Top 10 Most Powerful Ninjas In Naruto


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The Top Ten

Naruto Uzumaki
This one is the best of all, because this one is a man in title
haha what a pity you are if you don't vote it naruto is the best he can use everything perfectly with his scream and a nine tiles
Mastered rasengan, sage mode, shadow clone jutsu and can use tailed beast mode.


There is a reason why the series is called naruto...
[Newest]Naruto should be the most immortal guy in the series
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2Rikudou sennin
He was known as the first ninja who taught all the techniques to all of the other ninja which makes him the best he has the strength of the uchia and senju because they are desendants of his bloodline which means madara and hashirama senju are his grandkids.
First shinobi to exist, wielder of rinnegan, divided ten tails into 9 other tailed beasts and sealed its body using planetary devastation creating the moon.


He's is the toughest because he was one of the first shinobis ever, and he had all the tailed beaste...
[Newest]Stronger than all of the 9 tailed beasts combined
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3Itachi Uchiha
He is so powerful that even when sick and going blind he still held his own outmatched sasuke who was perfectly healthy and had orochimaru's power. With his powerful sasoono moves he has been called invincible. He is the best ginjutsu user in the naruto world. All his jutsu are one-hit kills.
Itachi Uchiha is the greatest and strongest shinobi of all time, even when he was just eight years old he mastered the sharingan and at the age of thirteen he was able to awaken his mangekyo sharingan which awakened by only few of uchiha's. He sacrifice his whole life only for his village and his little brother Sasuke uchiha... Even when he was dying by a life causing disease he made himself alive through medicine to complete his first and last will of dying in the hands of his little brother Sasuke Uchiha...
For me, Itachi is strongest and he didn't die in the hands of his little brother, it's because of disease.
Intelligence is off the charts, Mangekyo Sharingan, genjutsu master, Susanoo equipped with sword of totsuka and yata mirror. Broke out of the edo tensie and is living dead meaning get no drawbacks from using mangekyo.


[Newest]A prodigy of his clan, he mastered the sharingan at age 8, has created at LEAST 3 overpowered moves, and even at his last moments of life he smiled... THAT IS TRUE POWER. Stuff that incurable disease!
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4Madara Uchiha
Madara is probably the best character in Naruto because he's badass and a Uchiha. Honestly, his confidence is amazing and his power is incredible
Founder of konoha and First uchiha to awake mangekyo and eternal mangekyo sharingan. Rival of Hashirama. Madara Mastered the fire style. When revived by the edo tensei he was shown to be able to switch from an eternal mangekyo to rinnegan. His body was also modified with the first hokages DNA giving him the ability to use wood style as well. Can control tailed beasts with sharingan.


Madara Uchiha son of the first ninja and defeated the 5 kages even naruto can't do that
[Newest]Great master mind and great fighter
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5Hashirama Senju
Hashirama was probably the 2nd most powerful ninja ever to live beside the Sage of the Six Path. His weakeness was his compassion which is why people do not fear him as much as they would Madara. The manga clearly shows that the Uchiha was a 2nd rate clan next to the Senju while Hashirama was their leader. Yet Hashirama always thought of Madara as his elder, respected him, and even wanted him to be the 1st Hokage. This man has it all, UBER chaka, Unlimited healing powers, Incredible ninjutsu, and a powerful heart; cares about everyone deeply, even his enemies.
First Hokage and founder of konoha, Wood style origin and master of it. Can supress tailed beast with wood style. Feared as most powerful ninjas ever. Can heal himself with no handseals. Captured tailed beasts and gave them to other contries as peace treaties. Rival of madara, Beat him and the Ninetails. Was the leader of the senju clan.


He is the Most powerful ninja of all time. He has defeated madara easily many times even though madara had full control over the kyubi.
Even later when madara awakens his rinnegaan he came to hashirama with the over confidence that he will defeat hashirama and fuses kyubi with madara but when hashirama shows his sage style with ShinsuuSenju Jutsu madara's kyubi was looking like a rat in front of it.
Even Hashirama was the ninja who successful captured all the Bijuu and distributed them in other villages in equal power to maintain a balance.
[Newest]Hashirama is way stronger than Madara...
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6Minato Namikaze
Fourth Hokage, fastest Ninja of all time. He was a user of the unique space time ninjutsu known as the "flying thunder god technique". Feared as the yellowflash he saved the village from tobi and the ninetailed fox before his death. He was also the creator of the Rasengan and had a high knowledge of sealing techniques.


Minato is the strongest because he's practically untouchable and can. He's speed combined with de Flyng Thunder God technique can beat almost everyone, he only need touch the enemy once and place his seal on him. Besides that he has a powerful defense using space-time barrier.
Minato is the greatest ninja of all time because he is the creater of many technic and he has a relation with the Rikudou sennin
[Newest]He is a child prodigy and genius ninja of all time.

7Sasuke Uchiha
Eternal Mangekyo, inferno style (blaze release), created most powerful lightning based attack the kirin, prodigy, the main character along with naruto who constantly gets stronger


Come on guys, this poll isn't about who you like, it's about who's the most powerful and Sasuke definitely ranks at top 5 at least. Tobi even state to Zetsu one time that in time, Sasuke would be more powerful than Nagato and Itachi. Sasuke took on all5 kages, defeated Danzo who could use izanagi and then withought taking a break, fought and almost killed kakashi. Without Naruto being able to contol his kyuubi, Sasuke would have beat the pulp out of Naruto. Many characters in the anime said that Sasuke was super powerful. How is he in 9th place, I don't understnad
? Sasuke is a vary powerful ninja everybody wanted to fight him becase is very capable and intelliget
[Newest]Has trained harder and also stronger than Naruto no question as Naruto is only gifted not train when it comes to real powers sasuke is best

8Nagato "pain"
Uzumaki descendant blessed with the rinnengan, powers of the sage of six paths, can attack with 6 different bodies, when revived into his prime he used all abilities in his own body. Able to revive hundreds of people at cost of his own life. Was leader of the akatsuki and won the civil war in the rain village.


Pain can summon the gedo statue, emit a soul taking dragon that kills anyone on contact, can emit almost unlimited amounts of chakra to all the other pains who can appear and dissapear in the blink of an eye. His true ideals were for peace, and if he coincided with naruti they would make an unstoppable team. Pain can use advanced summoning jutsu to call upon a great number of creatures all with insane abilitys and can portrude blades out of his arms... Every pain has different deadly jutsu, and one ( almighty push) can destroy an enire village at once, and after he did that he could do it again in another 5 seconds.. He almost killed naruto, he DID kill the entire leaf village as well as a lot of rain village ninja, he can use intense genjutsu with his rinnegan, and he killed KAKASHI in about 8 minutes, as well as destroyed an entire village. Lets face it, the world will never know true pain until they know nagato.
He chose to invade a village without a tailed beast or huge army, completely obliterate the village, created the moon, and was still capable of reviving everybody he killed afterwards. Oh, did I mention that he is in a wheel-chair like contraption? Alright, let's recap. Itachi decimated his clan (with help) and Madara fails to usurp the throne, Nagato effaces villages from maps. Enough has been said. It's not like he is the leader of a league of S-rank missing ninjas. Oh wait...
[Newest]Had to go through so much pain, yet fought for the rights not for himself. He is truly, a legend!

9Obito Uchiha
I vote obito because he is stronger than any other akatsuki members. He started it all.he should at least be ranked in the top 3 because he is the the main villain in the entire series. End of story
Obito Uchiha is one of the strongest ninjas ever known, even though Naruto does beat him it's only because that the series is for Naruto. HE has incredible power and can do things with the Rinnegan that no-one can do.
Spoilers if you were to read on!

Held his ground against Kakashi, Guy, Killer Bee and Naruto. Guy had even unleashed his inner gates. If you did not even know that Obito only went soft against Kakashi during their fight, I can only say that you're a moron because Obito fought Kakashi with feelings still attached for Team Minato, though he concealed that in his heart. Do not forget that even Obito stat himself that "Nobody has made me perspire during a fight", this only proves the formidability of Obito.

Though we have not seen him using other of his jutsu nature, we should also not forget that while it took Nagato several jutsus for the destruction of Konohagakure, it only took Obito to mutter "Summoning Jutsu" and Kurama, who Obito used his power on to control it, ravaged about the Leaf Village, resulting in mass murders and the destruction of the Village.

It has come to my attention that many people has also said that Obito's power is merely borrowed power from Madara and Hashirama. I am inclined to disagree with that. If all hadn't happen at the Kanabi Bridge, Obito would have kept his 2 sharingans and would have achieved the Ammaterasu, Tsukoyomi and Susano, apart from his Kamui. If any of you were to be in disbelief, read some spoilers. After Obito handed his another Sharingans to Kakashi, Kakashi immediately unlocked the Susano which helped to create an opening in Kaguya for Naruto and Sasuke to beat her. Do also note that it is said in the anime that "only Kakashi could counter Obito's jutsu because they had the same eyes". I have more to say, lol, but should really stop here or this would be like an essay. Hahas. :P
[Newest]Obito should be number 5

10Sage of the Six Paths
Hands down! The Sage of the Six Paths is the strongest right now. He was the legendary god-like figure who founded the arts of ninjutsu and created the ninja world. He defeated the Ten-Tails in battle and sealed the beast within his own body, thus becoming the very first jinchūriki.
I would say sage of the six paths is the best because he has rinnegan in both eyes and he can control the ten tails come one guys
Idiots, he is already on the list in spot number 2.

The Contenders

11Kakashi Hatake
If he didn't have to spend his energy on protecting everyone else from dying, I'm pretty sure Kakashi would be one of the most dangerous ninjas. Plus it feels like he has yet to go all out on any enemy he has come into contact with yet. He's always holding back and is methodical in his attacks. And can I point out once again, he is always protecting someone from dying. Is there anyone in konoha (and probably most of the ninja world, if there was ever a Kakashi series I'm sure I would be validated in that statement.. ) that doesn't owe their life to this ninja?
Best man ever most cool character of Naruto... He is more careing person. He always think next step.
He's the realist ninja on Naruto and was taught by the great fourth hokage and can copy any ninjitsu and use it perfectly nearly instantaniously in the real world he should be the best ninja hands down
[Newest]He is better than obit

Akatsuki Mastermind, Fighting the war, can regenerate limbs, can stay intangible for 5 minutes straight, master of space time ninjutsu, and tailed beast suppression and control, and rinnegan in left eye sharingan in right eye.


You should know the the guy Tobi is actually Obito
What? He could kill Itachi in 2 minutes -. -

13Tobirama Senju
Before Minato, was called the fastest ninja in the world. Killed Izuna Uchiha, wielded spacetime Ninjutsu, and created Edo Tensei.

I just think he's the most powerful, I mean. He's one of the legendary sannins, and he was supposed to be Hokage, but he turned it down. I still think he should've accepted, if he did, he would've probably been alive now.
Lol Jiraiya strongest? What year are you living in like Jiraiya wasn't strong enough to even win against Pain who Naruto beat, he could not even stand against some people in this list like Madara or Hashirama or Sage of six paths.
Itachi and Kisame said that they couldn't attack so long as Jiraiya was escorting him. Definitely among the top 10 shinobi.
I wonder why Jiraiya-sama is so low on this list. After all, he is the one who mentored both Minato and Naruto. He mastered the Toad Sage mode and helped Naruto develop some of his techniques. He was even strong enough to be considered as a candidate for Hokage. Speaking of Hokage, he was the student of the Sandaime and one of the Legendary Sannin. Doesn't that speak a lot of his power already?
[Newest]He's super strong but there are stronger ninjas out there..

15Kaguya Otsutsuki (Mother of Sage of Six Paths)
She is the first wielder of chakra and fights both sasuke and Naruto after they have been given a major power boost
The sage of six path AND his brother is needed to SEAL her... Not beat... SEAL... If it is a one on one no one can even come close...
They could not beat her because she was joined with ten tails who is basically a god
The juubi (shinju) bent to her will so fighting one of them would mean fighting both

16Shisui Uchiha
Master of the Body Flicker and the ultimet genjutsu Kotoamatsukami + Mangekyo sharingan
He is a mastermind in strategy and some say even smarter than itachi... Genius
He was even better than itachi at genjutsu and that says something

17Hiruzen Sarutobi
Third Hokage called "god of shinobi" in his prime. Mastery of all forms of shinobi combat. He has various types of ninjutsu such as sealing techniques, shadow clone techniques, fire style, earth style, shurikenjutsu and summoning jutsu. This gave him title as professor and in his old age he was able to fight against orochimaru, the first and second hokage.


It said in the manga, in his prime he was the strongest hokage and strongest of all the kages. The author of the series said he was the strongest. That makes it less opinion and more fact. We only saw him fight when he was old and worn out, yet he was still on par with other S rank ninja in that state.
He took on Orochimaru in his old age and would have beat him 10 years before and that is probably still not his prime I would definitely say he was at least equal to Hashirama or at the worst close to him but he definitely should be in the top 10

Gaara have the Ultimate defense greater than the Third Rikage this comes from naruto. GAARA CAN O defense AND OFFENSIVE without moving in one spot. Gaara's sand is phenomenon. He is the first shinobi to repel Amaterasu which impress sasuke and he also repels powerful attack with his sand. HE IS THE BEST SAND USER AND HE DESERVES TO BE IN NUMBER 4 or 3
Gaara for one, is Kazekage, but that doesn't mean much when you're talking about legendary ninja. He is the only person to be born with a defense so powerful that nobody had touched him until Rock Lee in the Chuunín exams, and Gaara ended up winning that battle, even after Rock Lee performed a Lotus, and opened five of the eight chakra gates. Gaara even learned how to control the sand that had protected him since birth. Naruto even stated that Gaara has a better ultimate defense than The Third Raikage, that must mean something. Bottom line, Gaara deserves at least one of the top five spots for the most powerful shinobi.
gaara should be number one whoever disagrees... IS A CHUMP!
[Newest]Probably in number 4... I guess

He almost mastered all ninjutsu ever and if he had been in top shape against sasuke he would have shredded his ass and then would have been at east top 4
Orochimaru is the one'll end the naruto series, just you listen ;)
He is a pool of mysteries
He killed 3 hokage 4 kazekage he should be in top 5

20Lady Tsunade
Fierce, Strong, Immortal. She has the making of the perfect fighter. Like Kishi said, she has only one weakpoint, that is her own temper. I'm sure if she had that clear mind, she would be an extremely dangerous opponent.
Lady tsunade is one of the legendary sannin and the fifth hokage didn't you see that she is the only chosen to be the fifth hokage not anything else lke her former teammates jiraiya and orochimaru and I know that she can defeat sasuke evev if she wouldn't use the mitotic regeneration jutsu
She is able to summon Katsuyu even in a very bad condition. She also has a great chakra that she could standstill up to two days when fighting Madara. No one in the world of ninja could surpass her healing technique. And the most important one is she not afraid of any one.
[Newest]She is filthy and I love her like everything just proves how amazing she is

21Kabuto Yakushi
I mean at first, who would have thought kabuto would be the one to start the fourth ninja war and he's the only one who could reincarnate thousands of dead but great shinobis, most of them are the strongest shinobis of all times
If his incredible intelligence isn't enough, then Snake Sage mode should be. The amount of skill he has is insane. Not to mention all the things he can do with Edo Tensei...
You have to consider that Reanimated Itachi and Sasuke together had decided that it was going to be impossible to stop or kill Kabuto. Endless Sage mode chakra, access to possibly limitless jutsu and chakra natures. Itachi had to use Izanami on him which was the ultimate technique designed to stop the other ultimate technique.

22Konohamaru Sarutobi
Konohamaru is obviously one of the top three best in the series, he was trained by naruto, and mastered the sexy jutsu at a very young age. Top three at least.
What you are high
He has great potential and will likely surpass Naruto one day

The nine tails would beat nearly all the characters in naruto! He should at least be in the top ten
He destroyed the hidden leaf and also he is powerful enough so that the 4th hokage died becausse of him also he shoots laser beams from his mouth he is so awesome pick monster.
Nine tails is the strongest of all tailed beast! He should be the strongest in Naruto shippuden!
Don't really see how when both Madara and Hashirama can beat him
[Newest]My fave, he's amazing and amazingly strong

24Ramen Ichiraku
Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Ramen
Haha! Ayame is the best! She will win the 5th great war by making everyone addicted to ramen! Hail Ramen!
What is this doing here?

25Sakura Haruno
Sakura has super powers! She is now on the same level as Tsunade and no one seems to appreciate her medical ninja skills, super human strength, summoning technique and intelligence! She is the strongest female in konoha 12! She is awesome! :))
I love her. I personally think strongest female is tsunami then her. I don't care what anyone says since they are all haters, she is amazing
Why isn't she in the top ten? She has saved Naruto and everyone in the story at least a zillion times!

26Neji Hyuga
Neji, the descendant of the branch family. The byakugan was his trademark. He is able to perform the 8 trigrams rotation. Known as a genius, he learnt the 8 trigrams 64 palms himself, a jutsu that depletes an opponent's chakra entirely, that is a jutsu only the main Hyuga household can learn. What's more is that he upgraded from 64 palms to 128. Despite being a skilled taijutsu Gentle Fist user which is for close range combat, he could perform the air palm for long range advantages as well.
Neji is a powerful and my favourite character and I don't think (spoiler) he deserved to die :(
He is a genius, as it was said many times in the series. He was just like Sasuke, only he was even a better genius. Kakashi says so in the series. He had byakugan, he was a gifted taijutsu expert. They should have given him a bigger role
A loser. Laugh out loud

27Kisame Hoshigaki
The only tailed beast without a tail
He took on the eight tails come on now realuze he should be behind itachi
If it wasnt for the Raikage he would have destroyed Killer B, he should be in the top 15's

28Second Tsuchikage

Deidara shares us his words of wisdom and he does it with explosions (i do find it creepy how he has four mouths though I find it disgusting) and remember kids true art is an explosion
He is so cool. I love how he has mouths in his hands that can make clay "living" and then make it explode!
He is a genius man

30Hinata Hyuga
She is strong, polite, beautiful, caring, kind, shy, gentle, serene, and was one of the first people to realize Naruto's pain and back at the academy where everyone one was cheering for Sasuke, Hinata was cheering for Naruto.
She is very strong not only physically but also mentally
She is an amazing character and is strong. Love her byakugan and she is way better than Sakura. She is strong emotionally. I mean how would you like the pressure of being the heiress of you noble clan. :)
[Newest]She is he strongest and looks like she likes Naruto

31Gai Sensei
Madara had freely admitted that battling Gai reminded him of battling Hashirama. That speaks volumes of his strength. Not only that he took off Madara's arm and nearly killed him.
Without bijus without stealing some other people eyes, with pure training and by himself after what he did against madara, he is definitely the strongest one
8 Gates. No more to say.

32Juubi (Ten Tails)
Literally this thing is my fave list. He is awesome
Take the bijuu fuse them together and you have this thing. Even the rikudo sennin saw it was to dangerous and the entire fourth shinobi war was to stop its revival

33Sakumo Hatake
According to Minato, even the three legendary sanin paled in comparison to him... This is where Kakashi got his skills from at such a young age.
He was most likely around the power of the Sannin as said before and is held to the same regard regard as them so he definitely a Kage-Level ninja

His speed is amazingly quick, he has almost impenetrable armor, he is a kage for gods sake, strong as hell, and is super strong. Not to mention he incorporates lightning into everything.
MInato was faster, Naruto is faster, his lightning armor can be beaten if you have strong enough wind attack.
How did he get his arm cut by sasuke?

35Killer B
The best jinchuriki of the all and taught Naruto how to control his nine tailed fox.

36Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki

He is really cool and knows all the. Main elements

Zetsu is at least #7 he train Obito somewhat

He is way better than that
Kishimoto didn't do much to develop this character

Fourth Raikage. He is super fast and his lightning release is highest of all.
He beat up Sasuke pretty well, I think he should be in the top ten.

41Izuna Uchiha
You don't see him fight so how?
He was the second of uchihas to awaken what I think is the most powerful dojutsu after Rinnegan the Mangekyou Sharingan if madara had not plucked out his eyes madara would have been probably dead even before the battle at the valley of the end & Izuna would have taken the eyes of madara because he was too losing his eye sight but I have still respect for both of the uchiha brothers

Awesome summoning and is a beast with poison an past ruler of the hidden rain village!

He is stronger than most of these above him!

Sasori was unbeatable. He allowed himself to die that is the only reason he is dead in the first place. His puppet style was endless. It was a shame to kill of this character at this point in the story.
He can destroy anyone in a 1vs1 fight and has posion 1 hit your dead only few intelligent medics could heal if they need ingredients and knew what to do
He honestly had a very tough opponent. The only reason he lost was because granny Chiyo also had puppet skills. Can you name anyone in the series who can take on 100 puppets with poison weapons? I can't
[Newest]Lol why is this site full of fan boys

He's jutsu is unique! If he trains just a little more he would be the best shinobi

45Third Tsuchikage

This guy cannot be killed. When he comes back he would tear shikamaru apart. REVENGEE! Yes

47Hiruko (Missing-Nin)
He can you forget?
Hiruko is like the best ninja out there... Stupid naruto had to kill him!

48Gold and Silver Brothers
Because they can control the things of the sage of the six paths

Kimimaro is very strong. He shouldn't have died

Also if he wasn't I'll, he would have killed Gaara
Just kidding, I just like typing

50Sage Mode Hashirama Senju
He definitely deserves to be in Top 10

51Indra Ōtsutsuki
The first son of the sage of the six paths and is said to be a prodigy


53Han Jinchuriki

54Ino Yamanaka

55Ibiki Morino

He named the akatsuki group. Tried to bring peace in every country

57Fernando Uchiha


59Kushina Uzumaki
Former hostest of kurama. Naruto mother stronger than minato her hubby. Died tring to protect the village
I love her hair color sm much!
She is stronger than minato and with out her teaching him sealing he would probaly never become hokage

60Rock Lee
Lee, you need higher progress.. Don't be underestimated.. We haven't see what you can do so far, maybe you have complete control over the gates. If you did, that would be amazing.. Plus if you have any other techniques..
Rock Lee is the most physicaly strongest chracter in Naruto and the fastest without any use of chakra or chi. He gets his superior skills through hard work, dedication and years of training. Rock Lee can also go into drunken form when he takes even a small sip of alchohol. When he is in drunken form, his moves become unpredictable for his opponent.

With Rock Lee's speed he can break almost anyone's defences and do devastating attacks to his opponents.
When ROCK first fought Sasuke he almost killed him with the gate of oppening, that was before he was stopped by the pink Turtle. He also beat Naruto up like he wasn't even trying.
Rock Lee can dodge anyones attacks because of his speed and technique. So ROCK dserves to be the best ninja of all time. YAIAY Rock Lee!
He is the genius of hard work! He can unlock Eight Gates mode, his body stats are of the charts, and in my opinion, if he can learn shadow clone technique, your screwed. Actually, for most people if he opensthe first gate, your screwed. Finally, he has an unbreakable will, and that means a lot.
[Newest]Definitely most underrated character of Naruto

61Might Guy
Might Guy is the only person who was able to damage madara to the point where he nearly died. After opening the gate of death he is an unstoppable beast surpassing Kakashi and all of the current Hokages.
Eight gates and he served Madara. enough said.
8th gate, evening elephant, night guy (bending space while attacking),
[Newest]Eight gates, enough said

62Ay (Third Raikage)
Battle a whole army for three days and nights before dying. Fought the eight tails and tied it. The only person who was ever able to hurt him was himself.
Extremely fast and extremely strong. He is strongest out of the five current kage. He also is the master at nintaijutsu. He has fought minato several times in the past and has also fought the eight tails several times.


63Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone



She can't lose because she'll blow you back with wind every time you get close
Temari is so cool and beautiful. She is a cyclone. I am her great fan (s).

He is the ultimate puppet user defeated a sound 4 person with 1 move
You can't place a great puppet user in 67th place I meen he fought with all his hart against sasori you can even say he gave sasori a match

68Death the Kid
Kid isn't even in Naruto

69Nara Shikamaru
He was said to be the smartest shinobi in the land of fire. Shikamaru's intelligence makes him think 3 steps ahead of his opponent. Since shikamaru is one the smartest shinobi he should be able to surpass anyone
Don't you know his perfect thinking, shikamaru is the good one of shinobis ever wow I love this man
He can create blindness and other shadows
[Newest]Shikamaru is a genius... Therefore he's one of the strongest

Konan is awesome, she is the only girl in the akatsuki, she can give you one hell of a paper cut, and she is incredibly loyal. What's there not to love?

71Choji Akimichi
Choking is the 3rd strongest well at least top 5
The wall of konoha

72Ichigo Kurosaki
He has hollow in his tummy and he so strong he can make big kabooms in your faces! Yay!

She owns 3 of the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths. enough' said.
She is strong since the beginning of the series!
Stupid Kishi for underrated her!
Sjhe is very powerful she can also defeat madara uchiha

74Teuchi Ichiraku
The most badass Naruto character ever
-he was a ryonin before he became a businessman
-has the most delicious ramen in Naruto
-he has a very hot daughter named Ayame
-can beat you in either Ninjutsu, Genjutsu or Taijutsu
-can kill you with his ramen


75Kiba Inuzuka

This list is garbage, there is no way none of the raikages can't make top 10
Always has snot coming out of his nose.

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