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... Georgia, "Capital of The South" as the saying goes. To me it is more like the headquarters of segregation. The metro Atlanta area is place is where as soon as a couple of decent black people move in to a white area you will soon see a convoy of moving trucks with whites fleeing like refugees in a war. I know this is not exclusive to Georgia and this is an all American sport but white flight happens on a massive scale around here.

The commute times to work for many whites are very long because they have moved so far in the suburbs that taking a commuter air flight would be faster than sitting in traffic. Mass transit is more for blacks on young hipster whites.

The hate is getting obvious again with many white areas now forming their own cities because the law prevent them from forming new counties which has been tried a few times.

Interracial dating is low compared to the west coast. The schools in black areas are horrendous. The negative rap video culture RULES with an iron fist around here. In general whites, blacks, hispanics, Asians all keep to their own kind. Where I live, outside of my work place, I can actually go weeks without saying anything to a white person. They are only a sprinkling left and even they wish they could be gone as well. I actually get surprised when a white person speaks to me when I go to other states because I have no interaction with them outside of work.

In all honesty, the entire "United Snakes of America" is a racist cesspool. Diversity is tolerated mainly among all races except with black people. Anywhere blacks live, we will always face hatred and vote our state as being the worst when in reality, all of them are the same!
Georgia's whites are the most arrogant and disrespectful race of people. Georgia newspapers support racial divide. White people in Georgia whites takes pride in keeping blackswith their hands out and providing other whites with a hand up. Georgia is one of many southern states who pass laws to punish and demean black people. Example "Stand Your Ground Law" and 'Right to Work Law", to name a few. The dirty south is an appropriate name for the white infested cesspool. Georgia has a high crime rate contributed to the white man's desire to keep in power. They do thie gerrymandering, hiring corrupt police offices (majority of police force is white), discrimination in every aspect imaginable. Georgia is a nightmare when comes to race relation. Don't come to Georgia to live... The quality of life is deplorable.
Actually I live in GA, born here and raised. To be honest for the most parts in the suburbs and urban areas you don't have to worry even if they are racist they may say something slick or a glare nothing out of the usual. The police are the worst, they racial profile. My dad always said he was happy I was born a girl because I don't have to deal with that kind of pull you over search your car call the K9 unit treatment. I live in Conyers its about 30 mins away from Atlanta. I learned that my face needed to be known in order not to have any problems. I know or have at least seen every officer in the county and even the some white, Hispanic, and of course the black ones know me by face or name (in a good way). My Dad thinks I'm much to optimistic to brush of the hate of those racist but I could careless that your heart is filled with hatred that kind of behavior is generational. They're not going to change anytime soon.

My brother has a Dodge Charger SRT. He's 16, he was pulled over for being black in a nice car. Of course and black kid couldn't have such a car "black people are too poor he must have stolen it"

I work in sales and I have customers all the time who don't like me to help them touch any of their items or check them out. I find it funny someone would sit and wait an whole hour to be helped by someone because their prejudice of me but it's less work for me. One lady loves to come in and tell me everything she hates about Obama, she never buys anything. She just comes in to see my pretty BLACK FACE and complain about black people. If my granny didn't raise me to know how to handle these types of situations, I probably would have lost my job by now.

If your traveling in south GA to FL only stop in the big cities and once you see the ENORMOUS white supremacy flag from the highway don't stop till you hit the border. IT NOT SAFE TO STOP TILL YOU can't SEE IT ANYMORE. Trust so not a good idea.
I live in Vidalia Ga. Yes “The Sweet Onion City”. The people here are racist. You will not find many minorities in positions of influence. Most of the African American people are discriminated against when seeking employment outside of the burger joint on the corner. The African American people have been oppressed so much that most of them have a mentality that there is nothing better for them in this world than what they currently have. That is sad!
Got jacked up in Georgia because I would not tell people what I did to earn all my money (I had my own business and worked two part-timers). Would not let any of the creeps, both male and female move in with me, got SO tired of the SO many moochers down there that as a lady I was supposed to be stupid nice to them even though I was smart enough to tell them all to f$&! Off. Was arrested for nothing, absolutely nothing, but when I won my case I had to again disappear because of all of my "new" friends. Thanks to my experience down there I am VERY successful elsewhere so all you jealous fools can kiss my---! Could not wait to away from there, visited last year, was ready to leave again after two days. The crooks and moochers had not left. My daughter was born there, love it for that but SO glad I got out of that sexist racist place. Where women and minorities know their place, and for the most part, stay there. I couldn't do it. Realized that Georgia was founded by criminals later. Too much later!
To the black man who was born in Los Angeles... uneducated... You said the George Bush was the reason people had to go to prison for crack laws... Wow, do your homework before you give your input!

Washington -- President Clinton signed into law yesterday a bill to continue punishing crack-cocaine crimes far more severely than powder-cocaine crimes -- a difference that civil rights activists say is racist.

"I am not going to let anyone who peddles drugs get the idea that the cost of doing business is going down," Mr. Clinton said in nullifying a plan by the U.S. Sentencing Commission to make punishments the same for crack cocaine and powdered cocaine.
I agree that since I have lived in Georgia for about 8 years I have experienced more racism from African Americans with lighter complexions or the ones who have relocated not originally from Georgia (which I call inter-racial racism) than Caucasian people who are still kind of weird towards African Americans who live in certain areas, or maybe it is just general racism as well. It is so sad that no matter where you go there is racism in all forms and you really cannot believe in anyone but yourself and God.
I have lived in Georgia most of my life. And to me, Georgia is one of the ignorant states I have lived in. I still feel the racist tensions here. When my family and I moved to Saddle Mountain (a suburb on the east side of Rome). No one came to visit or greet us, except one person did. In my mind, these people are still living in the 60's, and to me, that is just right down ignorant. My daddy was talking to a Chinese man named Michael, saying that he and his family to moved from California and he said that no one came to visit him or anything. He moved to Horseleg Creek. A couple of nights after he and his family settle, someone threw a rock in their window. In Cartersville, a Latino lady moved there and no one came to greet her or anything. When, she would go out in to public, people look at her sideways. I don't understand why people would want to live in Georgia.
Georgia is extremely racist. Born and raised here as a biracial person I have seen, heard and been a victim of it all. I have been let go from a job because this idiot felt he had to have an "all white" staff. I've been refused service in restaurants. Along with other obvious racial implications. Racism is far from gone.
Fulton and Dekalb county are the most racist counties in GA. They cater to the black community. Blacks and minorities (Hispanics) get the jobs here first. They layed off my spouse and workers cause they were older white males. The jobs were replaced by young black men. The clinics and DCS offices are in slummed out ghetto neighborhoods. Majority of jobs here have black employees. The schools are just about pure black. I have lived here for 6 years. I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I grew up with black, Jamacian, Hatian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, and other races. Never had a problem there. This state still acts like it's in the Civil War era. This is one of the most racist states I have seen. And it's a shame because GA is a beautiful state that's going to end up like Detroit.
I agree racism is alive but I think I see improvements. I mean 20 years ago my uncle wouldn't even watch a T.V. show with a black or hispanic actor, but now he will. I grew up in a town where people of color don't even fish off our bridges, but my dad's mama invited a man of color to her house (not sure how her husband felt about it, though). I hope and pray racism is dying more rapidly than some think. White Man in S.E. gA.
All these racist people need to go back to there original countries. United States is not for them. We can not stay stuck in the centuries old thinking. The world is much more than just color of the skin and there are many colors my friends - all very beautiful.
I lived in Atlanta area for almost 10 years and really regret that I came to this town. White people who really don't know what they are talking about got promoted easily. Those people, when they are in power, know how to guard the disgusting past of the old south.
I Haven't been was planning on relocating to atlanta, but all of the reviews I have read stress the racism, its sad that ignorance has not been lost, so I will not be making that move never really liked the south just thought atlanta would be different, they can keep their ignorance, it just shows a people unable to evolve, More sad is people that allow it and don't know who they are and allow the ignorance to dominate them.
I totally agree with the first post. I am originally from New York City and I moved to Atlanta to experience racism from other blacks. It was really hurtful to see my own people treat each other that way. They all claim to be Christians and no one really lives in a Christ like fashion. I' too relocated back to New York because N.Y. was never as bad as Atlanta.
Georgia is still a very Red State, and opportunity is unfairly balanced for non-whites especially for Blacks than for Whites. This State always goes against the peoples rights, and many people are full of apathy, and wont vote, or support what is right for them in making a solution to fit everyone's needs.
I moved here (and am white) and never have I felt more aware of my color. I have been disrespected more in the short time I lived here then my entire life on the west coast.
Georgia BY FAR now I live in the suburbs and still racist but when I go down to see my cousins in south Georgia its open season it doesn't matter who called who if your black or just a minority you will probably get yelled at.
I have lived in georgia (augusta) area all my life and there is some racism epecially in small town its very sad to see that in 2013 but it does exit. As a believer in the body of christ it gives me hope and joy knowing that it will be all over soon and those of you who have the spirit of God know what I am talking about.
Baseball in south ga is impossible to play especially at a college level. My school was the only junior college baseball team without any black. They cut all of us during tryouts and we were far more qualified than the people that made the team and played our position. Last year we had a black kid who played with us and the coach would always racially harass him on the bus. It was awful.
I happen to have experienced Georgia racism up close and personal. I own a home in a white section of a particular subdivision in Bethlehem, Ga. It was the worst mistake I ever made. I live across from the most evil and envious white people on the planet, who hate the fact that I am not the trained n r they would like me to be.
They have tried everything from hacking my computer, harassing me on the phone etc etc. The sad thing is the more the do, the further into the gutter I see them falling. Even in the midst of their own demise they cannot stop. Hatred drives them. Sad but true.
From Los Angeles living in Georgia. don't come if you don't have to.
My step son has A.D.D. and is bipolar got arrested for arguing with his sister and the racist cops put a terriost threats charge on him. And they wont even let him come to Los Angeles to get the help and medication he need. Ga. Mental health programs are backwards. Racist state racist judges and police.
Yes, I must say, it is very racist here and you can see the separatism. I'm from New York, and not to say they don't have racism but Georgia is the pits! So I do so agree with this persons opinion.
I'm Asian and lived in Georgia for 2 years. I meet racists at least 2 times every month. Some of my experiences are here: I was waiting for my friend in front of Publix. A white guy who was going into the store threw away a trash bag to me and he said "this is your lunch box". When I walked around Georgia Tech, two white students of Georgia Tech yelled me "Hey China~~~! Go back home~! ". When I was in Premium Outlet, a white guy yelled me "FXXking Asian community in GA! " When I was walking in the airport, a hispanic guy yelled me "Hello China! Khahaahah" Finally, I decided to leave this crazy country as they want. Sometimes I cannot understand why I'm working for this country. So, I'm preparing for leaving for my home.

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