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Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great untill I ran out of stars


I added a little twist to this and said last night when I was driving home I stopped in the middle of the overpass, looked up at the stars and started matching each one of them with a reason I love you. I was going great till I ran out of stars. She looked at me smiled and insisted on going to the bedroom. Trust Me. This one works!
I said it to my girlfriend and she hugged me and told me that if she ever lost me she would die. Then we kissed for along time

This one should be number 1
This is so sweet! I'm a girl and if a guy said this to me I swear to god I would cry and I don't cry over things like this. I mean come one I watch Repo the Genetic Opera, a movie where if you buy an organ and you don't keep up with payments someone comes and rips them out of you. Take it from a girl's perspective guys, you should get a posotive reaction from this.
I recently said this to my girl but it was on my bday. So she starts crying and kissin me then the next thing I knew we was havin hot sex on the couch.
There's some power in those words boy!
I think this one is the best because its just so sweet and romantic it makes me want my boyfriend to say these kind of things to me. The first one is ok but this just would make me feel so special, happy and just good to have a guy who is thoughtful enough to say that to me. I hope some day one special some one will say some thing like this to me.
This worked out great 4 me and my girlfriend

I told her this and then after skool she told me 2 go to the park and when we got there I asked her y and then she took me into this hiding spot and hten we started making out so thumbs up 4 this 1
It is simply beautiful... We often look at the stars from different locations at the same time... That's why it's simply beautiful! I can definitely see it in a romantic movie placed at the perfect time, talk about an over the top line... Whoa!
I'm not at that part in my relationship yet but this is so good if you say that to a girl she will speechless I highly recommend you to say it because she will love for a long time to come and this one is hands down the best one there number this should be number one I plan using this later on in my relationship and it is so romantic so this one is the best one in the world
This is one of the sweetest things I've read. This could be said anytime but I think if you were lying with him/her under the night sky you could say the same thing. Maybe you could even show her/him ;)
I was talking to a girl and she seemed like she wasn't interested at all!

So were hanging out at my house one night and were with a few people by my fire pit they all run in to get a drink. It was just us talking and then I said this and she basically melted in my arms.
Wow... This was amazing... It made me think of my girl friend and how much I love her this is truly and amazing little quote I just texted my girl friend and said this to her... She started crying and said " I love you too"THANKS FOR THE ADVISE!
I love this one. It's really how I feel about my girl. She is amazing and I love everything about her. Nothing I don't like.. I'll be sure to tell her this one, but I'll have to admit I didn't come up with it! Funny enough she will think it's cute I was looking romantic lines!
SUPER SWEET! My husband told me this when we were dating and now, look where we are... We have been married for 25 years. I love you, Jonathan!
Why is'nt this Number 1? This is the best thing to say to any girl or boy, going out with her or just bestfriends. This is just an Amazing thing to say to anyone! I'm not dislikeing the roses I just strongly feel this is the one.
There was a challenge posted on facebook to see which guy could message a girl something to make her smile. I used this as a template and sorta remade it to sound like something I would say, and I won, now I have a girlfriend that expects lines like that all the time, most amazing line ever
I said this to a girl id liked for a really long me. She said she wished she was hanging with me. I told her to do what I was doing. Then said this she started kissing me and then said "don't ever leave me" I told her, never babe.
She melted in to my arms and kissed me right away she said I was the only person she has every really loved who ever made this you are genius she said she loved me more than her parents and she will never break up with me thank you for this post
I loved this one it actually made my girlfriend cry on my shoulder she was so happy this deserves to be at the top cause there are so many stars up in the sky and I could think of that many things about my girlfriend she is just that amazing
This is a great thing to say and mean it. Never use these lines on someone and not mean it... Not that you actually counted all the stars but that you actually care that much about her!
This should be number one. I'd say this to my girl but it would cheating my way out of sweetness. I usually come up with things better than this. But this is by far the sweetest thing a man could say to a girl. :) very nice.
This one is clearly the best. When I said it to my girl, she instantly told me to close my eyes, then she kissed my lips and whispered in my ear: "You really deserved that." So lads, at the right time, say goos things about your other half, then good things will happen back
If my Boyfriend told me this.. I would jump him ;) if you catch my drift but no guys actually think about saying this stuff sadly... :(
all the girls I've ever known are nuts over a guy that could use a line like this and then follow it up with something sweet! including the girl I'm crazy over!
This is so cute, because it shows how he is thinking about you, and how much he loves you. The stars are also very romantic. There are an infinite number of stars, so if he runs out of stars, it means he loves you infinitely.
My girlfriend said she had three good reasons for me, sexy, funny, and then she attacked me viciously for sex... This one works okay laugh out loud

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