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61Rob Thomas
62Danny O'Donoghue
63Jesse Lacey

So much thought goes in to his lyrics and so much energy goes into his performances. Jesse Lacey is a pure genius!

64Gary MooreRobert William Gary Moore was a Northern Irish musician, most widely recognised as a singer, songwriter, and virtuoso rock and blues guitarist.
65Randy BlytheDavid Randall "Randy" Blythe is the vocalist and lyricist of American heavy metal band Lamb of God and side-project band Halo of Locusts.
66John Darnielle

No idea why he hasn't been included yet. The Mountain Goats are an incredible band, largely because of JD's lyrics. I highly recommend All Hail West Texas and Tallahassee to start with.

67Motoyuki Otsuka
68David GilmourDavid Jon Gilmour is an English singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.

Hasn't anyone listened to the dark side of the moon? - time for example

Ahem! Anyone think this guy is a bad lyricist? Really? Are you sure? Meh. Idiot.
David Gilmour is awesome!

69Lisa Gerrard
70Eric ClaptonEric Patrick Clapton is an English rock and blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is the only three-time inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: once as a solo artist and separately as a member of the Yardbirds and Cream. He has also been a member of Derek and the Dominos.
71Kerry KingKerry Ray King is an American musician, best known as a guitarist for the American thrash metal band Slayer.
72SadeHelen Folasade Adu, known professionally as Sade Adu or simply Sade, is an English singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and record producer.
73Annie Lennox
74Dora Carofiglio
75P!nkAlecia Beth Moore known professionally as Pink, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress.
76Kanye WestKanye Omari West is an American rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer. He was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. After West's parents divorced, him and his single mother moved to Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 10, West temporarily moved to Nanjing, China, because his mother was teaching more.
77Hayley WilliamsHayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore.
78Andrew VanWyngarden
79Trent ReznorMichael Trent Reznor, known professionally as Trent Reznor, is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and film score composer. He is known for his intense music videos.

So many concept albums every song ties in to one another with every song having meaning behind them. His lyrics have even been covered by the legend Johnny Cash

80Chris CornellChris Cornell is an American rock musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter and rhythm guitarist for Seattle rock band Soundgarden and as former lead vocalist and songwriter for the supergroup Audioslave.
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