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42BatistaDavid Michael "Dave" Bautista Jr. is an American actor and former professional mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

Has won every single battle
He can block every attack

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It can destroy the world with one thought! You could say he is a part the world controlling fire+water! His best attack is scald which no one can perform or copy

He is beast and he should be above mew because psychic Pokemon do no damage against dark types.

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WOAHbuffett...i believe my point has been made. Try and argue but ill just counter twice as hard. Or just annoy you till you throw your gameboy at the wall. Any Pokemon with that power is OP asfk

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Dude come on Pikachu is already OP what about raichu

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The cutest, epic 5th generation starter! - christianjones


Any type of attack. Attacks are very effective is very strong

He is a Mewtwo destroying beast. (Too bad he is not part dark)


Very powerful pokemon if disable and confuse are used then all if the shadow moves used. Very hard to get but worth it in the end.


This pokemon is just absolute BEAST, it cannot be hit by any pokemon except for super-effective moves, which give it a edge against many pokemons which can't use fire, rock, dark, ghost, and flying type moves!

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It created thunder! 1

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Celebi is the most rarest Pokemon

It's a legendary! See Pokemon 4 ever!

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This beast easily destroys you with his badass sword and shield. He even is green. I've beaten whole games with only link. Easily the strongest.

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It has the power to awaken arceus!

57Mega Charizard X

So it is very difficult to defeat mega charizard X.

CHARIZARD mega, X. I already posted read it

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58Mega Rayquaza

This Pokemon is banned from all types of Pokemon battles, because it is so OP

I have mega rayquza and he is beast mode I say he is the best Pokemon ever

I'm voting for my son. He'd want me to. Besides Mew (or mtwo? ) this is the only 1 of 3 he said to look up "for Christmas"...Is it Dec 23 already? ;-)
Ssecretly I'm geeking out over which design of all this incredible art to choose for a mural. I like Arceus so he's going up WITH his 3faves.


He is the cutest Pokemon ever!

His cutest makes opponents faint before they can do anything!

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