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101More papaya where you soften the closest proximity to forcefully make it tumble quite frequently like smashing your elbow skin a bunch of times and rolling left and under not so much. Lasagna.
Now THAT is very random. Well played, sir, or madam.


Now THIS should be number one!


102pressbox- worthy leopards

103Liver Let Die

104Hannah Montana and Albert Einsten
That is so so so so so so col

105The Holocaust

106Let me give you some television ketchup apples with basketballs
I prefer mine with fish fruit thank you


1082 plus 2 equals fish

109Large pickled turnips dipped in Alfredo sauce and fed to a 20 foot rainbow unicorn hippo
I lead RUF the rainbow unicorn force so I love Unicorns

110Nathaniel Sugarbottom plays the glockenshpeil while wearing a suit made of porcupine fur


112The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight
Very random. And don't start saying that my username is random.


Apparently it's a secret reddit password or somethinng.

113A narwhal ate Bob Jimson so I unlocked the doorway so we would go to the alpaca show and eat popcorn that will be as crunchy as hobnob biscuit with fried yellow long-nose butterfly-fish because I am a cloud that way
I like narwhals there awesome like super awesome with jelly and kick ass horn and they make shish kababs

114Eurovision goes crazy

115Cheeze Pie
Cheeze Pie is awesome. =3 Best random sentence in the world!


116Big League Chew
This is a type if gum. laugh out loud!


117tree root

118This List

119The Legend of the Sacred Turd

120Help! The narwhal's horn is stuck in the unicorn's eye!

121butter toast bitch

122Attention everyone! I have decided, I like key lime pie!

123Put down the macaroni and nobody gets cheesy!

124Oh my god! Laughing my ass off!

125Toe-nail clippings

ITS HAM AND EGG ROLL TIME (just like peanut butter jelly time only HAM AND EGG ROLL TIME)

127Wallpaper Paste

128Fuzzy Pickles In My Belly Button

129Fast! Blow up the evil pencil case before it crashes my diamond sword!
This actually happened... Really! It DID happen. If you don't believe me ask my partner Megajack3 here...


131Flubbers, the fluffy furball!

132Zozo, the cuddly puffle!

133Koala cake!


135Borris the the light bulb eating bycicle
It's dangerous to Korean paint sandwiches.


136Rubber Duck

137What would a tiger sloth look like?

138Sgt. Peppers Lonely Night

139What does the fox say? Ring ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!
OK, you made the point. Just stop singing.


140I like trains

141Duck, you first


143Michael Dudikoff

144The Evil Bush Monster


146ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!

147sleeping bag bag

148bunghoy choy

149Megan Fox

150spoiled ducks

151Railway pizza

152Pimply Face Town - The town with the most volcanoes.

153Now can come what wants and the other think also so.

154Evil tubby
Is this a reference to TbbyEmu

155Honey! Don't butter me!


157I'm dead

158Billybob the Random Purse Snatcher
I don't know why, but this is hilarious!


159Dry hump someone

160A mayonnaise jar is eating my pickle!

161Fried Eggs Stole My Sofa

162spoiled pepperonies

163You chezzy monkey

164Is mayonnaise an instrument?

165The world was new but Mr. Hingleson ate a piece of cheesecake and then let it all out so now the world is flying and is made of mustard THANK YOU MISTER FOPPLEMAN
Yes. This is so true it is scary. You know that? I'm scared... Ooh, I taste good--I'm mustard. WEE!

166Electric Monkey

167Jack Nicholson marrying the purple monkey dishwasher

168Poop flavored ice cream

169Scene Kid

170One time I died but I got better

171Scotch tape will own the universe when that pig starts writing "my mom smells good" on the wall

172My Mom is the Terminator like Arnold Scharzenneger Ni Hao I'm Khi Lan

Motivation plus constipation equals world domination across the nation

173It's over 9000!

174Is Sparta! an instrument?
No, stupid person, it's a number of the alphabet!


175Why have you stolen my banana-smelling paper cutter?! I need that for catching a trout at night!

176My uncle's BFF is Steve the giant chicken

177You mean to tell me they don't sell chicken liver?!


179ya mum on

180Self elected cabbages vary unilaterally with the tempest

181Digiabeja13 with super book facebook eating the mapache in the corner of that ancient trash can

182Aerofleet socket

183Flotation Hippy

184Purple zombie panda's with swagg

185Time Travel Hippo

186Look! A distraction!

187And when I entered the tree house there was a hobo on a unicorn...

188(pees pants) am I bleeding?

189Turkey Sauce!

190General Pickles
Haha I just made up
This character who is a pickle that's a general that's the whole storyX3 please vote 4 me if you want 2 live! :3

191caramel lipstick

192The leaping flognog flew through the chiminey, and landed on a dreary pizza and kicked the pickle.

193Tom Felton put on a hat made of a mammoth's armpit hair and frog tongues.

194You are acting like a biscuit.

195Let's go back to the future days when I used to jump on the pancake with my friend Mr. Watermelon.

196Michael Jackson and the dragons.

197Talk like Yoda, I do not.

198I saw a fire breathing dragonfly!

199Body builder that radiates rainbows with dancing monkeys shooting lazer pistols at a large mechanic squirtle

200I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back...... I, want.. my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby ba.... No, Really. I WANT MY BABY BACK!
This is funny! You should make a parody of the whole song and then put it on YouTube!


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