Most Romantic Things to Say to Her

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101You are my world, my everything
she loves it when I say this too her. She says it makes her day.
I used this one.. it works guys
This would go great with #99

102I would be lost without you
That's a really sweet thing to say! Thanks!


That was so great know I know how to tell her that I love her a lot


103They say life isn't perfect, but I say it is if you have your soulmate
Stare away then finish line looking into her eyes. And go in for the kiss cm
wow thats sweet, but then you stare at her lips and lean in 4 a small kiss then she gonna wanna makeout with you
yeah, this is sweet. i said this to my girlfriend and i thought she was going to melt.
[Newest]They say life isn't perfect, but it is for me as long as I have you...

104Being in love seemed to be such an exaggeration but ever since I fell for you, I know exactly what it means because I would do all those exaggerated things for you.
This is a really good thing to say to your special someone! I'm gonna try it 2norrow! It's amazing gives a real deep meaning in it! It would be so perfect to say to your loved one...
It's a great line to use my girlfriend lived it

105Goodnight sweetheart
Iv said this to my girlfriend loads of times but she just says thanks but I think its a great thing to say when your about to go to bed or shes going to bed
Sam (me) : I Say goodnight sweetheart to my girlfriend each night, its very helpful if you don't have a nickname for your girlfriend/ boyfriend, for me I don't have one for my girlfriend, so this is very useful
when she heres this she is going to say awwwwwwwwwww.!!!!!!!
[Newest]I always say this to my girlfriend when she goes to bed

106Come with me, we can dress up real nice, you can hold my hand, and babe, we can be rockstars...
This is from a story that I read in school about a creepy dude hitting on a teenage girl!
Pedophiles use this line
Come on this ain't nice at all
[Newest]Dude this line sucks don't USE THIS!

107You are like a pizza. every slice of you is perfect
Don't! Say this if the pizza looks like crap. Love this one though.
Say that while the two of you are eating pizza together, would be incredible adorable.
Remember to say this while eating papa johns pizzas

108When I look at you my heart starts dancing on my tongue, 'cause it's too much for my chest to handle!
So cute I love it
It sweet. I would love it if a boy would say that to me
This is so cute. I would probably melt if a boy said that to me.

109No one can take you from me
. . . because no matter what, you'll always be in my heart. "
Wouldn't be that good to say over Facebook but in person it would be perfect just perfect
You should be careful how you say this 1.. Might sound possevive... But in the right way its reli sweet

110I have chosen to love you
Not good because she will act it's the hunger games
Not good'because when you love someone it has to come from your heart and not your brain

111If I could hold a star for every time you make me smile, I would be holding the whole night sky in my hands.
Make sure to tell her this on a clear and cloudless night, follow it by telling her that you love her.


She loved me so much and she was crying for me and I thank this site laugh out loud haha
She loved it, we were out on a picnic it was a beautiful night and she absolutely loved it
[Newest]It would be better if you said I ran out of stars when I first met you

112You complete me
This is kinda cheesy 2... It can sound a little stupid... But it can mean that without her youd be nothing... So its kinda romantic
This may sound like from Jerry McGuire but, I think this ones the best
I Say This All The Time And Works Like A Charm

113You captivate my every being
This is great work you have done so far, I was losing my baby but now I try using this words and she is bad to me with great love, thanx so much
Shows that she means the earth and the stars to you. Making eye contact is vital. Mean it with your whole heart!
I hate you is Wht she said after this abd she said when you said that I k we you didn't live me

114I need you like a heart needs a beat
Um... But it's to late to apologise... It's to late.
This is not good at all.

115Kiss me
I love it when she tells me this
Say this to your boyfriend, he will love it and kiss U.

I'm a guy
This is super sexy when a girl says this to you, not gonna lie. It always gives me the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that she still loves me and wants my attention.
[Newest]I'm a dude and totally agree with "source: I am a guy"

116I wish there was a pause button on life, because I would use it every moment we're together
This is the best one my girl loved it. she kissed me n told me shell never leave me. she also said I'm the best boyfriend ever she loves me more then ever =D
It just tells it like it is. I think most people feel this way, I know I do. It just alway seems like there is never enough hours in the day, especially when your with the one you love.

117Baby, your that shooting star that I've always been wishing for.
That is cute. Love this one
That's what id use its a good phrase
Change baby to your partners name because baby is a little cheesy

118Before she falls asleep, Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you...
From an old Mama Cass song

119If I had a shotgun right now, I'd point it straight at the sky at shoot heaven down for you.
Sorry, but um who the crap made this? A phsyco path?
This is lyrics from Bradley nowell from the band sublime
That's sounds more like what a redneck would say... I'm going to say this to my country beauty she will love it.. Thanks
[Newest]Okay... So you think so! Nah that's a turn off dude where you at mars #says a girl_unknown

120I used to wonder if there was a reason to live. I don't wonder anymore cuz I found my reason, it's you.
That's so cute, It made me smile and get tears when I saw it, I hope this one gets up on top 10!


This is such a good and amazing line, it so awesome and cute hope this can get up to the top 10 I love this
I hope this works to a girl who moved miles away because I love her to peices and all I want in life I'd to he with her. If it works ill be surprised and I will tell you guys what happens

121You are the spark to my fire
fire represents energy or soemthing wonderful in the universe.
spark is the point which make fire more outstanding%
Bummer If your ginger x
you start me up with love

122I wish I was tucked up in bed with you all cuddled up and cosy
perfect especially if its night and you have nothing so say all it takes is
wanna know something (to act manly) even though it kills me to say it like this I wish I was tucked up in bed with you all cuddled up and cosy
This is seriously a really cute thing to say. Love it when my boyfriend says it to me. Always makes me want to be by his side
So comforting, as this is the best to say when TLC is needed!
[Newest]Said it too my girl and she loved it

123I dropped a tear in the ocean and when I find it, it will the day I stop loving you.
Mt girlfriend cried when I said this because of this we getting married
I hope your right bro because she means the world 2 me, and I hope this doesn't ruin us
Very sweet :) I totally love it ** finds tear.. (. _. ) " oh my "
Said this to my girlfriend in a text and she said she felt like tearing up it felt great knowing that I make her feel so special thanks
[Newest]Told this to my girl, and she said I better not ever go to the ocean ๐Ÿ˜Š

124There are so many beautifull things out there, sunsets, autumn tree's, but you (insert name) far surpass all their combined beauty
i thought this up on the spot, and it made her smile, and thats all that matters to me
god, she makes saying these things so easy
I loed this one and it's a surefire way to make your partner smile

125I want to be the best, because you deseve the best.
It's best when you fail at something and then she tells you that all that mattered was you did your best... You could say this line..

126When I'm feeling that nothing in the world is going right, I look at a picture of us together and know that you can't get any more right than that
This is honestly really cute, all guys should try this line on their girlfriends
It is right you get a really good feeling when you see your wife or girlfriend because they complete U.
What if you don't have pics together yet? I mean I do. , but some people don't?

127I can bring you out tonight, but with 1 condition... hide your wings. I don't want people to know that I have an angel walking beside me.
This is by far pn of my favorites because my girl is an angel to me.. I said this to her and she huggued and kissed me till I counldnt take it.. I love that girl to death
Wow my girl loved this
Its an amazing quote... I Love it and even my Angel will love it :-)

128If you asked me whats more important you or my life id probably have to say my life.. and then you would leave me not realizing that you are my life
this is good to send in txts

Haha my girlfriend used to give me brownie points. Most of the things I said to get them I found on here. She quit counting after 1000 I probably have about a million now
Worded just right, just used it last night and she said it gave her the warmest feeling, an got me a whole lot of brownie points
[Newest]I would say "you" because I would give up my life to save hers

129I would die for you
AS LONG AS ITS TRUE... this is the sweetest thing!
AWEE.... cute.. but sometimes not true.. but girls do smile at this one.
I usually say this to my sweet girlfriend

130As long as I'm with you. life does not matter to me.
I used this for my girlfriend and she looked down shyly then kissed me I love this one
Um, I used to think the same thing when I was with my ex wife... Because I wanted to commit suicide I was so miserable.

131I'm so happy with you and never want to change it
Perfect to say it on Facebook

132Baby you'll never be mine, I'll always be yours
The most noble statement any man can say to a women!
I agree with the chick! This is beyond stupid... Whomever made this I'm sorry but no... Just no
Would this be good to say to the girl I love?
Because she doesn't like me

133I'm sure there are thousands of girls out there that cry on their pillows every night, and each single one of them wishing they were as beautiful as you are.
She said aw because it too sweet
Little offensive but still works!

134Babe, I never knew what living meant until I met you
My girl kissed me right after I said this to her

135My brain is good for one thing and that's thinking of you
This works for me because my girl is always calling me dumb
^ that guy is hilarious!

136Having you beside me today is better than any gift in the world.
This is the time that we had a special occasions that i don't have gift for him. He said this to me.

137No one can replace the feelings that I feel for you
She hugged me so tight that I closed my eyes and smiled forever.. that was the sweetest moment.. best said when cuddling and staring right into her eyes..
My girl really love it so much

138You could be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I don't want to wake up.
Swear this is part of the lyrics in beyonces song sweet dreams? Xx laugh out loud
Yea these are lyrics from sweet dreams by Beonce

139I'm sad. I'm sad because I'm here, and you're there... And there doesn't know how fortunate it is.
This one just tells a girl how much you miss her without actually saying it, great one to text. Gonna try it tonight with my friend. :-)

140I smile everytime I hear your name
this is amazing it will make her smile and feel so special and just keep coming with the romantic compliments
I smile a lot because my girlfriend's name is Emily and there are like 30 Emily's in the school, so I smile a lot,

141I would give you the world if I could
But how could I give you the world if you are my world

142I love you not because of who you are, but who I am when I'm with you
Favorite one so far without a doubt. If you really love someone, you're gonna want to be a better person FOR them.
I am not with you because of how it makes me feel but how I make you feel

143I made a wish and you came true.
My wish came true as soon as you walked through the doors of my heart, but when I got my wish lots of others didn't because they wished for the most beautiful angel in heaven.
I said this to my girlfriend and it really touched her.


144I dont know what's going to happen tommorrow or the next day but I know everyday we're together is the happiest day of my life
That's just wonderful to express my felling

145You know where you should be? In a dictionary as the definition of perfect.
Haha this is so perfect if my boyfriend said this to me I would completely melt then probably kiss him then melt even more this is just a wonderful except the only thing is I would word it differently I would say " Hey I was looking in the dictionary today and under the word perfect I seen your name. " I would seriously burst into tears of joy if he told me this

146I guess people are right, love is the strongest word in the human language. Cause every time I'm not with you I get so weak, you are my love.
Just say it and see what reaction you get. Mine was marriage.
My Girlfriend Asked me If I meant It I was Like Yeah And She Started Crying x3 Also asked her if she would marry me.. She said yes :D! So Thanks to whoever made this One up

147I've counted all the stars in the sky. I think I'm missing two of them. They're in your eyes.

148The thought of you and me together makes me feel like I wanna live forever
My girlfriend was so happy
Boo kissed me soon as I said it

149Your my own personal bomb because every time I see you my heart explodes
This one really worked said it to my girlfriend and sat their crying
Laugh out loud my girl giggled and blushed
This really work I like it thanks who ever post this๐Ÿ‘

150You may not think you are perfect however to me you are unique and your uniqueness is perfect to me
My girlfriend told me "baby I'm not perfect, so I said, baby to me you are perfect even wit your imperfections. " After that everything just fell in place

151There are only two times I want to be with you, now and forever
Um... Forever includes now, so this really doesn't make an sense btu if you take out the now part I would be priceless

152There are millions of girls out there, but I would pick you over them a million times.
I'm going to try this one with my ex girlfriend wish me luck
Worked for me when me and my girl had some problems.

This worked especially since my girlfriend thought that I liked another girl. Thanks!

153when I look into your eyes I see the rest of my life, and I see it with you.
No doubt this is exactly what I see looking into her eyes

154Dear God the only thing I ask of you is to hold her when I'm not around and I'm much too far away
Doesn't avenged sevenfold sing this as their hook for the "Dear God" song?
I ask God this all the time when I can't be around her it may be song lyrics but they are deep and true, I always wanna be sure she is safe and happy whether I'm there or not.
Holy crap I never expected Avenged Sevenfold to be on here. That's awesome. Imma try this someday. Maybe sing it to her.

155I love you and whenever I see you my mind just tunes in to your face and everything else just fades away. Then my heart starts beating fast and I start getting a little nervous and I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are.
This is an amazing line guys I have used it. It really dose work. So my opinion of it is that us guys should use it a lot more
My boyfriend told me this and I pretty much just melted


I love this cause when ever I'm around her this happens an she always ask whats wrong but I can never find the right words an I just did.
I said this to my girlfriend and her cheeks went so read and she cried with joy and lunged at me haha honestly the stuff on this site is great I've said most of It to her and she is madly in love with me now

156Want to drive my Porsche?
Yeah go ahead and lie to her so she'll send you to the dog house
This is to flashy man. Like money is more important. Is kill the world just to see my baby smile. Cars are worthless compared to the words spilled from the lips of my angel.
This should be on the list of top "ten things to say that will get you dumped by your girlfriend"
[Newest]Laugh out loud I love this one

157You stole my heart, so can I steal your last name?
Perfect to ask her to marry you.

158I was born to love you
If you think it then say it she will love you for ir.. Say it while pushing back her hair & looking in her eyes
haha i said that to the girl of my dreams

159When I'm with you I've found my heaven and if being with you is living then I don't know death

160You are the brightest star in that darkest night

161Gravity isn't to blame for me falling for you
This one rules I said it 2 my girlfriend and my m8 needed a crow bar 2 get her off me

162I never knew someone could be so close to perfect.
When my girlfriend heard me say this to her she almost melted and jumped into my arms. She said she loved me and never wanted to let go. Guys... its pure gold.

163How does it feel to be the most gorgeous girl in the world?
My girl friend sed are you mad don't be sily to this one aha
I said this to my girl and her exact response was: it feels great because I'm loved by the sweetest cutest kindest amazing great guy named (my name)
This ill HAVE to go for...

164There are 6 billion people in the world and the only one I want to be with is you
This is so sweet! I swear it'd make any girl cry with happiness!
I said it to my girlfriend and she went crazy over me! Amazing thought!
That should be like a vow or something...
Wow that was so great that I almost started to cry. But I'm saying that to a girl named neia are beautiful...and you being gorgeous is a bonus.
this quote tells her she is a beautiful person inside and out.


166You're the heart that beats in my chest and the blood that runs through my veins. You make me feel alive.

167You are the greatest thing since bread came sliced
Laugh out loud! That's jokes, great one to use! My girl kalisha smiled for long and we ended up having sex haha

168I close my eyes and I am with you

169Your liquid eyes and body slims in your eyes I swims
THIS IS SO DAMN STUPID! I mean were you drunk when you came up with this?
Really though, you couldn't come up with anything better? No offense

170I love you and there's no other way to explain it but that
Hm. Interesting Buh would really work on d right time

171Girl, if we were ever to separate, I dont think my heart would withstand it

172If we broke up, my heart would break up too.

173Each time I look into your eyes I see us together for the rest of our lives
Hell, this one makes me cry. And that's syaing a lot.

174The burning love I feel for you is stronger and more powerful than if I was caught in a house fire.
Works, Made her cry... Good luck with it.


I am a fire fighter, this is perfect for me :P

175Hey guess what? I went to the doctor today and they took an xray of my heart, and omg you know what they found inside?! You of course!

176Look at me, I'm blushing
without a doubt the most realistic way to say that you like him or her
The. Best. Seeing a guy blush is such wonderful feeling! That's incredibly hard to fake.
I have trouble not blushing
How can you stop yourself?

177Sweetheart, you're my girl.

178Your smile makes my day
Can you put more stuff

179I want this forever
my gf loves it when I tell her this

180I always thought that moonlight is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, until I see you
Aww, this is actually pretty cute, I would like to hear something like, "... Till I saw you" or "... Beautiful thing and its your fault, that I've changed my mind"... Maybe add a "to you" to that, would sound romantic

181You drive me crazy... in a good way.
This is a good line to use right before you plan on kissin' a girl. Look at her and say, "You drive me crazy..." wait a while then add, "... In a good way." Smile when you say the last line and she will too. That's when you go in for the kiss
omg! i effin love it when he says that to me!! it makes me feel in control!
Personally, just a smile and "You drive me crazy" would do it for me. If the moment is already romantic, a woman will know what you mean when you say it.

182I'll be in trouble if you let me go
You need to tell her that without her in your life you are nothing, shes your everything.then tell her how much you love her!!!


183I'm so proud of you.
My boyfriend said this to me after I sang in front of a crowd. it made me feel extra special that night.
Well after something that he is
Proud of her obviously it is sweet... get a boyfriend!
My girlfriend used to cut and shes still recovering and today I asked her if she had cut and she said no. I said this and it just felt really good to say. I really am proud.

184Baby you light my fire.

185Thank you for making the stars shine brighter for me

186You're the one.
My boyfriend tells me this. it makes me so happy because I don't want to be with anyone else.

At a Christmas party, he told the people he works with all about me and how I was the one. that meant so much to me

187You're the breath I take.

188I love you no matter what because I love you so much

189You mean the world to me and nothing will change the happiness you have given me

190I cant wait to see our kids and our grandkids that we have together
You know it's going to last

191I only have eyes for you.
The all ways - eyes for you chorus Haha but really works said it to my girlfriend and she started to blush really hard then she pulled me in to kiss her

192I never knew God existed until I met you
a good one for when you are staring at her eyes, or holding her hand in a field at night or at the beach at dawn, or just when you two are at home, but make sure she's in good position like on your lap, and your
mouth up to her ear and whisper, or
she could be laying on you, and you could be underneath her and whisper that to her, did it to my girlfriend, she loved it, when she said: "I love you too" I kissed the side of her ear, and whispered:
"I love you more" that was our tenth date, and now weve been dating for 2 years
The guy below me is a real man. He is absolutely a real man. I can't think of another guy who is better out there. He is an inspiration to me.
Don't mix god with the crap in this world

193The sun doesn't have enough light to describe how much I love you

194Did you do something with your hair, because you're prettier then ever.
Even if the girl didn't do anything with her hair and you say it, it will boost her ego and it will make her know your interested in her.

195You are all I ever wanted in a girl ... and more.

196You know when people say, wow shes got an amazing smile or look at thoughs eyes and stuff like that? Well, with you, it's everything, you're perfect.

197Without you I'm always incomplete
That's the greatest thing I ever heard

198For crying out loud you know I love you
Taken from an incredible Meat Loaf Song

199When she asks you know what I wish? say what? Be more perfect? Because you can't

200Without you there's no me anymore.
My boyfriend says it to me all the time.. makes me melt.


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