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Montreal Canadiens
Think about this, really. Six other Canadian arenas, Buffalo, Tampa, Florida, NY, etc. These can all be mistaken for Montreal home games. They seem to have that kind of following.
The tradition, the success says it all.
Number one hands down
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2Boston Bruins
We are just getting started if you look at the core players so we will be fighting for the top prize for years to come and hopefully we can be as successful as it appears.. Great loyalty, great team prestige and great history.. What more to ask for?
The B's they are always bruins jerseys in the crowd no matter where they are playing
The bruins are the best no doubt about it, even if there is a lot of hate on the b's, everybody knows the bruins are one of the best nhl teams
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3Chicago Blackhawks
Original 6 team, new (and finally competent) ownership, exciting and young core both offensively and defensively, and the best uniforms in sports. Commit to the Indian!
One of the teams to make Hockey big in America. The United Center has been sold out for nearly 200 games now and if that doesn't say something about popularity I don't know what does.
2 Championships in 3 years. The face of the NHL for the last few years. Have created so much buzz around the NHL again. If one team can represent the resurgence and face of hockey, it's the BLACKHAWKS!
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4Detroit Red Wings
Large fan base. Every road game you seen tons of Red Wings jerseys everywhere.
Original 6 team hailing from a city known as "Hockeytown". Longest active playoff streak in professional sports. A true dynasty, what's not to love?
Best NHL team Period!
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5Pittsburgh Penguins
They are #1 In my opinion they have heart and sportsmanship and deserve the #1 spot


Best 2 duo sidney crosby and evgeni malkin
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6New York Rangers
A team whos fans hold them accountable for their performance, yet always have their support. New York is a city of hard working people who expect results. Results don't always come in the form of a win, but when a team plays their heart out. This is what the fans love and why they rely on the Rangers to be their passion and obsession!
Rangers are the best I am a diehard rangers fan! Go rangers!
Ranger fans are the most knowledgeable.
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7Toronto Maple Leafs
Leafs haven't been the greatest but best fan base. I'm not ignorant like these pens fans that say " we have Crosby, enough said " or " best duo Crosby and Malkin " because there not even on the same line laugh out loud. Tml have best fan base ever. No doubt. Every road game there's at least 35% Leafs fans!
If Toronto's not rated as the most popular team then you don't know hockey. Biggest fan base in all of hockey.


I hate the leafs, but you can't escape the sea of blue and white, and the revenue they generate is sadly an indicator of how rabid the fan base is
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8Vancouver Canucks
They boast the support of an immensely passionate fanbase, as evidenced by the numerous Canucks jerseys visible during their road games. They've also have consistently been in the standings' upper tier for the last several reasons; all that remains is for them to at last claim the Stanley Cup.
Best team ever tim thomas sucks while the canucks are 1 in the league
They have the sedin twins and all the other awesome players while the other teams
Are drooling behind go canucks go
#1 in the league. Nuff said.
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9Anaheim Ducks
If you don't like Anaheim well then... Duck You! The fans here are die hard unlike the Kings who only come around when they make the playoffs!

10Edmonton Oilers
They are terrible now. But one day maybe they will make the playoffs again

The Contenders

11Colorado Avalanche
the Avs have awesome players like duchane

A young, exciting team with huge potential, and couple of hall of famers running the team. The Avs are gonna be a consistent threat in the NHL for years to come.

12Washington Capitals
I live in Virginia and the ONLY (repeat: ONLY) NHL teams that people like here are the Penguins and the Caps. And there are 10 or 20 Caps fans for every Penguins fan. GO CAPS!

13Tampa Bay Lightning
While the same can't really be said about the Rays or the Buccaneers, it is hard to find someone living in the Tampa Bay area who is not a bolts fan

14Calgary Flames
Even though the aren't doing great this season, Calgary is arguably one of the most fan supported teams in the NHL. The hockey world is huge in Calgary, and the flames definitely should be in the top 3 in this list. Go flames go!
My childhood team. Grew up in L. A. , but hated the kings and calgary was a rival in the early 80's. Loved calgary ever since. Got one stanley cup need another. GO FL
They use their name as an excuse for Pyrotechnics. How could I not love them?
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15San Jose Sharks

16New York Islanders
Beloved in staten island. A one of a kind team

17Buffalo Sabres
underrated team nationally. buffalo loves the sabres - we can't get enough here. you can't go out one day and not see someone where buffalo sabres apparel. 6000 fans showed up to the party in the plaza on easter sunday. id say they're pretty popular.
Amazing comeback in '10-'11. First half of the season they were 18-18-5. They finished like I dunno 43-30-9 or whatever. Made 7th seed and almost beat flyers in round 1. Lost only 4 games to 3.
Typical Boston fan can't spell haha but you see lots of fans at road games. Right now I'm watching them at Nashville and there is mostly sabres fans if you watch them at the panthers you see more sabres fans.
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18Dallas Stars

19Philadelphia Flyers
Best fans, and no one else is known as the toughest, broad street bullies
Our fans are loyal

20Atlanta Thrashers

21Los Angeles Kings
Kings I think are really good and I don't think they should be at 25
Kopitar. Carter. Greene.
2012 Stanley Cup.

22Ottawa Senators

23St. Louis Blues

24Nashville Predators


25Winnipeg Jets

26Phoenix Coyotes

27Minnesota Wild

28New Jersey Devils
Everybody loves the New Jersey devils in New Jersey. Big rivalry with the New York islanders and rangers
For everybody that lives near NY

29Carolina Hurricanes

30Florida Panthers
Why do so many people hate this team

31Columbus Blue Jackets

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