Top Ten Most Romantic Singers


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The Top Ten

Ville Valo
If love was human, it definitely would be Ville. His songs are pure poetry... his voice is seduction... He IS Romantic even when he talks.
I love the voice of Ville, is unique and sexy and very romantic. His eyes are beautiful too, but his voice is the only one, only his voice can make me feel extremely happy or make me feel sad. I just love Ville Valo.
VILLE VALO should be the first and yeah his songs are very... Very romantic. Of course he is great.
[Newest]Ville Valo. I could listen to him all day. He writes lyrics that are very powerful and thought provoking. He's incredibly attractive and intriguing. And romantic in the poetic sense. He is probably romantic in more ways than he'd acknowledge.
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2Michael Jackson
It's so beautiful when he sings I just can`t stop loving you plus it's the number one song of the best love songs list I'm going to sing this with M. C.


He just makes me want to do him. I mean I sometimes cry just knowing I will never get to hear him sing in his sexy voice
MJ puts so much emotion into his ballads he should be in top 10!
[Newest]You are not alone

3Bryan Adams
I'll always be right there... The song that changed my life!. God this man can touch the heart in a way no singer ever has. Deserves to be number 1
He is really the greatest one, I love his songs
He is great singer in the world

4Kumar Sanu
He sings amazing romance songs that make your heart burn
He is no doubt the best ROMANTIC singer the world
He is unbeatable in romantic songs. He should be in top 10. His romantic songs are heart touching. He produces the true romantic feeling.
I am a fan of kumar sanu. I love his songs.
I like your voice

5Celine Dion
she's true romantic singer... by the sense of her emotions on every lyrics of s song!


! She is the best! She sings the titanic song " my heart will go on! " I love her! I herd her live at a concert and she is beuatiful! She has a natural voice! Believe me! She should be at least the 3rd! She is all the way down to 12! Everyone look her up on YouTube and listen to her songs so we can push her all the way up to 3,2, or 1! Please read this and do as I say!
no one can romantic like her
[Newest]Love it celine is amazing

6Enrique Iglesias
If there's any singer who can make his fans rock and cry, that is only enrique iglesias. The way he sings and make his fans entertain is great. He is a legend and no one is there to compare with him.. So he must be the number 1 in this list
Really he is awesome... His songs really touches our souls.. And he is not only the most romantic singer but also the most romantic person. The way he sings makes me feel that he is with me... Really...I love him.. For me no one can take his place... Lov3 you forever.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ :-)
The best singer ever.. He can make you cry or rock you from bottom.. His songs are purely magical..
[Newest]This is the most heart touching singer with his shaking voice...

7Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury is the most romantic singer of all time, no question about it. Just listen to Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy, Seaside Rendezvous, Love of my Life, or I Was Born to Love You. Incredible!


How Come Freddie's not Higher?

She's absolutely the most original, and the greatest performer, with powerful and romance voice that leaves us shocked and amazed. She's definitely number one, she can sing her heart out and she sings her own compositions which make her even better
Chithra's all of romence songs are hit because of her romance voice
Chithra has a very powerful voice and change it according to the song even romance... love her voice... "
[Newest]Even very complex song's romantic expressions are very simple to her. Very down to earth person. You will never find such a gem any where else in this planet (male/female)

He is unbeatable in romantic songs. He should be in top 10. His romantic songs are heart touching. He produces the true romantic feeling to the audience in his songs.


My favourite singer is shaan

10Whitney Houston
Whitney has many romantic songs, like "I have nothing", "I will always love you". Ecspecially, "I will always love you", I always cry to that song!

The Contenders

11Sonu Nigam
He iis the best.. If you can't believe just listen him.
When sonu nigham sings the song so that time every Hart going to beating...

Something To Remember (album)--- enough said!


13Shreya Ghoshal
Heart touch voice! Shreya is Best singer

14Elvis Presley

15Alka Yagnik

16K.J. Yesudas
Greatest singer Yesudas, God of Music and Voice of India and my favorite singer is Yesudas. I like his all romantic songs.
Kalyana then nila...
With no prejudice hear his melodies in peace
Dream your 20's with his romantic songs
Sleep calm
He is greatest indian singer great voice das is god of indian singer

17Eros Ramazzotti
He is so good, his lyrics are very, very good... OK they are the best! And his music, I love his music, because, all of he said, it is true! His live and he, all of this is in his lyrics. And I adore his voice. He is Best!
His voice is great. Only 4 words to discribe.


19Shania Twain
The "The Queen of Country Pop" has real heart breaker songs, they are really emotional songs and of course full of romance



21Taylor Swift
She sings amazing romance songs that make your heart burn for the person you want to find and shatter at the thought of losing them. Her songs music, lyrics, and her voice go reall well together.
she is no doubt the best ROMANTIC singer the world can have


She a romantic singer, but not the best


22Leona Lewis
She can do her songs in a really lovely way. So emotional too.

23Lata Mangeshkar

24George Michael
I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool
I should have known better than to cheat a friend
And waste a chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I danced with you


25Bruno Mars

26Abhijeet Bhattacharya

27Mohammad Rafi

28Toto Cutugno

29Ronan Keating

30Kavita Krishnamurthy
Kavita krishnamurthy is one of the most famous INDIAN film playback singers.

She is classically trained and has sung a wide range of classical-based songs. Inher career, she has worked with a variety of music composers,
Including R. D. Burman and A. R. Rahman.
She is also the recipient of four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards, including 3 consecutive awards in the period 1994-1996 and the prestigious Padmashri which she received in 2006.
Romance not only appearance but also the way of singing and create sound.
She is real romantic singer... Her emotions gives life to words... Her romantic songs is heartfelt, soulful and beautiful Words become more romantic thing when kavita singing No one can sing as romantic as kavita
Kavita voice is extreme romance voice
Kavita krishnamurthy has a very powerful voice and change it according to the song even romance... love her voice... "

Romance not only appearence but also the way of singing and create sound

She is real romantic singer... her emotions gives life to words...

romantic lyricist and romantic lusty singing voice and talk voice


32Anuradha Paudwal

33Kate Bush

34Jon Bon Jovi
Always by bon jovi is my favorite it is so romantic and heart warming

35Aria Tesolin

36Chester Bennington
Epic scream that melts the hearts of millions.


37Shayne Ward
I like really much shayne ward. He is potencial. He sangs really romantic songs. He is the best

38Kishore Kumar


40Tiziano Ferro

41Rob Thomas


43Mandy Moore


45S.P. Balasubramaniam

46Karthik (India)
I go mad after your voice... it'll be so pleasing so soothing that I sometimes cannot control myself... keep it up and try to expand your voice to western also

47Engelbert Humperdinck

48Udit Narayan

49Avril Lavigne

50Michael Bolton

51Faith Hill


53Frank Sinatra
Wandeful singr! I love songs frank sinatra forever

54Steve Perry
Best rock voice of all time to me


56Shafqat Amanat Ali

57John Mayer

58Horacio Palencia
He sings so romantic and the sings in Spanish that he sings

59James Blunt
Real romantic singer with Amazing voice... deserve a spot in Top 20... Just listen to his soulful voice " Good bye my lover" "You're beautiful"...

60Sadhana Sargam

61P. Unnikrishnan

62Jason Mraz

63Dora Carofiglio

64Ryuichi Kawamura

65Luther Vandross

66Teddy Pendergrass

67Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Shocked to see Rahat Fateh Ali Khan not even in the list...! He should be at least in top 20.

68Chris Brown
He is also a good singer like his song with you so romantic you know


70Adam Young (Owl City)
He should be up there in the list!


71Zucchero Fornaciari

72Valentin Elizalde

73Arijith Singh
He is the one whose each n every song is worth listening...
Listening to his voice send ripples in the body...
Especially the song tum hi ho unplugged version from MTV unplugged

74Julio Iglesias
Most romantic of all!

75Matt Monro
Greatest romantic ballad singer ever

76Atif Aslam
Atif aslam is best romantic singer ever
I love atif voice
He should be on no. 1

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