Most Skilled Hockey Players of All Time

Now remember it's not top ten best point getters, it's most skilled. I was around when Bobby Hull started tearing up the NHL I have seen a lot.

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1Mario Lemieux

This guy was amazing don't get me wrong gretzky was a great, at getting points. But to be able to turn a team that was going bankrupt and make them a stanley cup winning team.

Mario the Magnificent! What else can you say? This guy played hurt most of his career. He was a one man scoring machine but also a play making genius. Mario was the most skilled player I ever watched play.

Born in 1980, I started following hockey around 1988, so I missed Bobby Orr and Gretzky was still in his good years but his 200 pt seasons were behind him. That being said, when it comes to skill, Lemieux was bar none the best I have ever seen.

Most talented player to ever live.

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2Wayne Gretzky

The guy below me pointed it out well, he was an average skater, average shooter, he was also below average in physical strength and couldn't throw a body check. He didn't do what he did because of his skill but rather because of his hockey sense. Pure skill, a few in NHL history would have to be ranked ahead of Gretzky.

Gretzky was not the most skilled player. He was an average skater, had an average shot, wasn't the kind of player that could turn you inside our like Mario or Kovalev. He was the most intelligent player and the purist scoring machine the game has ever seen. We will never see another one like him.

There's a reason why Gretzky scored 1000 PTs more than the 2nd place guy. He was just that much better than everyone else

He was the best

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3Bobby Orr

Bobby orr in my opinion is the most skilled hockey player of all time. He missed his prime because of knee injuries and is still the only defenceman to ever win the art ross, twice

They new about him when he was 10 years old if you sign a contract with a 10 year old he going to be good

Ahead of his time. Unbelievable skater and did it all making it look easy. Definitely in the top 3 for sure.

Bobby orr changed the way the game was played forever he is the best ever

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4Pavel Datsyuk

All you have to do is watch best all time

Pave and Bobby Orr are tied # 1. I meant paved and he could do the impossible.

This is what I can say he's one of the all time best

He is definitely a team player

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5Bobby Hull

One of the most complete players ever. He could skate, shoot, pass and body check with the best of them. He regularly helped kill penalties with the Black Hawks as well as manning their power play. He could stick handle with either hand. His great speed and tremendous shooting power allowed him to do things most players could not. Best goal scorer ever and could fight with the best of them when he was abused by the hatchet men--which was often.

Greatest left wing ever. Most dangerous goal scorer ever. Nobody else who ever played had as much strength, speed and shooting power as the "golden jet". One of the most complete players of all time. Should be higher on your list.

As a complete player Hull is very underrated. He was a great passer (having started out as a center) and could give out devastating body checks. Ask the 1976
Russian team which player on team Canada hit them with most crushing but legal body checks.

The golden jet in my opinion was by far the best goal scorer ever.

6Patrick Kane

What The Heck Kane Should Be IN The Top 4 - Awesomelionking10

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7Pavel BureV1 Comment
8Maurice Richard

Amazing better then everyone in the NHL today

9Gilbert Perreault

No one could skate and stick handle like him. He was electrifying and one of those rare players that regularity brought fans to their feet Had he played for a team like Montreal he would not be underrated like he is now. He was like a faster Mario Lemieux.

10Sidney Crosby

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?Alex Kovalev
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11Jaromir Jagr

Few players display more tools then the Czech born superstar. His super human strength, powerful shot, elite playmaking and exceptional puck control simply places Jagr as one of the most skilled players of all time. Boom.

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12Gordie Howe

Don't forget the era in which Howe played, I know that for part of his career, the NHL only awarded 1 assist per goal, during the original 6 era, he was always playing against one of the 6 best goalies in the world and also, the NHL never had 80 games in a season until he was 40... interestingly, that year, he got his career high of 103 pts (yes, at 40). No other player ever had a 100 pt season at that age (Gretzky got his last one at 35, and then 98 at 36).

Bobby orr and Wayne Gretzky both have said Gordie was the best player. Even scotty bowman the most successful coach has said it. That says a lot coming from 2 of the all-time greats. Howe could do everything both as a left and right handed player. He was also ambidextrous

I would love to have put howe up higher but when you think about it he played much longer than any one else and only got 3 on all time points. Don't get me wrong 3rd is high but even without playing in the scoring era he should have got more. Still amazing player

13Kent Nilsson

According to Gretzky... The most skilled player he ever played with.

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14Stan Mikita

Most underrated great player ever. Could do everything as well or better than Gretzky--except score goals.

15Valeri Kharlamov

Kharlamov was bobby orr of Russia. Maybe the greatest rw ever. He was the top dog of the 1972 summit series. If it wasnt for bobby clarke Russia might have won the series.

Kharlamov was an unknown largely because he was Russian at a time when Russians didn't play in North America. Was he good? Damn rights! Some of the greatest hockey people at the time regarded him as one of the most highly skilled players ever.

16Alexander Ovechkin

That guy is pretty big and hers really skilled

Best hockey player in the NHL today.

17Zdeno Chara

Shouldn't be here in my opinion, he's just an alien 6'9 guy who's super slow

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18Teemu Selänne

Teemu is the Finnish Flash a god

19Phil Esposito

You have to remember this he had the most points for one season before people started getting unreal amount of points.

20Doug Harvey

I didn't have enough space to put them on the list but he was the best defensive d-man ever no question about it second most norris trophys tied with lidstrom amazing.

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