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I lived in a small town in north west AZ, with my brother. Indian res on both sides no Indians in town just redneck bigots. John Wayne lived there in his day.
Arizona is the most racist state.. Minute man, sb 1070, and very ignorant people people here seem to not have a heart. Everyone knows Arizona, I once was getting dehydrated from walking home from school so I asked a white person if it was ok to have a drink of water out her water hose and she replied by saying no and I should die in the desert just like the dog I was..
It is against the law in Arizona to refuse to grant a request for water. She should be tried and hanged!
I moved from Cali 6 years ago for a "Better quality of life". Truth is I had not truly experience racism until I moved here. I have had my very own friends say "I would never put my kid in school with the majority being Hispanics" "I don't understand how all these Mexicans can afford to live in this neighbor hood when I can't and I white" To top it off an my own in law told me "I gotta move property value is going down from all the Mexicans moving in" In California Venice beach area we embraced many cultures. I am mixed white and Latino and I miss home.
I am a white 27 year old woman and I can only say that I feel terrible and heartbroken that people of my race are still in 2014 treating black people so hatefully. I am wanting to move to a warmer climate area and out of the Midwest and so far all the places I have been thinking about moving sound so racist I don't want to move there anymore after reading the stories on this site.
I am sorry that so many white people in these states are racist in this country, but just know that there are a lot of people out there that aren't and hopefully everyone that is dealing with a racist state can move out of the state. It sickens me that the KKK still exists and that these crazy notions about African American people still exist and I wish so badly that I could put a stop to it.
I used to live in Seattle and it isn't racist so if that helps anyone, that is a good place to move. Good luck to everyone. I hope one day we will see the dreams of MLK come true.
Arizona is really racist! My mom's family is from Lake Havasu and I always got there for the summer! I'm biracial, so that means my dad is African American and my mom is Caucasian. A lot of Caucasian families live there and when ever I go into a store a lot of people give me dirty looks and stare at me. Plus a lot of people hate President Barack Obama, and he is biracial too. Arizona is full of a lot of racist, luckily my moms family is not racist.
The private prison owners in arizona profit and back the racist laws in order to fill their jails. This laws were not meant to be felonies but are so that the undocumented have longer stays and make more profits for the investers. As felonies the undocumented are not eligible for to stay in the country under Obama's new deportation orders. The people are viewed like cattle for their profit-making prisons.
The people of Arizona despise immigration to their state, as their passing of the bill SB 1070 makes painfully apparent. Even in extremely racist states such as Mississippi, this level of institutionalized racism is rare. Maybe the extreme heat frying their brains has something to do with their hatred of non-whites.
Yes I think arizona is a very racist state
I grew up here. Had to leave because of the deep divide between races and hatred towards LGBTs in the work place. If you don't fit in with the affluent, conservative, Christian government, you aren't wanted in the state or around their children.
Encouragement of allowing people to die of thirst in the desert (making it illegal to help illegals), and encouragement of cops practicing racial profiling? Can it get worse?
Profiling based on the color of your skin, police would stop you for no reason.
My stomach turns when I hear people say " Arizona..."
I have lived in Arizona for 8 years. I can't wait until I save enough money to get out of here. I have never seen so much racism and bigotry in my life, however I have never lived in Texas. Other western states seem to be much more tolerant.
I agree this is a very racist state. but most of america is racist towards blacks in general it does not matter if you are African, or west Indian if you even look black they treat you like trash.
If Arizona could force all the racist, cold, ignorant and intolerant whites out, we would make this state better and say, "Thank you Jesus, you have answered my prayers! "


Less than 40% of the current population in Arizona is native. I have no direct evidence for this, but I surmise that the bulk of racist "Arizonans" are actually from the South or the Midwest. In fact, many times I have heard these interstate transplants ranting and raving about how the immigration of "Mexicans" is overwhelming and destroying Arizona culture. Look in a mirror, people!

I have lived in Arizona my whole life, and was raised to not be a total moron about race. I have heard people espousing ignorant viewpoints, or making insensitive remarks, but the first time I ever encountered pure, unadulterated racism was amongst a group of crazy homophobic Southern Baptists from Texas. So there!
I've lived here since birth and Sad to say this State is full of racist people, No matter what your race is!


Live here and it's true. I wish I had the money to get out
I've lived in this state for over 20 years & I'll tell you this, the elections here are baste on race & immigration. Not on policy of cores, but on fear of Latinos & foreigners, example: Jan Brewer only campanned on sv1070 & scary Mexicans, yet won the state by a safe margin. (and don't get me started on sheriff Joe Arpaio).
These white people will tell you, flat-out, to get off their land if you are hispanic. I'll stay in my native California. I've never heard anything even as close to this here.
I can't say anything about the people, but the legislation in this state is straight up barbaric!
Even tour guides are racist to Asians and Blacks (except some rich ones)
I agree with your post. Road trip passed by the state and was stopped immediatly for no reason. Its like a hispanic can't have a nice car, immediatly thinks every hispanic is mexican and part of the cartel. Horrible unfriendly state
This is Orange County turned into a state. Seriously prejudiced.
It's so bad, it's got a nickname: Aryanzona. That's about the size of it, especially in the areas close to Southern California and in the city of Phoenix and Mesa. I hear it's better in Tucson.
Yes, there are many racist people in Arizona. Especially the Maricopa East Valley. They are also the typical homophobic white Christian bigots. I have lived all over the country and in several areas of Maricopa county. The people in the East Valley are rude, arrogant and judgmental.

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