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61 Cin Drallig

He was quite powerful, and considered battle master. and he was awesome!

62 Darth Marr
63 Rahm Kota

Kota had great force control and is underestimated.

Umm 7 days in the coliseum people?

64 Naboo

His name is qui gon and he was skilled but not as powerful as future obi wan and could barely keep on parr with Plo koon/Fisto

Powerful Jedi that disagreed with the Jedi council and was accused of being a gray jed

He was the powerfullest jedi master, but he was died because of darth maul.

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65 Agen Kolar

He's has a sword that can change to blue to green using duel crystals to create green or blue energy blades to create blue

That is an interesting fact but does not mean he is powerful

He faced off against sidious he is a little stronger than people think.

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66 Adi Gallia Adi Gallia
67 Barriss Offee
68 Bultar Swan
69 Depa Billaba

Member of the Jedi Council

70 Eeth Koth Eeth Koth V 2 Comments
71 Stass Allie

Member of the Jedi High Council and the circle of healers

72 Yarael Poof Yarael Poof

He is a expert with jedi mind tricks

73 Tulak Hord
74 Ben Skywalker

Did no one see this for goodness sake he is Luke skywalkers son!

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75 Darth Nox
76 Hero of Tython

Techincally the Hero Of Tython goes on to defeat Arcann (Probably, we don't know yet) but hell yeah!

77 Darth Sion

He can hold himself together by using the force. HE CAN'T DIE

78 Darth Traya
79 Atris
80 Bastila Shan
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