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United States of America
Considering that they have a diverse pool of people, they still can't deal with the variety of people they have. Their history shows their struggle with racism and even up until now, they still struggle with it. Even the people who is not a citizen of their country are discriminated in a form of subtle remarks. Perhaps not all of them are racist but many of them are and discriminate a lot of people.
I am an American citizen by birth and I have never met any racist person in my entire life. I have friends that are Asian and Jewish and I don't care what they believe in or what race they are because they are my friends. Don't get me wrong, we have screwed up in the past a lot. We have killed and or displaced thousands of native Americans, enslaved countless Africans and detained all of our Japanese descended citizens in detainment camps just because we went to war with Japan. But more recently, since the civil rights movement, most Americans have become smarter and realized that we really aren't the best if we treat everyone else like trash. Racism still exists in America, but Only about 1% of Americans believes hat they're race is better than everyone else and discrimination will unfortunately always be around as long as people have different opinions. But we don't imprison blacks and whites in separate prisons anymore. We don't force blacks and whites to live in separate communities anymore. We even have a black president, even though most people hate him.
US is in my opinion the most racist country in the world. Most of them, doesn't matter if white, black, latin or Asian descendant, think they are the best and were there first. At the same time they forget all about the Native Americans, who lived in America for ages. Even in their prisons they have to separate the inmates by race, otherwise they gonna kill each other.
[Newest]I'm a black Latino who looks like an Asian. You couldn't imagine
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Inspite of the fact, that constitution uphelds secular, socialist and democratic values, the politicians are driving the country towards fascist and unipolar society. Hatred against communities are agenda of major political parties. Divisive forces are vocal in media, corporate cultures, public sectors, administrative services such as IAS, IPS and the armed forces. Ethnic cleansing and fascism is tolerated by intellectuals. India has a brilliant history of spiritual and religious harmony. We need to nourish our roots again with values of co-existence and harmony in the Indian society. We as a nation have a great opportunity for leadership of world by creating a harmonious society.
I live in India and here the people with fair skin hates me because I am a brown. Even in Indian film industry (Bollywood), they never show any black Indian as an actor.
The Country is Racist and everyone in it knows it.
It has a lot of diversity and racism comes from caste, creed, color, religion, sect, society and any and every small thing... !
It is a SHAME!
[Newest]I am an Indian, I used to be proud of it but these people are always racist their are stupid. India is 100 percent racist

Zionism is worst form of racism


Most racist and sadly the US government defends everything they do despite what Americans believe. Israel could build death camps with ovens and the US taxpayers would probably have to pay for it.
Israel is a very racist country yet people tend to worship the God of Israel! This is most annoying, people are so blinded and have been brain washed by the bible which was created by Israelites to dominate the world.
You can't say that! Many people that are Christen are reading this, you do know that right?
[Newest]The U. S government defends them too much... Leave them on their own...

4Saudi Arabia
I'm working here as a lady photographer in Saudi Arabia... Most people here specially males wont treat you with respect... At the weddings we cover, most ladies who see you will treat you as maids and tell you to help them in arranging things even if your job is just to take pictures of them, then after treating you like slaves, they wont even offer you a water or food even if it's a wedding... Males, if your not from saudi they would look and treat you like your prostitute even say bad words whenever you walk on the streets...
You cannot even have a gathering if you not Muslim. With a big population of foreigners in the country they cannot meet for a religious preaching together. Yet most Muslims protest about Muslim rights in non Islamic countries
They have sexual relations with goats, donkeys and camels. It is a fact! Ironically they treat the animals better then their wives. This country is the root of all evil the most racist. They hate everyone!
They don't have sexual relation with goats, donkey and camels.

Yes they do treat animal good but not better than their wives. The religion does not have permit to show love in public
[Newest]Without question, the most prejudiced place on earth.

I have been living in Germany as a student and I'm suppose to do part time job. I never get a good job because I'm an Indian. Still I work in the kitchen. Though I've ability and experience but I can't be a waiter in Germany. Some places offer me as a waiter but want to pay less than a kitchen worker. They can't believe to make a foreigner girlfriend or boyfriend. They like to keep it in themselves. To get a job you don't have no priority even if you complete education in Germany. They will say to go back to your country and work there. I have friends in USA. They started their part time work in USA as a Waiter and also so many good jobs. I undoubtedly can say it's the most racist country in the world. I feel really uncomfortable.
I'm from Germany and I have voted for Germany. I often see, that Germans dislike foreigners and the Germans show the foreigners their hate.
"I ve been in Germany so many times (6 times) and I ve never felt so hated. People living there are so narrow minded and think their country is the best of the world. There are still a lot of white supremacists living in Germany. German people not just dislike foreigners, they hate them."

6United Kingdom
I watch top gear and holy crap do they hate America.
We only hate america because america is always taking the piss out of Britain for made up reasons
I'm just glad this isn't first. But it's difficult know what the right and wrongs to say; innocent things we sometimes say can be taken as being racist. I once said that if we didn't have mass immigration in this country the subject of racism wouldn't occur. I was then promptly called a racist. I didn't mean any harm, but I watch what I say now.


Their hatred has grown over the last decade and they use social media to share their ill ideas. They hate Muslims ( being Muslim is not a race, it it a belief but they generalise " Muslims" as if all the Muslim are the same) Bulgarians, Romanians, Syrians and mildly the French. They think political correctness is rubbish.
[Newest]Holy hell I've seen a lot of racism recently.

A lot of people died in Russia because of the Nazi Germany an played an important role in taking then down, fact thousands of Russians died in the hands of the Nazis now some people are raising the swastika and worshipping it. Both racist and dumb
Russia got lots of xenophobic and nationalist people that hates black people, far asians, caucasians, europeans and all others.


Russia is among the worst in terms of white nationalism and she is extremely xenophobic. Those who face the most hostility are immigrants from countries who were once part of the soviet union. such as the Kazakhs and Georgians and even those within in modern Russia such as the Chechens and the Siberians. fitting with the rest of the world there's hatred towards afro-Caribbean's simply because they don't like the colour of their skin and the way they look and of course scapegoating Muslims as a whole for terrorist attacks with in Russia. Russians have a simply ultranationalist belief, that if you are not from this land in terms of blood and soil, then you do not belong here.
[Newest]Extremely racist should be number ine

Serbia? Racist? Mate I don't think so!

"I live in France and I am French since my birth. French people are the most racist people I know. In addition they are xenophobic and hate foreigners, especially blacks and arabes. White supremacists are very present here. Skinheads do not hesitate to demonstrate in public and are extremely violent and hateful. They dislike M├ętis because they see them as traitors to the white race. You could be beaten and punched by one of them, if one day you feel like coming here... Especially since they are hypocrites and cowards. They will not hesitate to beat you if they are in a strong position but ignore you, look at you badly or in the best case will make you believe in their benevolence to better get the Mickey out of you after. Believe me here 's a real hell for non-white people or foreigners"
I am French and I confirm all those reports, indeed France is very racist country, but the racism is limited to jobs and apartment rentals, physical violence towards foreigners is very rare.
France is a racist country but especially with lot of prejudice and discrimination.

Argentinians are a very racist people! They don't like any South America neighbour, and also are very arrogant and unpolite with tourists. If you are from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile, they will not serve you with courtesy, once you are at a hotel or a restaurant, for example. Curiosly, the country is poor, third world, violent and there is a lack of basic public services. I think they should be more humble with other people.
As an argentinian I don't think this country is "racist" (as we're talking about skin color) but I do believe it's xenophobic. There's a huge hate to Bolivians, Paraguayans and other South American nationalities. Despite if you're white or dark skinned they would discriminate you because of your social class.
I have friends from Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia. They totally don't know each other, and out of my curiousity, I tried to ask each and every one of them if which country do they hate the most, and they've all said the same thing which really left me in surprise. It was Argentina.
[Newest]A country of poor immigrants with no social status that just want to be "want a be's.

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11North Korea
This should be number 1. In the camps, if you have a child one of the guards will bring a bucket of water and you have to drown the baby straight after it is born. All because the father might be Chinese. Look it up
Rucka rucka ali is racist
Ask Kim Jong Un now!

12South Africa
South Africa still sees the same problems that America saw half a century ago. The difference is that blacks were the minority in America- In South Africa, old, racist crackers control the country, which is 80% black. I hate South Africa. Rude, stuck up people with an imperialistic attitude. For those of you outside of the Old British Empire, visit any of our countries but this hell hole. Arseholes.
I am a South African and I experience racism a lot, Especially in Cape Town

Oh ya definitely Australia is Racist country. The Australian government is the worst whites racist in the world. Looking in to the Australian History Australia government didn't recognize the aborigines natives until 1969 and now the lagecy is carried on Asians and Indians. Australia still follows white supremacy policy.
Is Australia a racist country you ask? Is there even such thing as a racist country? If so which country is a racist country? I can certainly tell you Australia is not one of them, far from it in-fact. A common misconception is most Australians are decedents of British convicts who were sent here in 1788 but most Australians today are usually children of migrants. We were a country built on the foundation of different races and nationalities.
A lot of western countries have a past entrenched in racism, but has moved on from there and are the newer generations are much more accepting as a result of that. Australia, on the other hand never had that experience and doesn't see daily racism as a problem and believe that mild racism is okay!
[Newest]Racist on first rank
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I definitely think this should be number 1! They are so racist to the balkans!

I find them to be pretty freindly to whites, but I find mostly Persians to think they are from the Gods and the best people on earth. They also love to gossip a lot behind others backs- the men are as bad as the women. You can't judge them all like this. They also are very status-oriented.
I don't think the people from Iran are racist.


I love my country.

Switzerland should be at least in the top 5.
People in Switzerland start hating you the minute you begin to talk
And they here an accent in your speaking.
I don't know why Germany is even in the top 10. I live in Germany
And I've never been discriminated by Germans.
It's quite the opposite. Germans get discriminated in their own country.
I know that Swiss people (I'm Swiss) are generally narrow-minded and kind of rednecks but I still think they're not as bad as the people from parts of the world with ethical/political conflicts, because in those regions the people are often influenced by some kind of propaganda

I have been in Japan multiple times they are no racist quite the opposite they are cooporative and very respectful
Here is the key point. If you understand what they say among them, you will be startled. The level of segregation in the global standard just does not work in this country. However, if you don't understand Japanese, you'll NEVER know. They just don't speak out. They don't want to be in a same group with any other Asian country, all others are called (Gaijin)
As ALIEN. Believe me. It is THAT BAD in this country. And I had to live 15 years in it. What a disaster those days were.
My opinion that racism is alive and well in Japan comes from my experiences 18 years living here. That being said, the food and public transportation is the best so I tolerate racist events.
[Newest]I have never found the Japanese to be racist, quite opposite.

For as long as I've lived here, I've noticed that blacks, British, and almost everyone with an Asian background, would be given grief daily, simply because they are different.
Lots of racism here. specially to blacks. also brown. racism has always existed, but increased after the economic crisis. and its done mostly in public and by disadvantaged lower class Irish males.


The Chinese along with the Indians come to this country to get rich and we let them. They open up businesses and hire poor desperate US citizens with terrible wages treat them as slaves like they would in their own country and the government here lets them. You never see then shop in any store or eat in a place of business which is not of their own group. They live in one room of the house and they all sleep on the floor usually getting their daily clothing from a pile in the middle they brought from another Asian at the used clothing store. Try going to a Chinese restaurant and order. If they are out of the item you ordered they will bring what they want an argue endlessly that you must pay, this is what you ordered.
Wherever they immigrate they create a small neighbor then it becomes China town, the only people in the planet who do not integrate with others. If you let them in your country, you are pretty much done in 50 years. all they think about is business and money. they are the least generous people on earth and most selfish at all. Malaysia is a good example of this.
Most racism in world they hate everybody
[Newest]Why is China at 18 they are so racist!

Watch out if your not in a certian tribe you will be brutally killed for believing something different.


Don't go to a football match if your not white, trust me I have experience (sadly but true).

I wont say everyone is racist or a teaser but the young generation is quite luiccha and spoiled due to the fact - political corruption and ordinary people without nothing are becoming rich whereas the honest and hard-working people are suffering.

The Italians at Sri Lankan embassy are very unprofessional and extremely racist. Also lots of Italians I met so far are racist.
Italy is generally racist, though, on the positive side, they're able to preserve their beautiful culture for a longer time.
Italian hate African... Black and Muslim People... France should not be in this ranking.
[Newest]Italians are racist? I've met them and they were really respectful.


My opinion like yours.
Hi everyone. I am from Pakistan and I am an ethnic Pashtoon. Pakistan is ethnically one of the most diverse country in the world with 180+million souls living in one country. I spent most of life between Pakistan and UK. Good and bad people are every where, same is true for my both countries. Whereas personally I haven't been racially abused in either countries. But my observation comes from social media as I can speak 5 languages and surprisingly people on the street in UK are very tolerant but same people on social media appears to be very intolerant of other races and religions. Where as in Pakistan both on the street and on social media racism is almost non existent. Though it doesn't mean that all is good, racism do exist but it's not at the worrying level. The recent decade has seen westerners get abducted by militants but that doesn't have to do anything with racism. Apart from that the general public and their attitude towards foreigners be it our white buddies from West or Chinese or our African brothers is very very friendly. Same goes for my other country UK. UK have just small issue and that is on social media not in general life. I did try my best to be honest.

It's the non-whites for the most part who are prejudice. They don't care about whites or to speak the nation's nation which is English, but they love all the free things they get from us whites.
I am black and lived here since I was born people here were never racist to me they treat me the same way the treat everyone
Just look at surrey because Indians jumping white people

Yes there is much racism in the Philippines. Outside they act so humble but in their country, they are very hostile towards blacks. To be white is everyone's dream. Commercials are only about whitening this and that. Black is automatically ugly. As a student here it is very difficult for me. Thanks though, many are afraid too of blacks whom they consider wild and aggressive so this saves us from physical attacks though it happens and some people have even been shot dead. A black person is called a mumu, meaning a dead body. I never anticipated such racism here until I got here. Too sad.
How can they be racist, is there even anybody left in the country? They all seem to be scattered all over the globe arguing at the stores that they were over prized or is that the Chinese? Wait I've never seen a Chinese buy anything at a none Chinese place of trade.
Racist against black people!


29South Korea
In this country foreigners are seen as people unable to understand Koreans and Korean culture simply because they are "different". Koreans see themselves pretty much as a unique folk with unique characteristics whereas in the same time they are still very ignorant about other cultures and races. International marriages, blacks in Korea, etc are still taboo topics in Korea. Whoever has lived here long enough would know it.
A really racist country, they hate the foreign people and especially the black people when they want to teach in S. Korea they didn't accept her because she was black there were news
Very racists to people who have darker skin such as black people a very racist country
[Newest]Very Racist to all races except Korean.

Turkish people hates from everyone even from themselves. If your color is black they call "daytime lantern". There are lots of idioms against other races and its part of their education system.
This is bills hit. Turkish people are very friendly. I have been there. I wonder why Kuwait is not number 1
The Turkey should be the first or at least the second. Racism against original Kurds, Armenian, and Christian minorities has been systemic practiced by the state. Ironically, such racist state is supported by the US and the other NATO governments! Such a shame!

Croatians should make the top 10 on the list due to their long hatred towards the people around them, in particular Serbs. They are the only country that isn't de-Nazified, in fact they are proud of their cold blooded thoughts and beliefs of racial extermination towards Serbs, Jews and Gypsies. Croatia should be very ashamed of their actions towards their neighbors, today it just seems getting worse and worse.


33New Zealand
Racist from babies to old bags... True story
Sup bro where my pies ow?
I am a New Zealander myself, from my experience a lot of people are racist here.

Greeks are not racists because I met so many of them and all of them turned to be very friendly and kind people
Not all of them
One word, Golden Dawn, says it all. But appart from this, in general, Greek people are all racists even if they say they aren't.

Great country. My aunty is Swedish, brilliant lady and Swedish have good manners than any other European country.
Lived there and my life was made to a hell, because I was from a wrong country. Finland. I never have experienced racism in living any other countries in Europe.. Something what could e compared with the sweedish hatred.
Most racist country in the world


They think they're white and amazing. They think they can barge into others countries and try to act as if they aren't targets of racism. Well, you are, so get a life.
I agree the Amharas are the most racist and hypocrite people in Ethiopia. Without those reactionary that poor country would have excelled.

Because they think they are perfect
They are racists because they would go as far as torture someone in their household, like a nanny from overseas.
A very racist country. The Indians and Chinese gets bullied all the time. Oppurtunities are less for the Indians and Chinese even though they work harder and deserve university places based on merit but the opposite happens. It is getting bad to worse day by day. The Malays are very lazy people and expect to be given everything to them just because they are the majority in the country @
[Newest]No freedom of speech for people belonging to certain belief systems

I'm from Austria and I can confirm there is racial tension everywhere.

Every channel on T.V. has white people (Castilians). If you are white or have less Indigenous blood or African blood, you are considered beautiful. I guess this is also true in all of the American countries, since they were colonized by Euros'.
Mexicans love their black people and take their side instead of the whites.
Mexicans are very racist. They love white skin and all their actors/actresses on T.V. are white, even though most of their country is brown.

They hate Gypsies and Indians.
Very racists, mostly against Gypsies and also to Muslims...
I am from Romania and I can't agree we hate Indians... is not true. We hate Gipsyes and hungarians and when you search the internet you will see why Gipsyes are violent people and are always stiling things from people. And hungarins for territorial problems


I've met so many Nigerians and they are very rude towards Ghana.


Algairian is not racist at all all colour live in pic for century

Indonesia has a major fight between true-born Indonesian and Chinese-Indonesian, and some hollands

Somal is thr best country all no racist in there all the people are equal in teams of colour

There is no such thing as atypical Spaniard. My family comes from Spain and my DNA is Celtic. Most of my exact matches are from the British Isles, Ireland, France and Germany. I am 16% Jewish of Sephardic origin. I do not think Spaniards are racist, we just tend to live in the past when we ruled half of the world. There is a story of a Spanish princess which was going to marry a French dauphine. The handing over of the bride was to rake place at the boarder of the 2 countries. The French all came to see while the Spanish could not have been bothered. A might pride people.
Racism in spanish football!
Spaniards are racist towards anyone with dark skin like Blacks and South Americans. Very rude.


They are greedy and always jealous of other most of the time they spread rumors about you and say bad thing that's not true about you behind your back
You spelt it wrong laugh out loud

50Czech Republic

The danish nation is extremely racist. They haven't realized that the colony age is over, seriously most of the danish population uses very harsh expresions at people of African ethnicies

Very close minded people with no option for understanding anything unsual to them even by the physical look..
The devils in charge of the country have ethnically clinsed the blacks especially Tawargha community. Most racist Arab country...





57Dominican Republic
They're very racist people over Haitian because they are black this country Think they are supreme than other latin countries, they call negro everybody who do not look like mixed or white treating very bad to the Haitian people...
I don't think Dominican people are racist. I've met somebody from there and they're really nice.



They are cool, but sometimes rip off other racial people

Now the tables have turned and the blacks give the whites what they feel they deserve.

61Sri Lanka

Vietnam ain't racist! I thought black men and women from the Nam war had Black-Asian mixed babies! What...

If you're from west Africa they discriminate you so badly!


Most racist country in world, they hate Muslims and blacks


I was beaten in here just cause I'm Middle Eastern and even though they are still not as bad as my own people they are still horrible. I can name you 1000 reasons why I'm not gonna cause it's kinda late here and I wanna sleep
These people can be racists
They seem to be nice when you meet them. But when they are in a group the racism start.

I'm polish and racist
Poland should be in top 3.
Steal jobs in Britain.


Taiwan isn't racist. And if you're white you ain't treated that nice. But they love half cast people.
Taiwan is racist. It is very racist against Black people. If you are White though, it's paradise.

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