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Batman is the exception to the rule. He stands toe to toe to the greatest super powers in the game. Not only did you beat Superman as a kid I remember reading a comic where he went up against the Hulk and came out still standing. Hulk didn't know what hit him. The only reason why Batman isn't number one is because he's human. What should be recognized is the fact that for a mortal with absolutely no supernatural advantages he still ranks high amongst the greatest forces in the comic book world.
What?!... No.18? Are you all fans of Batman joking? Come on, Batman is the strongest superhero of all time. In terms of brains, who are superman, spider-man and goku? In spite of you all Batman fans, how could he not be on the top? Vote for him guys.
Hey why are you all hating on batman like this he can do almost anything he at least has to try and he is #1 in my book because he tries his best and he inspires and gives hope not to mensoin the fact that he steals all the ladies hearts and he is on duty 24 7 and he is bruce wayne by day and batman by night when I was smal he gave me hope in life and every day in the hardest of times I thougt if he can beat two face and the ridler on the same day and also save the day and always have something to say no matter what happens and he also has a kick as side kick named robbin so why are you all so mean heis nuber 1 in my book but hey think what you will he is also stong at heart and he also hates crime and at least he has a good backstory and reason why he does what he does
Guys! How many of the heroes in this list would even have the guts to fight if they were human or mortal? But batman does it in style! Batman is a superhero not because of any god-gifted, stupid, fictional superpowers, but because he believes that it is the duty of a vigilante like him to cleanse the society from all evil. Tested in the worst of times, against the baddest of villians, batman has come up truce. He is not batman by chance, but he chooses to be 'The Batman'!
Are you serious? 35? Dude, Batman has the power to take out all the super heroes! He even beat Superman! No one could beat him, not even survive :/. You guys made a mistake on putting batman on 35. He should be at least 10. Keep voting guys, Batman has to win.
I read that batman is feared by everybody and beat super man but we never know
Batman has beaten everyone in the dc universe before. Even darkseid couldn't completely kill him. In the Amalgam Universe, Batman beat the heroes and villains of the marvel universe including the hulk. Batman wins
Batman is the best superhero because his symbol has a story behind it unlike other superheroes. And batman is super cool because he is smart when fighting bad guys. And batman has some cool things and a amazing bat cave
I believe Batman could figure out how to beat every hero in all the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe. Given the chance Batman would figure them all out and defeat them.
Just plain awesome
I will always vote for Batman. For god sake he too on superman and won! He has beaten you before the battle has even begun! He can even outsmart Reed Richards! His battle strategy's are the best he always finds a way and he is the GREATEST DETECTIVE IN THE WORLD!
He also had the guts to threaten Darkseid! No one does that!
I love Batman because he is the best superhero. He's my favorite superhero there is. If whomever doesn't agree with this then you're the biggest idiot in the whole world!
He's Batman. He could think of a way to beat anyone. Losing isn't an option for Batman.
Batman is clever billionaire & even defeated the whole justice league! Even Superman! He's a top survivor and his number 1 rule is Batman CANNOT kill
Batman the only mortal that walks among gods... Most feared man on earth
He can beat superman with a kryptonite grunge can kill anyone in the justice league in justice league:doom so he'll probably figure out a way to beat the hulk
He's taken down almost everyone on this list, except TOAA, Hulk and Goku that is, and he does all of that using his martial arts skills, his intelligence and his detective abilities that are even better than Sherlock Holmes's.
You Guys mad how could you ignore batman I'm sure he should be at the top because he is the best
One of the many reasons Batman can take out anyone: PLANNING.
A punch from Superman can kill Batman, but given the time to plan, Batman can kick Superman's ass.
He could call out the rest of the bat family to destroy the other heroes
He have no super powers still came in a list of superheroes HE IS THE NO1! HE IS THE MAN!
Batman Is Smart! A Great Martial Artist And Has Lots Of Great Weapons
With prep time, he is God.
Its Batman hands down he has a contingency for everything.

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