Most Popular Types of Music in History

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61Emo Rock

Why did I have to make this one it's clearly awesome like black viel brides or Pierce the viel

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62Classic rock

Every body knows the classics s just listen to them.

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It's a fantastic mix of electro and dubstep so good

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65Street Punk
66Black Metal

Great genre with a lot of variety but very underground.

This stuff is mostly just funny to listen to

67Christian Rap

Christian Rap is literally the best because I like rap music but I also need to listen to Gospel music more so this is great!

I think Christian rap is the best

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Very fun music style

71Skate Punk
73Christian Punk

For all those Christians who don't rock out to My Chemical Romance

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74Horror Punk

Samba is my life! Samba is the best thing that I have in my life! have no doubts!

77Stoner Rock
78Melodic Death MetalV1 Comment
79Rhythm and Blues

I am middle age black. I grew up listening to R & B. When I hear some of the songs they bring back memories of the way things use to be.

80Atmospheric Metal

The best of Enya with the best of Metallica.

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