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(Ok, I'm voting for Arceus as the #1 Pokemon in the game; not cards, not anything else)

For one, its stats are (literally) the best you ever see on a Pokemon, being very well balanced, and it EASILY outclasses any Pokemon here.

It's ability to change types can make it almost undefeatable. For example, give it a dark plate and suddenly Mewtwo doesn't look that good.

The last thing I'd like to mention is that it's signature move is not only EXTREMELY powerful, but it also will always get STAB because its type matches Arceus' type.

End of my rant.
How could mewtwo be first!?!? Arceus created the universe, which should prove he's the the most powerful! Mewtwo was created ina factory, out of one of mew's species bones, which also proves that Mew should be more powerful. Since Arceus created the universe, he also planed the creation of mewtwo, but he wouldn't make a pokemon more powerful than him! Arceus made mewtwo weaker than him, so mewtwo couldn't beat him. Anyways, how could you vote for mewtwo!? He's really greedy...
Arceus is best book for mew two even new can defeat mew two mew two is ugly greedy Pokemon arceus made the world new two is just a piece of ant for arceus for who saying that mew two is strongest change it just watch arceus movie you will know that arceus is the best even palkia can defeat that new two I hate new two because he's greedy and bad new can defeat mew two
[Newest]It's basically Jesus in Pokemon

-Mewtwo could block any attack thrown at him in the original movie.
-He also destroyed two machines built by Team Rocket which were specifically built to Capture (or kill) him.
-He could destroy the entire planet just by twirling his hand a few times with the storm.
-He is badass in both movies he is in.
-Arceus couldn't take a thunderbolt from a Pikachu without one of his plates in the movie he is in. As for Mewtwo, see first point.
-He is basically a supreme version of the ancestor of all pokémon.
-He is much more awesome and likeable than Arceus.
Hands down, Mewtwo is the strongest. Created for the sole reason to be the strongest and to kill them all. Modified pokemon and human dna mixed together into perfection. The only reason he hasn't destroyed the world is obvious: then there would be no more pokemon franchise left for other games. Mewtwo can blast your mind into hell and you will not even notice. Your soul is then tortured for eternity in its own hell realm. Pretty scary. He is also invincible with his psychic shield, his iq has to be pretty high and with that I mean even all super computers in the world connected to each other would be a mere fly against his computing capacity. He can make hurricanes with his mind. He is evil. He only thinks of fighting. He can mind control your best friends and turn them against you if he wants to. He can clone hiw own army (which he would not even need, he does it just for fun).
None of Arceus' stats are excellent. They're all above average, but Mewtwo's Special Attack and Speed stats are excellent, and it has strong enough moves to one or two shot any plate Arceus. Dark plate, meet Aura Sphere. Ghost plate, meet Shadow Ball. Bug plate, meet Flamethrower. The only Pokemon that has a chance at stopping Mewtwo is Attack Form Deoxys, and that's only because it's crazy fast and hits ridiculously hard. But if Mewtwo survives, Deoxys goes bye-bye and then Mewtwo continues obliterating everything in its path.
[Newest]Mew two is awesome

Mew has been able to fight evenly with Mewtwo, but has never really gone all out like it was seen with Mewtwo trying to beat him. Mew has also been shown to be the first Pokemon as it has the DNA of all known Pokemon and was shown at the top of the family tree of Pokemon in movie eight. He can transform into any Pokemon and is capable of performing any attack making Arceus' ability to change types ineffective against him, both abilities which Mewtwo is unable to perform as he is a clone and only his psychic abilities were emphasized and enhanced. Mew has also not been shown any limits and only became weak once when the tree of beginning was dying.
Well at some episode that is, I think never made it on screen or abandoned, Professor Oak, Ash and so is Pikachu of course, encountered Mew And Mewtwo. They Battled, and guess what who won... Mew! Prof. Oak Also Said that that is why Mew has the more chance to win his fight against Mewtwo. Ash and the group thought that Mew might lost the fight... but they were wrong. mewtwo has like killed mew and teleported him to another dimension and can't get out. but, when mewtwo was distracted, mew again appeared and pulled mewtwo that is paralyzed by mew then mewtwo died. And Mew is so cute and cuddly but can learn any moves. (except Draco meteor, etc. ) #TeamMew


Guys, here is a fact and this is the truth: Mew is the most powerful Pocket Monster. If you raise your Mew right, it will have the most powerful, yet supreme, advantage. It can also devolve any Pocket Monster at free will. No other Pocket Monster can learn "Devolution Beam" at all. Why, it can even defeat Arceus, the 3rd most powerful Pocket Monster and Mewtwo, the 2nd most powerful Pocket Monster, even in both Mega Evolutionary forms. Mathmatically, physically, mentally, verbally, and according to its stats, obviously is the most powerful Pocket Monster. (This is true and beautiful, it makes me want to cry! =, })
[Newest]Mew is way (like 500,000,000,000,80 times more) more powerful than Mewtwo

In the anime I don't really think that Lugia could actually beat Arceus in the anime. But still, Lugia is one of my favorite Pokemon and it probably can beat Giratina in the anime. Lugia will probably have a tough battle though, while he still could take him down considering he knew ice beam.
The second movie says 'The Power Of One'.. And Lugia is a old generation pokemon, I think if arceus or giratina goes to old generatin.lugia will win that battle.
Lugia is both strong and beautiful. It can win any battle--if trained well-- with its powerful moves.
[Newest]He is awesome he can crush any Pokemon

not really strong but Roar of Time could do serious damage to other pokemon
Umm... I don't now what he/she looks like but it sounds awesome!
I take dialga because he is the powerful Pokemon to me...

Giratina may be kind of evil. But that doesn't mean that he isn't scary powerful. I mean come on! He got banned from our world because he can't stop destroying things with is anti matter.
I know Giratina has some power. And I think Giratina should be #3. And where's ditto he should like #5
He could single-handedly kill dialga, if it wasn't for a space portal that helped dialga escape.

Rayquaza is a BEAST. Plus, in the wiki, it says Kyogre and Ground on are two of the strongest pokemon, and Rayquaza is the one who quells their argument, thus Rayquaza is powerful. I mean look at him. Besides the no teeth part, Rayquaza looks awesome, and they made it so for a reason.
could use killer moves like draco meteor, focus punch and other moves that arceus could sometimes not know
Rayquaza is my favorite dragon type pokemon
[Newest]Stronger than the others.

Palkia is AMAZING. First of all this Pokemon was the first legendary Pokemon I caught in Pokemon Pearl. Second of all this Pokemon is, yes one of the Pokemon that can learn the most powerful move ever, Draco meteor. AND, if this matters to you in the anime movie, Arceus and the Jewel of life, palkia and dialga took on the most powerful (in my opinion) Pokemon, arceus.

With speed form it can out speed any non-boosted Pokemon. In Attack form it can deal more physical and special damage then any other Pokemon in the game (Shuckle's roll-out does not count because its way to hard to pull off). And in defense form it may not have the best defenses of all but it can take a hit from almost any Pokemon and still stand. Not to mention its got an amazing move pool in all of its forms.
Deoxys should have a place in the top 3! It can change into one of its 4 forms and in the anime you can clearly see that deoxys has unbelievable power!
Never saw Deoxys but my fiend talked about it and he said all abou it and I think its really cool

Best in sapphire hydro pump is the best
Kyogre is the best
Kyogre is just fast and extremly powerful I think it should get 4 place

The Contenders

Zekrom has a superb attack and defense stat that easily pokemon sweep
He is a boss Pokemon he is the ultamite fighting machine!

Ditto is everything. Not only can it transform into any Pokemon - it can transform into anything it wants, organic and non-organic things alike. Any Pokemon on this list? Ditto can become them. It can become whatever kind of Pokemon theyr'e weak against. It can become - theoretically - anything that exists. The moon, the Earth, Arceus, etc.

An organized army of Dittoes could take over the planet if they wanted - so could a lot of Pokemon, I guess. But the difference is that Dittoes could do it without anyone ever noticing. It could replace your family and your friends without you realizing it. Eventually, a Ditto could replace you. They could replace us all.

Unless... They already have.

If you think about it ditto can transform into ANYTHING even mewtwo to escape being attacked he can transform into a NON LIVING OBJECT there fore ditto is the most powerful Pokemon
I've seen him in the Pokemon show. he's best because he can transform into the strongest Pokemon and do its attacks.

In the game Darkrai has a much higher speed and special attack than Arceus, it also has dark void which Darkrai can use to move first and put arceus asleep then its ability bad dreams drains a quarter of its health and on the same turn it uses nightmare to drain a further half of its health, Then Darkrai can finish it easily with a move like aura sphere while it is still sleeping meaning darkrai can defeat Arceus in 3 turns while retaining full health. And in the movies he was AMAZING even though ash and his friends scorned him he still took on diagla and palkia all by himself! In conclusion DARKRIA FOR THE WIN!
could do so a lot of damage to other pokemon like make them go to sleep
Darkai has a move that NO Pokemon can mach, and it is called shadow sneak.


It does say that Reshiram could inflame the world. I've already got 3 Reshirams on Pokemon White2 (lvs are: 100,56, and 54) Please vote to make Reshiram higher ranked than Zekrom! I've already posted 3 times including this one (posted on: Lugia, Reshiram, and Deoxys.

Entei is the coolest Pokemon ever because when he roars, over 10,000 volcanoes explode!
If entei is here where are suicune and raikou?

I think Ho-Oh should deserve a spot up there with Lugia. I actually thought that people liked attack type Pokemon. Lugia is a defense type and still people think it should be ranked higher than Ho-Oh. Don't you guys think that he looks majestic like Lugia? Vote for Lugia & Ho-Oh!
could use killer fire type moves
The most legendary of all Pokemon.
[Newest]It should share its position with lugia

Because even he looks so annoying but if its angry its invincible it can defeat all pokemons it encounter and good too use when in sea and rainy seasons
What is wrong with you people? Splash is easily the greatest move in video game history.. Not to mention flail and a tackle will eff up every other pokemon who ever tries to mess with magikarp.
Splash has fantastic accuracy. Not to mention, Magikarp can also learn tackle, bounce and flail!
[Newest]That is the best Pokemon ever 2193428095740975/100


Wow 😲 it's so cool the psychic type why on 20th post it deserves to be in top 10

You can't beat lucario no matter what you do it will kill you have no chance against him riolu should be a starter he's just to awesome arceus would bow in front of him
and if you keep him in a team with mewtwo and zoroark no pokemon in the world would stand a chance
Its oil spear is impossible to dodge unless you use "protect."
Lucario is a beast, enough said

The coolest, most powerful Dragon Eva!


Nobody here realizes it because they are all voting for legendaries, but look at this thing's stats, that beat out approx. 65-70% of the legendaries, and the movepool that this thing prides, and tell me that Dragonite shouldn't be on the list. He has high attack and sp. attack that trump most Pokemon in the series, and enough defense to take almost anything but a good blizzard or ice beam. His speed isn't high, but he doesn't need it unless he's up against a good mamoswine or other powerful ice types. While this Pokemon is beaten by Mewtwo, Mew, and Arceus, this thing deserves at least 6th or 7th place.
It is most coolest pokemon ever


Pikachu is very cute and is very powerful in his power. He never gives up
Cutest Pokemon to me...
He's so CUTE! And also he has thunder bolt for his power which is awesome!

so strong could beat 3 regis
Strongest Pokemon in the world you can not out class him in strenght he is the pulled the continents together what other proof do you need to call him strong
Regigigas is really awesome but my best is regi steel


He can be very very powerful if he had overheat and a focus sash and a brand new move called "hell fire" and "Angel wings" hell be very unstoppable.
There are too many legendaries. Charizard is beast, but very hard to get without cheating.
Best starter Pokemon of all time. Should be in top ten

This poke, when you come to think of it, have both black and white form which give it a fair power behind it. Able to become both fire and electric type with dna machine-thing, it is probably the most powerful.
This the most power full pokemon especially as a dragon type

Being a ice and dragon type it doesn't have weakness so this is the most strongest pokemon
He should be number one
[Newest]He should be near zekrom and reshiram


Missing no is by far the glitch of glitch Pokemon, said to be able to delete all data, he could erase te existence of all (in the video game)
Missingno is by far the best bird type Pokemon!


Missingno is a glich Pokemon said to be able to delete all data including the Pokemon world and all the other Pokemon the this list!

Powerful pokemon from "the sword of justise"



could even use grass type moves like solarbeam
He is my favorite Pokemon. I hope he gets to first

If you see mega tyranitar you will say sorry if you said he sucks number two he can learn outrage when you get it from egg. He or her attack stats are terrifying because he/her max stats for attack are 403 that is just like man who will stand a chance. Correct my mistake people if I'm wrong.

Jirachi is cute but deadly. The only pokemon able to use "Doom Desire" and has a third eye that is really powerfully. I believe Jirachi should be somewhere on the top ten.
This Pokemon can make wishes come true no matter what they are, and in my opinion is of the most powerful Pokemon (s) ever. It should at least be in the top four or five



Dude come on Pikachu is already OP what about raichu

The cutest, epic 5th generation starter!



Any type of attack. Attacks are very effective is very strong

Very powerful pokemon if disable and confuse are used then all if the shadow moves used. Very hard to get but worth it in the end.



This pokemon is just absolute BEAST, it cannot be hit by any pokemon except for super-effective moves, which give it a edge against many pokemons which can't use fire, rock, dark, ghost, and flying type moves!

It created thunder! 1

Celebi is the most rarest Pokemon
It's a legendary! See Pokemon 4 ever!

This Pokemon not Zelda
Has won every single battle
He can block every attack

It has the power to awaken arceus!

50Mega Charizard X
This is a PURE BEAST WITH, the moves flamethrower, wild blaze, dragon assent, fly and fire blast. Mega charizard x can use so many new moves with the fire dragon type. ""⚡️
So it is very difficult to defeat mega charizard X.
CHARIZARD mega, X. I already posted read it


If Snorlax had a move called Lay On Opponent, he would be unbeatable!


If he had sit on opponent or fly, god, he would beat arceus.

He's popular in Johto and the most powerful electric type in Johto.


Probably the most unique-pokemon of all times. It is more of a legendary pokemon than other legendary pokemons, its type, fire and bug give it a fair edge against most pokmons.

It is the first pokemon in white 2 and black 2 version to reach lv 100, enough said.



Yeah! Torrterra rocks! No more infernape, dies with earthquake. torrterra's ground type also makes it resestand to fire! SO MUCH FOR INFERNAPE!



So fast and strong with good priority


He's op and if you give him Tm:return he will own peeps

This beast easily destroys you with his badass sword and shield. He even is green. I've beaten whole games with only link. Easily the strongest.
I trained my Link to level 100! He always gets a spot in my team.


Its not a legend so please keep it out of top seventy!

It can destroy the world with one thought! You could say he is a part the world controlling fire+water! His best attack is scald which no one can perform or copy

Thundurus is better than Tornadus, but Tornadus should at least be in the top 50

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