good singing

93Charli XCX
Her song boom clap is good.

94Iggy Azalea

95Nicki Minaj
My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.

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