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21I'm gonna ride the pig!!!

22Bizarre Quantum Fluctuations In Utero Of Chinese Xenophobic Metamaterials
This really cracked me up


24Evil Toast Monster
I'm so saying this when my friend is talking seriously to me
He's going to hurt me but that's ok.

25Chicken with an RPG

Chocolate why your so good but I have to kill me you now rest in peace

27Waterbourne Silicon-Based Arse Buckets From A Wormhole In The Middle Of Nowhere

28Inedible Fruits Squashed Potato Soup With Frog Livers!


30I talk to bananas
I talk to the voices... There telling me to kill my cat...
This is funny haha
I thought I was the only on that thought bananas can talk

I need one more penny. I only have $7,146,761,049.98... Man, I need more money! THEN, I'll be rich, and get whatever I want until the money's gone!

32Higgs Bosons Erupting From My Inflamed Tonsils In Pasta Form

33Logical Monkey Turds Walk Into Bars Trying To Create Cannibalistic Human Beings

34Stuff on


36Did I shower this morning?


Iknow write who invented wow anyway?

39George the Purple Cow
I have seen purple cows in the original Ben 10.


40Halo spartan in a grass-skirt and a coconut bra
I like this a lot!

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