Most Smelly Animal Poos


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Human poo
its bad enough that you have to smell this everyday when you use the bathroom


Human poop smells good sort of got used to it. Animal poop may smell different because they have bacteria that can break up foods that we may not.
Our poo stinks VERY VERY VERY badly!

2Horse poo
This should be number one because we smell human poo every day.
It just has a very nasty sweet smell and it smells like old peaches
I love horses but there poo is the stinky.
[Newest]Ate it once, horrible

3Cow poo
I really like cows. Except what they... Excrete from their behinds. Not right. And my poop doesn't smell... That bad.
I live on a cow farm, and there poo just stinks the whole place out. You cannot get away from the smell!

4Pig poo
Depends. I love the smell, but tastes bad

5Dog poo
This should be at number one, not human poo. We smell human poo every day to the point that we're used to it. Dog poop is way worse.
Have you ever stepped in this crap? It smells horrible. It is so bad that pigs died because of the smell.
God awful smell :((
[Newest]I stepped in it once and I almost vomited

6Elephant poo
I go to the elephant house all the time and it is stinky
It stinks so much

7Monkey poo

8Cat poo
I say cat poop is the worst. I once picked up a cat at church and it diharead all down my leg. It looked like mustard and smelled like shredded chicken.

9Rhino poo
one time my sister was at the zoo and this rhino just pood right in front of her and the entire house that the rhino was in smelled so bad. now she knows not to go messing around with Rhinos even though she didn't know she was making it mPr

10Goat poo

The Contenders

11Skunk poo
As if skunks didn't stink enough already, their poop is really nasty.

12Mouse Poo

13Lion poo

14Aligator poo

15Rabbit poo

16Sheep poo

17Bird poo
Why does it smell so bad?

18Flamingo poo
Literally the worst thing I have ever smelled it should definitely be #1

19Bear poo

20Gorilla poo

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