Top Ten Most Scandalous Celebrities


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1Marilyn Manson

no he didn't.. but I can still see how he ended up 1 on the list ;) - scatsmith

Marilyn Mansons the best and I can definitely see why he's number 1 he is probably the most controversial artist of all time - ComaWhite21

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2Michael Jackson

So eccentric and he's not like Lady Gaga, Marylyn Manson, Miley Cyrus etc who all purposely act uniquely, his is genuine. He was very misunderstood and some people decided to judge him when really they had no right to as they didn't have to live through his sad childhood.

Eccentric, child-like, and misunderstood

He molested young boys. Nothing creepier!

3Paris Hilton

With the exception of Manson he was probably the most contriversal artist of the late 90s early 2000s. - Chris-1

Sorry fellow MJ fans but he's the most controversial People ever. - skyebrntt

5Amy Winehouse
6Mike Tyson
7George W. Bush
9Lindsay Lohan

Do I need to add anything down here? - kolostat

10Pete Doherty

I LOVE YOU PETE DOHERTY. But please fix up your life, it's a mess. But I still love you, from the bottom of my heart.
Oh, and can you please get together with Carl? Thanks

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1150 Cent
12Peer Van Mladen
13Britney Spears
14Courtney Love
15George Michael
17Avril Lavigne
18Tom Cruise

I respect others beliefs but scientology?
come on this guy is usuing this as a way to get media attention... and stop b*ching about manson he is a great artist and apart from the fact that he was a cocaine addict he was a really normal person... and he only reason he bought the human skin and the human skeleton was for his artwork!
in case you people didn't know he was also an actual artist - Okami

19Chris Evans
20Charlie Sheen
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