Most Popular Presidents in U.S. History


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The Top Ten

John F. Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy knew there were conspiracies within the US government. He was on his way to exposing them. That is why this wonderful man was taken from us so early. As was his brother Bobby whose intentions were the same. To expose the corrupted politicians that sought to destroy our country. He had great dreams for the US, dreams his son wanted to go forth with and yet again he was taken also. There will never be another like JFK.
Truly a world leader, admired not only in his country but all of the world, from Northern Ireland to deepest Africa. JFK was once of a kind and the US will never heal the searing wound that his premature death brought.
A conflicted man for sure but one who despite his privileged life understood the responsibilities of the office as few have since.
[Newest]Executive order 11110 was probably the best executive order signed by a president. This order (don't quote me on it) let the government print currency from the federal reserve decreasing the federal reserve. Look up why the federal reserve is bad and you'll see why it was a good thing.

2Abraham Lincoln
The way he handled the civil war, no other would have done that
Lincoln should be on number one. He was president during Civil War, he president during bad time. He did lot of things for USA. Lincoln is the best.
Lincoln was a strong guy he was a great wrestler if he saw booth he would of killed that coward thank you for freeing us


[Newest]Abe is number one! There are several others on this list that should be the top worst presidents ever.

3Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan always had America's best interest at heart. He made us proud to be Americans. Creating millions of jobs and taking us out of the darkness that was caused by inflation and infighting. The word's that echo in my ears still today are "tear down this wall" and so it was the Berlin wall came down. He was always so respectful of his military and so proud of them. He was a good one, better then most. Wished we had another like him.
Reagan did not think he would ever become President but he took to the role and excelled. Guided by Godly principles, he returned the trust of the people and left America better after 8 years, fighting inflation, creating millions of jobs and connecting people for freedom. Other leaders at that time could only ask about the "American miracle".
This is not really an opinion because according to an average person Reagan is the best. Bush serously more than 1/2 of the people hate him. Lincoln is popular today but not then he was president. Obama is the worst president (along w/ Bush) we had yet.


4Franklin D. Roosevelt
FDR was so popular that he was elected to four consecutive terms. His liberal policies not only helped America defeat the Nazis in WWII, but it gave us out strongest economy in history. FDR's programs from the New Deal, for example social security, are even still in widespread impacting use today. FDR wasn't only one of the best presidents ever, he was among the best leaders in the world.
He led the USA through a great depression and WW2. He taught us there can be strength in adversity.

5Bill Clinton
No disrespect to Ronald Reagan, but how in the world he is ahead of Bill Clinton--how even Clinton is not in first place to begin with is beyond me!
Only president control middle east with out war and Palestine freedom independent... Real grade leader
Clinton is the best president in history he would crush Reagan if they both could run today n would crush Obama for the nominee
[Newest]Best in the modern day era

6George Washington
Only Abraham Lincoln had the influence on our nation. Popularity is over rated. My vote went to the man who I believe was the greatest President of our Nations History. All had faults, all had strengths.
I love how he was the first president of the United States and how he was president for eight years. I love him. He is My idol. He is the best president. He might be number two. But he is Number one in your heart!
After all he was the first president and who build the nation. He also build up the nation piece by piece until it reaches the full potential which is now known as United States of America.
[Newest]WHY IS THIS MAN NOT IN THE TOP 5, we owe our freedom to this man, this is a disgrace.

7Barack Obama
He's told 10 times as many lies as Nixon and Clinton combined. What a joke of a man, and a joke of a leader. I'm his boss. I'm an American. I'd fire him.
No he is not worth a rating
1. The first non-white President.
2. Appointed two females to The Supreme Court.
3. Saved the country from a depression.
4. Inherited two unfunded/unnecessary wars.
5. Re-elected with 50% of the popular vote.
6. Forced to work against a race-biased GOP opposition and media.
[Newest]Is currently saving America

8Lyndon Johnson
Not only did he pass the Civil and Voting Rights Acts Kennedy put into motion before his assassination, but his charisma with Congress assured him the passage of those bills. Under the Kennedy Administration, there was not enough party support for the bills but Johnson not only garnered it, he made sure they would pass. Also he passed Medicare and Medicaid, two of the most important pieces of health care legislation. He understood what the persecuted needed. He was a man who represented the minority: the discriminated, the hungry, the poor, etc.
No, in my opinion, Lyndon Johnson should be on the list for the top ten worst Presidents. Just look up pics. Of him on google, and read the stories that go along with it and you'll see why.
I'm convinced Johnson was in on JFK's assassination


9Theodore Roosevelt
Leader who accomplished much. Panama Canal, Our national parks, building up our navy, making the United States a dominant force in the world. Was a likeable, witty person, who told it like it was.
He had polio and was a bada#%

10Richard Nixon
He was a great but deeply complicated man, who had good intentions but didn't always do the right thing. His leadership and intelligence helped ease tensions with the USSR and brought China into the international community. He was a great and flawed man, but he was a man.

The Contenders

11John Tyler
Expanded slavery in western territories
Added Texas to the union
Became president after William Henry Harrison's death
Why is Tyler on this list?
He was a bad president!

12Thomas Jefferson
Come on, he is the best! Scientist, atheist, smart guy who didn't involved in any shady business, participated in creation of the Bill of Rights, his quotes are inspiring till now,... I could go on forever like this. He is just the best, hands off

13James Monroe
Was president during the Era of Good Feelings

14George W. Bush
This man had guts, and a BIG HEART, HE NEEDS TO BE IN TOP10 just because of what he done for Africa.
He should be in top 3 he's the best and amazing
Because the man has class.

15Andrew Jackson
Was shot three times and did not die.

16Andrew Johnson

17George H.W. Bush

18John Adams
He wrote " May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof."

19Jimmy Carter

20Gerald Ford

21Dwight D. Eisenhower

22Harry S. Truman

23Herbert Hoover

24Calvin Coolidge
Had great economic and tax policies. He believed that people should keep their money and government shouldn't take it, and to that end government spending should be as low as possible so people aren't taxed unnecessarily.
Coolidge's reputation has suffered since the Wall Street Crash but he was hugely popular when he was President and just after leaving office because of the Roaring Twenties. Also lowered taxes four times.

25Warren G. Harding

26Woodrow Wilson

27William Howard Taft

28William McKinley

29Grover Cleveland

30Benjamin Harrison

31Chester A. Arthur

32James A. Garfield

33Rutherford B. Hayes

34Ulysses S. Grant

35James Buchanan

36Franklin Pierce

37Millard Fillmore

38Zachary Taylor

39James K. Polk

40William Henry Harrison

41Martin Van Buren

42John Quincy Adams

43James Madison

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