Top Ten Most Powerful Superheroes

These are not the best but the ten most powerful super heroes.

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Superman All the way, there is no doubt he is the strongest here. let me start by this if your comparing him to someone like Thor or the Hulk then you might as well not read this because Superman Defeated not only those two but the entire avangers all by himself, he took everyone one by one and he came out victorious! Not only did he do that but he is so strong that the hammer that cannot be lifted by anyone was lifted by superman, come on I don't even think Goku could lift that without turning super saiyn! Hulk did it once but that's about it. Not only that but superman is surly man of steal, he lifted the earth which is round about 6.6 sextillion tons! And for people don't know how large that number is let me right it down 6,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 and yet that is when he is at his prime! As said before Superman become a GOD and breaks the gates of heavens imagine how even more powerful he becomes, his strength is not his only power superman came to the sun and back whiles fighting wonder women in under 2 minutes, that might not sound interesting but the earth is 92.9 million miles away from the earth and for superman to do that in less then 2 minutes whiles fighting with someone as well is unreal, not only that but Flash is faster then the speed of light and yet the only one who is able to even match that speed is Superman not only that but he can go even faster as he once spun around the earth so fast that he was about to wreak the future itself. People say goku is so powerful he can destroy the universe when he's in SS3, but Superman doesn't even need to be in any mode to destroy the universe as he destroys the universe by simple sneezing. Superman also has the abilities to become invisible, he has the power to xray things so deep that he can see the atoms! His beam on his eyes are 4 times hotter then the sun and he can hear sounds million of mile away! That's not it though he can see through anything by led, he can also hear through the vacuum of space, some how superman has the power to see your soul and can cause a hurricane by his breath and he could also freeze someone to death too! With his heat vision superman insinuate an entire planet. in one of the justice league comics superman stayed in the sun for just 15 minutes and came flying back and moved planets EFFORTLESSLY! Superman can also vibrate his body face enough to face attacks and his strongest punch the infinite Mass punch is equivalent to 10 octillion megatons which is this basically 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and as well as all that superman is super intelligent as his bran processes information 1000 times faster then the human brain! To be honest the only one who is close to superman is Goku! Yes goku has KI but the problem is he need to concentrate and with the fight that superman will give him I don't think he would be able to concentrate. Okay superman has 2 weaknesses and that's kryptonite and that he cannot generate any power with a RED sun. With goku's more

Superman isn't a god, nor God, but yeah he is the strongest out of any hero no matter what, but even with those powers, one of his downfalls is the fact that he has been defeated by Batman and his super hearing can't even detect Batman, so you do have to include that. also, I'm a huge fan of Goku and although it took me a while, I even could admit Superman is more powerful than Goku. So there are your valid points.

Let me break this down- If Superman was to hit you with an Infinite Mass punch, his strongest hit, there would be nothing left but a crater. He can move worlds, literally, and once cupped a black hole in his hands. He has died and came back to life stronger. And he becomes a god. (Superman Prime) The big thing a lot of people don't get is that Superman was born without limits under a yellow sun, and he doesn't exactly have to recharge his solar batteries too often. If he was to let go of his own mental blocks, he could (and eventually does) break down the gates of heaven itself. Immensely powerful even before becoming a god, he becomes so powerful that he could survive the end of the multiverse to help The Presence (DCs' representation of the true God) recreate it. If he can survive the end of reality, and then shape and reform it to his will... What chance does anyone have to compare to his power?

Oh it is true, superman is the immovable object and the unstoppable force, he has been around longer than anybody commenting on this site, superman was created in a time where there was no heroes like him so don't give him flack for being unoriginal, for those who say superman has weaknesses and that makes him less powerful than say Goku or thor, you are wrong, it is known that Kal-Kent, superman millions of years in the future actually became immune to kryptonite, red sun radiation, and magic. Superman even now, has hel black holes and picked up infinite amounts of strength and pre-crisis superman was absolutely insane, capable of destroying anybody o this list, like superboy prime, if superman did not hold back like he does even in fights against villains, he would eventually become to kryptonite and magic, etc. He has even fought magical gods literally taken from myth of greek legend and such which means he can fight magical beings and- He is the limit, because he has no limits, imagine any of these characters, except for the One-Above-All who shouldn't be on this list, fighting superman in the center of the sun, they wouldn't last long at all, superman even in the proximity of a blue, green, or especially a white dwarf star, would augment his powers to such insane levels so fast that it is koo koo Op. Literally he has dealt with all of his weaknesses such as fighting kryptonite monsters and lifting islands of it, and fought magical gods, and thors weather summoning is not magic, the magic is summoning the weather, not the weather itself for that is just weather, or at least in superman's universe, that is not considered magical, and superman is a righteous being of the utmost level, and if the hulk and even the red hulk have picked up the hammer, superman could sincerely do it any day, so blah blah, superman is the man and don't even bring panzy Goku into this, I want to see him fight nekron, or dominus, or the anti-monitor, but like the One-above ALL they don't belong on this list.

Super man can die just by looking at a green diamond

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Goku is the strongest, fastest, and has the most self-control and a fun side compared to other super heroes, if goku's story would have continued he and vegeta would have been able to reach levels far beyond anyone could have ever imagined, when Akira Toriyama made these stories he was thinking far beyond any marvel superhero the powers they have know are greatly exaggerated no offense but read the old marvel, those guys are cream puffs to what they've been blown up to, I mean most of the Z fighters are far beyond any speed or strength that any of the Marvel or DC Heroes could amount to, its true but goku were he is now his body is far harder than any defense type super hero and truthfully goku could flick superman on the forehead and he would end being thrown threw the universe and cutting superman shaped hole through planets that are in the way. Goku is declared a Hero to all those who cry out for peace many times in DBZ, I can understand being a fan of some super hero for a long time and find out there is someone who's stronger trust me similar situations happened to me like for instance when I found T-Rex wasn't the best when they aired jurrasic park 3 it pissed me off T-Rex was supposed to be the largest carnivore that ever lived, but he still is my favorite and I also acknowledge that he was beaten. I mean its not like goku is going to randomly pop up in dc and marvel and humiliate all of them as a matter of fact he would try to make friends, for that to happen marvel and dc would have to ally up with dbz which might happen maybe not but still he is a hero and he has proved he is by far the strongest. If there is any questions to why he is as powerful as he is I can answer it, I am a major dbz fan after all just post here and I'll try to check back later, oh and also I wouldn't be surprised if they boost marvel and dc characters even more so they can keep up with anyone like the z fighters its not bad but no lying and saying they were always like this I'm not lying about goku the story ended with him and vegeta being that powerful the only way it could change is if the real author himself the creator of the characters added a continuation which I hope for so gotta go see ya later

Because superman can clearly be defeated by kryptonite. Whereas Goku has no apparent weaknesses, and don't say superman prime would be the top superhero. Since, clearly if he's that powerful then there wouldn't be a point to him being a hero. Hero's need their downsides too. Not to mention Goku at about age 12 could destroy the moon, later when he's in his twenties finds Radditz and he was 3 times stronger then Goku and Piccolo. Goku in his twenties had the power to obliterate the planet. Soon he finds Frieza, which had a power of over 1,000,000. Radditz with a power of 1,000 could move at tremendous speeds but compared to this kind of power, he'd be powerless, even though he could destroy the entire planet and moon at ease. Now with a 1,000,000 power level you could destroy the sun and any planet at a moments notice. When Goku eventually transforms into a super saiyan he surpasses that. Later he can change into light particles and travel at the speed of light. He could also create massive craters with a single punch. There's soon another 3 transformations he goes into. Super saiyan 2 or ascended saiyan is even more powerful with lighting surrounding you just for bringing out that kind of power. Super Saiyan 3 you shake the spirit world with this kind of power. Lastly Super Saiyan 4, With this much power you shake the entire universe by unleashing this kind of power. This power would be enough to destroy massive galaxies, and with his ability to change into light particles (instant transmission) he could destroy anything that he pleases. That is if Goku wasn't fighting for the weak and the helpless I mean. So let's compare: Superman, can fly, shoot lasers, and supposedly being able to travel at the speed of light, powerful energy. Goku, can shake the universe by unleashing his ki or energy, destroy galaxies at the speed of light, and holds unparalleled power. Let's face it Goku wins by a land slide no dc or Marvel super hero has even created a superhero close to this kind of power of Goku's or the Z fighters (the group of people with powers beyond imagination that fight for good) because each and every single one of them has at least the power to destroy small planets and moons. This isn't even taken into account that Goku and the Z fighters have lots of ki, which give them the ability to launch small to large balls of energy, which are blasts. For example, if Goku uses his strongest move the spirit bomb. A giant energy blast created from the ki of everything of all living things in the universe including Goku's superman will be toast. Superman can't merely dodge or escape from this blast because it'll be to big to even dodge. At the speed of light maybe, but superman can't travel at the speed of light because anything with mass can't travel at that speed, so that leaves that out of the equation. He can't absorb the energy, it be too much to handle, were talking about power that can bring the universe to it's knees. So, just from this blast more

I know you think Superman is the strongest of all heroes but he clearly isn't' let me prove it to you. Goku is definitely the strongest superhero out there. First of all instant transmission allows him to travel at 186,000 miles per second. Second he has been training at 100 times the gravity of Earth and can break 100 layers of steel with his 2 fingers. Third he grows stronger after every battle he faces so if superman beat him up to critical condition after he heals up Goku would be twice as strong as superman(which he already is anyway). Fourth Goku has only one weakness which is his heart, he is too soft on his enemies but all that would perish if he ranked up to super saiyan 4 and his weakness would be gone. Fifth the only other weakness Goku ever had was his tail but he trained it and that weakness is also gone. Sixth Goku can turn into super saiyan 4 which times his already enormous power level several times. Seventh Goku has more ki (energy)than the sun so he can destroy it with one blast but that will also wipe out the entire solar system along with including superman and all the other heroes but Goku can then go to planet Namek and bring back the Earth which uses up one wish. He then uses another wish to bring back all the inhabitants of earth that was living on that same day he blew up the sun. He then uses the other wish by making a sun that doesn't give superman powers. He then goes back to earth defeats all the heroes prove he's stronger. My eighth and final fact is that due to the amount of training he does even after he achieves super saiyan 4 if goku is put on a lot of pressure then surely he will be able to reach the ultimate power level of super saiyan 5. Thank you for reading I know hope you understand why Goku is infinitely better than all the superheroes.

Goku have the best place on 2nd...

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Okay, so let me explain it like this. The one above all has 3% and he is the only one here who would be able to kill Thor. BUT! He's not a superhero and therefor doesn't count. For those who says Hulk can overpower Thor With his strength, Your wrong! Thor has unlimited Power from the Tessarac. And Thor could therefor just stab his hammer to the ground and destroy the Earth and Hulk would die eventually because his healing abilities his based on oxygen. REMEMBER! The main reason Stan Lee made Thor was too overpower every superhero there were.
Now how could he kill superman? Simple. Thor has no weaknesses other than physical attacks and ASGARDIAN Magic. The sun would perish in 5 billion years which means Superman doesn't have unlimited energy after (from what the goku vs superman Death Battle says). And Superman could neither kill Thor because he's weak against Magic. And Thor could activate a unlimited powerful magical energy Shield around him wich makes Superman unable to even be near to Thor because he would die. Also Thor could just travel to the sun and destroy it and all of that solar system in the universe. And the solar Power from it wouldn't kill him, because as said, he's only weaknesses are asgardian Magic and physical attacks. Nothing else Works on him. Now for Goku. Goku is even beat by superman if you see the superman vs goku video. And Goku's durability, speed and strength is even underpowered by Thor PLUS Thor could simply destroy the Earth and Goku needs the Earth to survive from living Creatures. So Yeah, go figure.

What? WHAT? Thor, god of thunder, guardian of Asgard, is knocked down to second by SUPERMAN? This is just incredibly dumb. Thor is immortal, and could just spin the hammer to open a wormhole to find kryptonite and level off Superman, or just send Superman to somewhere without a yellow sun. You really have to look at ALL the portrayals of Thor, and if you do, it will show you who should be the true victor of this top ten.

But seriously, come on, what the hell. Superman and Goku? Are people just voting those they want to win between a battle?

Thor has limitless power. He is immortal and can absorb all types of energy and has MANY abilities. He doesn't have any weaknesses like Goku or Superman. Thor can absorb all the particles a being is made off and kill off immortal beings with his god blast.

I'm not sure if there are any superheroes who are more powerful than him, but it certainly isn't Superman or Goku. I can for sure say with all crucial facts at hand, that Thor would beat Silver Surfer, Superman, Goku, Hulk, etc..

He obviously wouldn't beat omnipotent being such as TOAA(The One Above All), Living Tribunal, etc.. But those guys aren't superheroes. They shouldn't count.

Coming from a comic book fan who knows this .

Thor is the God of Thunder.

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2 words "HULK SMASH! "
Nothing is more powerful than the hulk. Nothing/None can overpower him. He leveled the Earth and all the superheros in World War Hulk. Superman has death but, the hulk doesn't. HULK SMASH!

Nobody can stop him, not thor not superman, nobody. He has unlimited strength and could take on dc and marvel universe together, and when he goes on a rampage you better watch out. HULK SMASH

Limitless power equals can't be stopped. Sorry he takes the cake

Hulk can smash anyone

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5Silver Surfer

What? I honestly expected this to be first. But it's not, so let me explain this for you...

1) Hulk.

Come on guys, don't even joke. Silver Surfer has already beaten Hulk, but in case that isn't good enough for you, Hulk's power is that the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets. But oh no! Silver Surfer has dragged Hulk out into space at the speed of light. Hulk is now in space and is dead before he can get angry enough to even battle Silver Surfer. This battle is over before it begins.

2) Thor. This would be the closest battle on the list, because the Silver Surfer gets his power from the power cosmic, which is pretty evenly matched to Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. But Thor would need to hit Surfer with Mjolnir to win, whereas Surfer could just destroy him with his blasts. Of course Thor would block many of these with Mjolnir, but some would eventually land. Thor wouldn't get time to hammer Surfer unconscious (the only way he could win). His time would be taken up trying to block Surfer's blasts. And this is a futile task, even with Mjolnir.

3) Superman.

The Silver Surfer could destroy Superman in a million different ways, but my favorite Silver Surfer win scenario is where Silver Surfer LITERALLY AGES OUR SUN (while Superman is making weak attempts to kill him) so that it becomes a red star. Superman is now just a human, powerless in the middle of space. Bye bye.

4) Goku.

I'm not familiar with Goku, so I looked at his wikipedia page, under the abilities section. It said he had superman strength and durability, and can shoot concussive blasts. He can also teleport, and surround himself in a life-force aura, gaining "nigh-invulnerability". Okay. Now let's look at Silver Surfer's page. Superhuman strength and durability, so now Goku will have to rely on his blasts, teleportation and aura. But look, Silver Surfer can move faster than the speed of light, so Goku's blasts are useless. Goku uses his aura and his now invulnerable. Silver Surfer literally converts the matter in his body into energy. Goku did not die, he simply ceased to exist, therefore bringing him back to life will not work.

I realize this comment is too long but I hope I made you realize that Silver Surfer is THE most powerful superhero.

Silver Surfer has defeated TITANS in combat. The same TITANS that proceed the GODS! Silver Surfer once gave a moment of bliss to everyone on earth. Silver Surfer has THE POWER COSMIC! WHAT HE CAN DO IS LIMITED ONLY TO WHAT HE CAN IMAGINE! Silvet Surfer Has victories over Hulk, Thanos, Green Lantern, Dr. Doom, Cable, and SURVIVED DARKSEID'S OMEGA BEAMS, AND ABSORBED THE OAN BATTERY! THE OAN BATTERY! NAME ME A BIGGER FEAT? GO ON, I'LL WAIT!

The only one that can take on Galactus (most powerful being of all time in any comic universe), which is primarily because he was given powers from Galactus to do his bidding. Good thing the Silver Surfer realized what he was doing, turned to the hero side, and became the most powerful hero. He can manipulate time, matter, energy, has super-genius level intellect, is 100% indestructible, can travel faster than light, and has several other powers I can't come up with off the top of my head. Goku couldn't hold a torch to his powers. Thor and Spider-Man are my favorites, but I can't deny The Silver Surfer's power. I'd have liked to see him and Thanos go head to head.

Silver surfer was there in the movie fantastic four 2

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THE supreme being in the marvel universe. The only one who is truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, etc. He has literally infinite power. He could destroy the entire universe and everything in it, and then make a new one that was the exact opposite from the original one, all just by thinking about it.

There's really nothing to say, it's not even fair to put O-A-A on this list because words can't describe how powerful or amazing or divine he is. An example, O-A-A can make a rectangular circle. Yeah, that's right

The One-Above All is THE most powerful being in the multiverse. If you are a religious person picture this TOAA is as powerful as god himself. He could destroy every universe instantly, is everywhere, is all powerful, contains all knowledge, and has complete and utter control of the entire omniverse. Goku wouldn't even be able to attack TOAA.

One above all should be number 1 because he beat ever marvel character at the same time and I bet superman vs one above all it would be a tie or one above all

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7Green Lantern

Invisibility, impervious shield, can generate any object or form of radiation. (Including kryptonite) Can achieve time travel, travel through space, and jump almost instantaneously anywhere in the universe. Invincibility to intense temperatures, disease, and bacteria. Can distort parts of the body, I.E. make the flashs' head so big he's top heavy and can't move fast. Only weakness is the wearer of the ring itself. These powers are only as intense as the will of the wearer

Green lantern could just think of millions of kryptonite and kill super man instantly and take a bazooka and shoot him and super man will DIE! (this doesn't mean I hate superman) BUT the only weakness about him is that the ring powers run of more faster if he use it too much.

Green lantern could outsmart superman because all he has to do is think of kryptonite and then he would lose his powers and he could think of a chainsaw and then kill him!

He his a cool ring power

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8Dr. Manhattan

Dr manhattan can destroy anything with his ability to separate matter he can make whole planets just vanish if he wanted. He also has no compassion which means he can kill entire races with out batting an eye he can also create multiple duplicates of himself and also bring himself back to life he does not understand feelings and therefor cannot create emotional bonds that could possibly be used against him in the watchmen he is shown having a partner that he loves but she is just an aquatence he cannot feel love or hate or happiness he may seem to be in a form of hell but he is oblivious with to it and is just fascinated with matter he can see into his future making him able to change his future how he pleases and can see his past he is indistructable with limitless power and has the ability to do as he pleases he is the best super hero in creation and should be more widely known he cannot be any higher then the top 2 in my eyes he is the top super hero

He has complete control over matter. Can see the past, present, and the future. Matter not being able to be created nor destroyed is an interesting concept to him though not a limitation.

His only weakness is he has surpassed everything and everyone in our solar system from what we can perceive to what we are not even aware of. He left Earth to create another form of life for Pete's sake.

No one on this list comes even close. With a mere thought and a slight gesture everyone else on this list could disappear, be turned inside out, or converted into snow flakes.

Frankly, I don't even think it's fair to have Dr. M on this list at all.

Dr. Manhattan would be number one or two undoubtedly if he were more well known. He's basically like TOAA but just slowly realizing his infinite power to create and destroy. The only thing that stops him is basically his disconnection from everything. I also have to say that while a lot of people really like Hulk and I love the big green guy myself. All you have to do to defeat him is to teleport him into an absolutely empty region of space. No gravity. Nothing to push / pull against in order to exert his strength on / in / through. He's just be a tiny green angry asteroid thrashing about wildly getting more and more angry. Eventually he'd probably get so angry he would hulk smash himself and create black hole out of himself. Giving him infinite gravity to use to leverage his infinite strength against. Black Hole Hulk would be pretty bad ass.

The question isn't what can he do but rather what can't he do? The answer is absolutely nothing. Regardless of their history or their place in the comic universe every other character without exception comes a distant second when pitted against Dr Manhattan.

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Vegeta is extremely powerful, strong and fast. His capacities are seemingly unlimited: his power as Baby Vegeta was described as "immeasurable" by Old Kai and many times as huge by Krillin, Piccolo and Gohan. Vegeta's power and energy reserves are practically unlimited: when he was a kid he was already capable of destroying entire planets. He should definitely be ranked higher than this. Throughout his life he has shown his nearly infinite super-strength, power and speed in countless battles. After becoming a supersayan he was able to effortlessly defeat Android 19 who was able to match Goku SSJ who was so powerful that his power could light the entire Universe ( according to King Kai). Everyone should watch his battles: Vegeta himself says that him and Goku will need an entire planet for their next battle. Vegeta can move at a speed nearly infinitely greater then light itself: Raditz with power level of 1200 could move faster then light. What can then be expected by Vegeta who when he becomes ssj has a power level greater then Goku ssj whose power level was so unconceivebly gigantic that not even supercomputers could give any reading and exploded! An these are supercomputers who can surely give readings of googlpplex ( a number which is so large that if it was written in standard characters like 123 it would take more space then in an entire multiuniverse! ): yet they couldn't give Goku SSJ reading. And as SSJ4 Vegeta is immensely more powerful, stronger and faster!

If Goku is number 1, Vegeta should be at least N.2: let me explain why. In one of the first episodes of DBZ, Vegeta destroys planet Arlia, just with the power in his fingertips. At that time his power level was of 18,000. He even tries to destroy planet Earth and when he powers up he makes the entire planet shake and the sky covers with clouds. Goku even says that the swings coming from him are like hurricanes. Later he continues to get stronger and stronger: his power level when fighting Reecome is over 30,000 and during the Frieza saga he can match Frieza (who has a power level of 530,000). By the end of the Frieza saga his power level is over 3 million. Later Vegeta trains at 450 times the Earth's gravity and becomes a Supersayan, which increases his power level by 100 times (and by 50 times as usually believed). As a SSj, Vegeta is so powerful that if he was to show his true power he would destroy the whole planet. Vegeta then becomes Ascended Supersayan and the Supersayan 2 and even Supersayan 4. When he becomes SSJ4, Vegeta is as powerful as Goku, and billions of times more powerful then at the start of DBZ. Can you even begin to imagine what he can do as SSJ4? He is far more more powerful then Super Perfect Cell, who was charging an energy wave ( the Solar Kamehameha) which could destroy the entire Solar System. Vegeta SSJ4 is even more powerful then Super Buu who can destroy the entire Universe when extremely angry. Have you seen Vegeta's energy waves? On Namek he uses his Final Burst Gun which creates an explosion over 10 times bigger then the planet itself. This is how powerful Vegeta is.

And his strength is amazing as well: in his Great Ape form at the start of DBZ his power level was of 180,000 but he could still destroy entire mountains by just touching them. Vegeta during the Android Saga trained at 450 times the Earths gravity! Goku as a Supersayan could move an entire mountain: what could Vegeta do as a Supersayan 4? Imagine that as an Ascended SSJ Vegeta punches Semi Perfect Cell and destroys entire islands.

Vegeta's speed is also incredible: even the weakest Z fighters can move so fast that they appear to disappear to the human eye. In the first episode of DBZ, Piccolo, an expert warrior, says that Raditz ( whose power level was only 1400) moves faster then light, and Vegeta SSJ4 has a power level billions of times greater.

Vegeta is also nearly invulnerable: during his numerous battles, he is smashed against entire mountains an destroys them but he still survives. Vegeta survives in the middle of gigantic explosions which make entire planets shake and create huge craters. And don't forget that Vegeta, being a Sayan, get much more powerful after he heals from injuries. With these powers Vegeta can defeat any of the other heroes in the list except Goku.

Vegeta is also extremely skilled and has been fighting from when he was a child: everyone should watch his battles. Vegeta can also make his attacks more

The Prince of all Saiyans, he thinks everyone is inferior to him. He is not really a good guy and yet he is a hero.

Beats the crap out of Goku

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Batman can take em all out with his brain.
His only downfall in a poll like this, is that its gonna be about the power, and of course we all know one flick from the hulk would kill him 10 ten times over, but, that's because he is JUST a man. No other character that's JUST a man would of fought Superman and WON, lt alone survived it. So keep on voting for "The Dark Knight" because he is THE MAN.

Whoever doesn't vote for Batman is the world's biggest idiot. Come on he's the only person to take on Superman and WIN, not just draw, but WIN. Not only that but if you've seen Superman/Batman: Apocalypse then you'd know that Batman's badass... Which superhero (or villain) do you know of that has the balls to threaten Darkseid ("let go of the girl (Supergirl) or I blow up Apokilips"). No one has the balls to do that. Let's not forget that in JL Doom he had contingency plans for every leaguer... No one can say that they can take on the entire JL and win, but he can if his plans in JL Doom are anything to talk about. Batman is the best... Period!

Batman can outsmart everyone on this list the only challenge for brains would be iron man. Hulk, Goku, and Thor are absolute buffoons. Those three have barely enough wit to out smart a nail, so instead of outsmarting the nail and hurting their pebble sized brains of theirs, they would rather just smash the nail.and iron man's only skill in fighting is hitting and those repulser blasts. All batman would have to do is grab a couple of those sticky spheres that disable any technology (mentioned by the people of screw attack.) and batman a only challenge might be because of what he is made of is the silver surfer. And seriously Goku are you kidding I'm sorry but I live in America. Where a superhero, is defined as badass. And also I apologize again. But you are not a superhero if you are not 1) from marvel or DC comics. Or 2) something that people in America give a damn about. And if you don't agree, you can kiss both sides of my American ass. And that's final.

Yeah he can if he had prep and do you think batman can beat superman without kryptonite no he would die

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Actually Gogeta is the most powerful superhero creation, even though he is the product of the fusion of two entities (Goku and Vegeta). Adding Dragon Ball Z characters overshadow the other superheros by a considerable margin. Sorry Superman, but you are not the most powerful superhero. This list should actually look like this if you include the MAJOR/MAIN DBZ characters: 1. Gogeta/Vegito 3. Goku 4. Vegeta 5. Superman 6. Hulk and the rest is debatable with Naruto characters closely behind.

Gogeta should be first then goku, vegeta, gohan, gotenks, goten and trunks are tied the rest you decide but piccilo should be one of them.

Because goku is the strongest then vegeta is the 9th strongest then there combine powers that the strongest

Super saiyan 4 GOGETA is world's STRONGEST

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He is the son of Goku! I mean come on people he is the son of the best superhero in the world

He is so powerful and awesome he was the first to become super saiyan 2 and he killed cell. He rocks.

He is the strongest unfused character in DBZ even more powerful then goku his only weakness he doesn't like to fight as much as his father.

At the age of 11 he was strong enough to blow up the solar system, twice.

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Come on! He eats planets! - DunnaNunnaBatman

Galactus is not a hero Ugh idiots.

Stan lee said he is the most powerful and Stan lee is basically the creator of marvel

He is not a hero

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14Iron Man

Iron Man's armor possessed standard powers, which he still kept, and always upgrades them. The more modern armors enable him to lift over 82 tons, thought his Hulk buster armors can lift over 200 tons. He is able to fly at supersonic speeds of over Mach 8, and can hover in place. He also possesses remarkable durability, and can withstand the elements of a gamma bomb. His armors also possess powerful armor plating, which greatly increase durability.

Tony can generate weaponry on either his gauntlets, shoulders, back, helmet, and legs. He can make force fields, which he could use to protect allies and himself. Iron Man can control all forms of energy, from kinetic to solar. Tony possesses superhuman speed by jet-propelled roller skates.

While he is most definitely not the strongest hero on the list, he has always been able to talk his way out of situations. Any situation he was unable to talk himself out of, he would build his way out instead. He has already beaten the Hulk with his Hulkbuster Suit. He can most likely create suits that would counter each heroes abilities so he could win. He could probably buy kryptonite from somewhere to deal with Superman. I don't remember what it is called, but there is some type of metal that cancels out the flash's speed. If he can buy that, flash is done. The only problem I see would be the DBZ verse as anyone there would unfortunately destroy him without a second thought. They did beat cell after all, who is (most likely) stronger then Iron Man. Galactus and the one above all would also not even have to think about destroying him. Pretty much anyone that doesn't originate on earth (excluding superman) could kill iron man in an instant.

He should be at the first, because he don't have any superpowers he made himself as superhero. He has the lasers which can cut any thing. He can fly as fast as supersonic missile. He can beat any superhero in the whole universe.

He is number 1 hero in world

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15Captain Marvel

Whoever wrote the last comment is dumb captain marvel is billy Batson. Not Steve Rodgers that's captain America. But captain marvel is still one of the best with most of superman's powers plus magic

Captain marvel has the combined powers of five gods added to the wisdom of Solomon. He is number one. Cannot be hurt or killed. Stronger than superman. Faster than the flash. Smarter than reed Richards. He has the most power.

This man should be above superman. On par with superman in everything. But, had the magic of the gods. Superman is vulnerable to magic and kryptonite. Shazam would honestly win. But, the writers won't allow it. Because, superman is THE poster boy for superheroes.

The best super hero in the world

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Flash may run at any speed that he thinks is possible. Which means that he can run any speed. The limit to speed never ends... That means he can reach speeds billions of times the speed of light. He can react to that? Running right past light speed he is already faster than superman's heat vision. He can steal speed leaving the Hulk or Superman motionless... For eternity. Flash can also slow time down so much in his mind to the point to where everything stops. His ability to alter his own perception of time is so great, that if he wishes, the tick between a second can pass for millions of years. (this means if that he can do things in one second that it would take a normal person a million years to do. He can even push this ability to the point, that to him, it's as if the Universe is standing still. It does not truly stand still, it is his own perception of time that seems to stand still, and his body automatically adjusts to his perception, hence, the slower he views the world, the faster his body moves through time/space to adjust to his perception. By traveling near light speed, Flash can acquire the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with a force greater than that of "a white dwarf star", Flash's own durability regulated by the Speed Force in such cases. He can also become invisible and phase through matter by vibrating his molecules at high speeds. Also, can travel through Dimensions using his speed.
The Flash's body is surrounded by what he calls his "speed force aura". This aura protects him and anyone who is running with him or carried by him, from the effects of using his speed. This includes friction and airborne particulate matter. It also protects him from injury from high speed impacts such as punches he delivers and receives from his opponents.
So lets count the several feats:
Can run 1000x speed of light
Throw one punch strong enough to defeat superman
Phase through objects
Dimensional travel
Time travel
Invisible shield from speed force
Infinite energy supplied by speed force
Can steal and give speed to anything

He is so overpowered that I'm surprised you all think Goku could be #1.

Barry Allen as the Flash should be ranked #1 in any list involving the most powerful beings. Not only does he have super-speed, but once he reaches terminal velocity, he has shown other incredible powers.

During an attempt to measure his top speed once, he strained every muscle in his body to run at about 10 Roemers, which is 10X the speed of light. It's not just his running that is fast, but everything about him. His hand-eye coordination is second to none, and his reaction time is so quick it allows him to process information fast enough that to him, running at many times the speed of light feels slow. Not only this, but he also immune to any form of telepathy, due to his thoughts racing at such speed that they cannot be controlled. In fact, his mind is so fast, when he taps into the speed force, he thinks so fast that he can see and weigh every possible outcome in a situation in order to decide on the best course of action.

In addition to running and thinking fast, Flash also is one of the only beings able to control every molecule in his body. This gives him the ability to vibrate so fast that light cannot make contact with him to reflect, making him impossible to see to the naked eye. He can also control the frequency of which he vibrates to such a degree that he can make his molecules collide with the molecules of anything he touches to make it explode, or simply pass with through others, giving him the ability to phase through solid matter. When he vibrates at speeds exceeding the speed of light, he can rip holes in space and time, allowing him to travel through different dimensions.

As for his strength, it's not much more than an average human, but he can tap into the Speed Force to speed up his attacks much like the rest of his powers. Since matter quadruples it's destructive force when it's speed is doubled, this has resulted in him having some pretty impressive punches. His strongest attack is his Mass punch, which exploits the above physics. He can vibrate the molecules in his hand mid-swing to light speed, giving his hand infinite mass. Can you really think of anything that could survive getting hit with that much weight?

Flash is THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERHERO EVER. Think about it. He can move so fast that he can travel through time and essentially be in two places at once. He can create an air pocket around himself by vibrating his molecules so he can breathe underwater. He can phase through things like walls and stuff by vibrating to a certain frequency. He can build up enough momentum in his punches to blow someone's head right off, or worse. He can literally move as fast as he wants to. He can move so fast that everyone around him freezes - at least from his point of view - for eternity. His regenerative powers and endurance factor are so high that he essentially can never die. He can get shot in the face three times in a row and (if he didn't dodge the bullets in the first place) heal himself in less than a second. He can be the entire Justice League ON HIS OWN. AND he can be all six of them AT THE SAME TIME. There's a theory out there that Aquaman doesn't even exist - he's just a projection of the Flash. Think about every villain you know right now - Marvel or DC - and give me a reason why the Flash can't beat them. He can just carry them all to jail - or just kill them - instantly. And if he doesn't know how to defeat a villain - which is highly unlikely because he's a genius - he can just freeze time for as long as he needs to figure it out. I love Flash, but he's so overpowered it's ridiculous.

A person running at a trillion times the speed of light to the flash it would look like he's going a trillion times slower then a snail

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He's been cursed to never be able to die by Thanos, on top of his super fast healing factor that tops all other weapon x people. But what really gives him the edge above all others on this list is his crazy ideas. Where Batman and Dr Manhattan have brains and genius intelligence, Deadpool has genius insanity. With his crazy ideas and reality manipulation he can come up with the most inventive ways to do anything. As long as he has an ounce of motivation to do something he can make it happen, with his magic satchel ( a term for where characters can pull stuff out of nowhere, mostly seen in cartoons like SpongeBob and stuff) he can literally do the impossible simply because people deem it impossible.

Teleporting, a healing factor that surpasses wolverine, mastery of any weapons he uses, his insanity makes him unpredictable, and he treats the fourth wall like a step child!

He is in a relationship with death. He has a faster healing factor than wolverine. His soul cannot be burned by ghost rider as his half soul is with Satan a, daughter of Satan even his soul regenerates has carbonation swords which can nullify healing factor. Married tto the Queen of monsters. Defeated cap America, wolverine, spiderman, taskmaster in hand to hand combat and killed the entire marvel universe. Rival against thanos. Banned from hell and cursed with life by thanos. This sums it all he is immortal

Why is deadpool 17 he should be top 10 he can't die and he beat the marvel universe but not one above all

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18Phoenix/Dark Jean Grey

This woman should be in top 3. She can destroy all the planets and galaxies, she can control your mind and reality. Not to mention super powerful telekinesis - Magnolia

Unlike most superheroes she has no weakness and in a darker form she does not care for any allowing no emotional weakness her one problem is that her power can control her but based on a literal sense of the question she is the most powerful

Jean Grey is the most powerful character in Marvel and DC universe

She is the most powerful

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19Living Tribunal

Most power person on this list, but not necessarily a hero.

I hate to say it but this dude here can do anything, he should be number one

20The Beyonder

These people are stupid trying to move him to NUMBER 23!

He is one powerful dude!

The greatest ever no recton will ever bring him down

Technically not a hero in fact he was considered a villain by most of the marvel universe at one point until the beyonder got bored. The only real entity stronger than him in the marvel universe is The Living Tribunal who was placed there by marvel's creator One-Above-All aka. Stan Lee (not to be confused with the celestial One Above All) to manage the multiverse. But nobody I've mentioned are really Herod they are all true neutral.

He sucked me off once.

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