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August 4, 2015 - For everyone that wants to know some really evil bands if you like them or want to stay away from them. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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I think this band of pure evil demons is the best of all times! I don't know who would say any thing bad about them like that
Number 1 and 2 were hard to decide but these guys did some bad stuff in krakow they had bloodbaths and fake crucifixion and the lead singer tortured someone and they burned a lot of churches
The krakow concert has to be the most disturbing concerts I've ever watched. The band was actually arrested on blasphemy charges for that concert by the polish government. Awesome stuff. Check it out on youtube.
[Newest]I'm all about black metal but gorgoroth is the worst I've ever heard, and yeah their all massive posers

Euronymous will probably forever in history be the most satanic, evil figure in black metal history. Once stating that he favoured the totalitarian style of communism practiced by Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot, and was against individualism, compassion, peace, happiness and fun, Anyone who votes for nunslaughter or bands like that, should stop and listen to some of mayhem's lyrics, and even their riffs are more satanic than nunslaughters lyrics, and definitely more so than cradle of filth and Gorgoroth.

Hail satan m/
These guys are totally messed up obviously Norwegian they are totally psycho burned churches to
If Mayhem is not the most satanic band, I don't know what is... COF have some satanic lyrics, but they are not real satanists! Only band comparable to Mayhem is Gorgoroth!
[Newest]I'm seriously surprised to see how this band is still going on today. After all the screwed up crap they did back then (lead singer kills himself, guitarist takes a picture of lead singer's dead body and places it as the cover of one of their albums, guitarist openly admits that he's a satanist and wants to spread hatred, sorrow, and evil, bassist kills guitarist, the list goes on).

American metal has a good name but then Deicide stepped in and made it sound like church burning was in USA they had some church burnings in Texas
I don't think there is a single song that doesn't bash on Christianity, their first single was lunatic of gods creation. And every album since then has just been just as anti god
Their lyrics are completely against Christianity, the singer has even said he was Satanist and has repeatedly branded an inverted cross into his head. These guys are the most satanic band ever.
[Newest]The most evil American band ever!

True Satanists to the core! Most black metal bands stray for the Satanic banner and became new age hippies. NOT MARDUK! HAIL MARY from Serpent Sermon is the most satanic song ever made!
These guys are very satanic. just listen to their lyrics. I don't think antim grahan is satanic though


If anyone asks me to list my favourite Satanic bands, the first one to be called out will always be Behemoth. Their music alone is enough to kill Christianity. The song "Lucifer" is a must listen.
Behemoth are not a satanic band...they are just anti-christian...they have some satanic lyrics but weren't written by nergal...also nergal believes in thelema...and other members are atheists as I think...but behemoth are one of the best bands ever to exist!


These guys are scary as and for all of the people who refer to marilyn manson as one single person... You are wrong!, it is the name of the band and some of these bands are not even satanic
[Newest]Definitely one of the best! Good lyrics and good music!

6Dark Funeral
These guys are totally evil with a capital E all of their songs are about satan they swedish
The Logo is satanic and their songs.
Dark Funeral is one of the best satanic bands.
[Newest]It's so good to be bad

One of the best Old School Death Metal Bands ever! Really good, fast, brutal, alcoholocaustic and satanic band. What is Antim Grahan? If they think they're satanic, I think I'm Lucifer himself. Just listen to Satanic Slut, is an armageddon anthem! Support true satanic death metal!
This band is over the top and addictive. Collectors go nuts over them, and their catalog is worth it. The lyrics, imagery, artwork, and the music itself is totally satanic. Of all of the bands on the list, which name can you not drop in normal conversation? Nunslaughter.
Nunslaughter are the best band in the whole list.
And one of the few that play REAL metal. Some of the abominations listed are crap.
[Newest]I love this band. Its addictive, its worth every second listening to Nunslaughter.

No band portrays the true cause of theistic Satanism in the candid manner that Ghost does. Without these artists, we would not have songs like "Ritual", "Year Zero", and "Monstrance Clock." Through their Satanic efforts, the dark lord Lucifer is honored and exalted by those who adore and vilify his grace alike. Papa Emeritus II of Ghost has foreseen the future of man, and it is grim for those who have not accepted Lucifer and the 5 Kings of Hell into their broken souls.

Ghost is a band of true embodiments of the Lord Lucifer's unholy labour, and with their help, his work is achieved. Lyrics such as "Come together as one, for Lucifer's son." and "Hail Satan, Archangelo! " shape the way into the mind of the sheep of the earth, through their catchy, laid back metal and charmingly evil lyrics. As well as the technicality of the musicians themselves. A satanic clergy, and enigma, which is meditated upon by the masses. Every listen and thought towards them is a testament of good-will to Lucifer and the 5 kings.

The simple fact of the matter is that Ghost remains the pinnacle of Luciferian Satanism or "Goat Worship" music available. Pick up Infesstessimam today.
"Hear our Satan prayer Our anti Nicene creed
Hear our Satan prayer For the coming of seed"
We Are Here
For Your Praise
Evil One"
"Come together, together as a one
Come together for Lucifer’s son"

Satanic lyrics, pure and simple. This band should be number one... Both in this list and in the world!
It is really funny that iron maiden, Lamb Of God, Korn, BMTH, Slipknot, Cradle Of Filth, Avenged sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Children Of Bodom, Marliyn Manson, Cannibal Corpse, Judas Priest in this list.. This list is ruined... Ok slayer is maybe full of satanic lyrics but we can, t forget that Tom araya is christian and what leads to their satanic lyrics is the writing of Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman... And Cradle Of Filth make a satanic look, a contervesty to just get fame but they never meant it... And also the death metal band "death" if you checked their unreleased demos you may find satanic lyrics due to chuck wasn, t the frontman of the band and the band was orignally named "Mantas"... And at last I want to say... Ghost looks satanic.. Makes satanic lyrics with high experince... But what you must know that the band ghost ain, t satanic at real their main vocalist is a POPE of chruch of England...


[Newest]Absolutely love these guys! When asked in an interview if they believed in Satan, A Nameless Ghoul said, "what matters is he believes in you"

9Mercyful Fate
Jesus Chrsit they should be no. 1! Most of their songs have Satanic themes, and the lead singer King Diamond actually was a Satanist!
All lyrics are Satan glorifying
Why are thease not at number one or at least in the top ten

10Antim Grahan

The Contenders

11Cradle of Filth
Cradle of filth isn't Satanic dani filth clearly states this in several interviews. Do your homework next time
Cradle of filth is not satanic! Its not even pure black metal! It just has some elements of symphonic black metal. Know the band before you post stuff. There lyrics ain't even satanic, its demons and ghost and gothic romanticism.
Their early work was satanic but they left it, why these guys are at the top of this list?


[Newest]I love cradle of filth...

12Suicide Silence
Suicide silence is not a satanic band... DARK FUNERAL would be a satanic band.
This is not satanic!
When the hell was suicide silence ever satanix?
[Newest]They more death metal

Not to put ACHERON as number 1 here is a travesty. They are about the only ones who sing only about Satan.

14Justin Beiber
HA! Maybe satan put him here to torture our ear drums!
Hmm. Even though Justin Bieber may not look satanic or scary or anything like that. His songs are nonsensical, cheesy and at times heavily corruptive of the basic human nature. Unnecessary glorification of teen love, ridiculous style that is somewhat attractive to the modern day teenagers. Not to mention his huge fandom consisting mostly of teenage girls that are obsessed with him. With this I say that he may or may not be satinic. But if he is one, even by only 20% then he is a force created by evil to be reckoned with.
In the music and movie industries it really does not matter what they look like or what their message is. Anyone with any real fame is in the least a puppet of the illuminati or has openly claimed to have sold their soul to the devil, like lady gaga and katy perry. selling your soul. which is actually real believe it or not. There really is supernatural power in good, but evil power is far more tempting and unlike righteousness, does not need to be earned
[Newest]Obviously, his song Baby is a torture to our ears.

Not satanic at all.
Charged for murder of the guitarist of mayhem and burning 4 churches, the guy was a big member of the church of satan he was released from prison very recently he's norweigan
Varg isn't satanic. Even though he's killed a person, burned down churches, and incited racial hatred against Jews and Muslims, he's not a satanist.

16Dimmu Bogir
A lot of satanic lyrics but I am not sure if they burned a lot of churches
Dimmu borgir is a really awesome band
The best black metal band I've ever heard,
[Newest]Shagrath has stated that he is satanist but he is not a usual satanist!

17Marilyn Manson
He is in no way satanic or evil. The only reason one of his albums is called 'Antichrist Superstar' is because he thought religion was a negative influence on society. How religion has led to many wars and extremist groups like the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church.

He also stated that he doesn't promote bad behavior in his fans.
First of all I love death metal and metalcore but 100% satanic. News flash not only his music is what predicts if he is a Satanist he is a leader of a anti Christ committee there is a bunch of videos of him on YouTube talking about it and burning bibles and what not. Just cause he is nice doesn't mean he ain't a Satanist. Murders and criminals can be very nice people as well
I love him very much. He is my idol.
[Newest]MM never claimed to be a satanist. And he doesn't at all encourage violence and evil in his fans



Black/death metal from Austria. Every song is about satanic rituals, violence against Christians and loots of sexual perversion. (Sometimes with animals. All album art is evil, but specifically anti-christian or satanic? Check out the artwork for "the last supper" and "Lucifer incestus"
Blinding blasting, blaspheme lyrics, relentless, and satanic references, and art-work. Awesome and talented band
Belphegor is THE MOST satanic band ever
[Newest]This band is pure evil

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