Top 10 Most Stupidly Hated Bands

Some people hate bands who are actually good because it's the cool thing to do. These are the bands who have been subjected to that and shouldn't have been. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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I see too many people saying "Metallica is garbage" or similar nonsense. While I personally don't like their most recent albums (except Death Magnetic, that one is pretty good, ) their first four albums were excellent. I figure most people who dislike Metallica probably haven't spent much time listening to their older music.
Hi guys, I'm glad too see you all hear stand at Metallica side! They just did not deserved to be so hated, they have few bad albums but hey guys remember good old albums they are working hard to do what the do today to be one of the greatest Metal bands, I meet some people how said thinks like Metallica is not true trash. I think Metallica is true Trash metal band so this is all of me, have a nice days and stay rock.
I do believe Metallica can be really overrated in some circumstances (IE Master of Puppets being voted best on almost every top ten to many top tens, people tlking about Enter Sandman like it's better than anything, people claiming Fade to Black is the most emotional song ever written. ) But at the same time that doesn't make the band bad. And albums such Load and Lulu aren't really signs of weakness in my opinion but rather the band falling into genres people don't like. And at least Metallica shows true expression and emotion in there music unlike some bands.
[Newest]Metallica shouldn't be hated at all, but everybody should hate kanye

2Marylin Manson
Most stupid white middle class teenagers are scared of Marylin Manson. That's why they gang up on him. But Manson doesn't care and neither does his fans. He has amazing guitar rifts and if you don't get it you never will.
Best song: THE DOPE SHOW
People hate him to look “cool”. Same reason why they hate Slipknot.
I don't see why they are hated so much. They actually make decent music.

3Limp Bizkit
I'm sorry but the lets rag on Fred Durst because he's white and accidentally started a riot bandwagon is one ridden by people who've never even heard a limp bizkit song. Limp Bizkit has that juvenile delinquent vibe and heavy rifts that makes me go insane every time I hear them. Limp Bizkit might not be as good as Led Zeppelin but they're pretty awesome.
Best song: BREAK STUFF
Thank you. Limp bizkit might not have the talent of bands like led zeppelin. But they tap into my adolecence angst better than any other band period
[Newest]Fred Durst is the reason I don't like them.

People hate slipknot because of their imagery. Trust me if they dressed like limp bizkit and sung about the stupid ignorant crap that limp biskit does they would be just as popular
Chad aplin from Iowa is the backbone of this band best singer he took cory to school and showed him how to sing. Every slip fan should thank Chad. Chad aplin rules
Meaningful lyrics, explosive drumming and one of the most uniques voices in metal. Can't see why everyone hates them.
[Newest]What are you doing up there Limp Bizkit? Slipknot is the worst band ever.

The Beatles is a non-stop bleeding ear fest, absolutely incomprehensible, unrelateable in real life day to day feelings or anything ever and 100% unlistenable, whenever trying to look at or listen to the ugliest and stupidest people on the planet the blood in my veins boil over, steam perpetuates from every hole and the source of amplification must be destoryed along with dumb retarded supporters. I will not be friends with listeners of the Beatles, I don't sell to beatle fans, they are less than human, it's not even a band, I refuse to accept they are musical and have stood by my belief for many years
Who in the world can hate The Beatles only low life people like kids these days saying oh 1D is better than The Beatles and all that other crap like that.


Anyone who hates Beatles must be in insane asylum.
[Newest]I'm allergic with the Beatles

6Bob Marley and The Wailers
People think MR. Marley only made music for stonners. As always those people are just biggots who haven't listened to the soul and lyrics of a Bob Marley song.

People just hate to be cool and fit in with the crowd. They act like Nickelback is the musical anti-christ. Nickelback is an awesome band with great songs. Chad knows how to write great hit songs that people remember. People also say that all their songs sound the same. Untrue! Compare Burn It To The Ground to Lullaby. Different tempo. Different song structure. Different instrumentation. Different lyrical topic, obviously. IT IS CLEARLY A DIFFERENT SONG! You must be deaf or just plain stupid to think all their songs sound the same.
People regularly hate Nickelback for their chart songs. However, most people don't even know the band's other, hard rock side. I admit, there are some Nickelback songs out there - like Lullaby for example - I don't really enjoy. Nonetheless, most of Nickelback's songs are hard rock/post-grunge, whatever. That's what I like 'em for.
People who make these stupid, pathetic generalizations grind my gears. Everyone, they are just hipsters. They can't fit in anywhere else so they pick this to hate on. And it really irritates me. Chad Kroeger is a very good singer and a very good song writer.

Chuck is a genius and he clearly set out to make real music rather than follow a trend. Like death doesn't sing about satanism or killing people because they don't believe in that. They actually try to spread positive message about philosophy and politics but are still brutal and heavy death metal.
No one really knows death outside of the death metal scene so saying that they're hated is a little rediculouse. But chuck is amazing

9The Monkees
A pretty decent rock band once you look through there back cataloge

Nirvana is underrated as well as overrated. After Kurt's death the isle split even farther, but I am on the side that appreciates the passion in their music as well as what they did for a generation!
Who started the let's blame nirvana for Creed and Candlebox trend? Because someone should take a baseball bat to their car. Nirvana has some of the best song writing and emmotion of any band. Period. RIP Kurt you did one hell of a job.
What the hell does Creed or Candlebox have to do with Nirvana? They are crap, Nirvana isn't

The Contenders

11Linkin Park
Linkin Park haters should hate all music because Linkin Park has mixed rap, rock, metal, alternative, and punk into one thing. With so much for so many different types of people to love why do people hate them so much? Oh yeah! They're stupid.
You are right who made this list is of course mad stupid... Linkin park always gives hit songs whenever they release their album
This and limp bizkit, limp biskit isn't good but not one of the worst of all time, lp are amazing and give 100% energy every live performance.

12Insane Clown Posse
Why people hate ICP? I'm a Juggalette, and people are saying: "They just suck. Period. Grown men should not be running around wearing face paint and rap about killing people and doing drugs. Grow up."
That's simply stereotyping. You're the one who needs to grow up and stop judging people by their music taste. It's your life? No. Have I ever done something bad to you? No. Then why do you hate me? Mmfwcl
I love them. They are original and you don't get that often. They are nice and funny guys. They shouldn't get the hate they do. If you dis them you might as well dis all of rap/hip hop.
The best band of all time

Coldplay is an alright band that people appear to hate for no real reason. Songs like 'clocks' are brilliant, although there' later stuff is not as good. What I do hate about them is that people incorrectly label them as 'the most depressing band in existence. Coldplay are in no way at all depressing. Anyone who claims they are does obviously not know the meaning of depressing.
Their music is so soulful. It bugs me when people say "Chris Martin sings falsetto all the time and it's so annoying" because in almost all of Queen's songs, Freddie Mercury sings falsetto. And if you don't like Chris Martin as a person, that doesn't mean you can't like Coldplay as a band.

So what if David is a dick, he's one hell of a singer. That's for sure
He's actually a really nice dude. Met him at an In Flames show once. He tolerated my drunk ass for a few minutes.

15My Chemical Romance
Yeah, they aren't that great a band. I don't even listen to them. However, they are nowhere close to terrible. Reserve the hate for similar bands that actually do suck, like Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.

16Green Day
They are a great band and hated for selling out... Lets be honest they changed there style over time, Green day never sold out they have always had catchy songs with repetitive verses, even in their early days. They are one of a kind, punk or not, and are keeping rock alive!
They are hated for "selling out" and going mainstream... We saw this with many great bands, and unlike a lot Green Day has really been driven by passion and not money!
They're okay, my two friends love them, though.

17Blood On the Dance Floor
They suck so badly its not even funny man they should be the most hated
They're so awful that I don't even need to explain why.
Why is this not as hated as the others come on

This is a band that has been around since the late 80's and can play a mix of jazz, funk, hop hop, alternative, reggae, punk, and some metal sounding riffs. They also have a great message to a lot of their songs.
While not on the same levels as bassists such as Victor Wooten, Jaco, Geddy etc. , P-Nut is an amazing bassist and is the highlight of any 311 show. Oh, and nobody does "the robot" like SA!
People think they are just a Sublime rip off or a douchy frat boy band but they are way more versatile than most bands that I've ever listened to.

19Fall Out Boy
Why does Fall Out Boy get so much hate! They are a brilliant! They are great singers and they are NOT emo! They put up with so much hate! Why? I love Fall Out Boy, they are the best band EVER!
Fall Out Boy is so amazing they have such a unique sound
FOB is love FOB is life

20Avenged Sevenfold

2130 Seconds to Mars

22Asking Alexandria
People don't like them but I think they have amazing lyrics and no matter what the crowd even though it is mostly 12 girls that focus on the lead guitarist and singer their whole band is well put together and amazing

23Pierce the Veil
Lead singer sounds like someone has dipped his balls in acid


25Black Veil Brides
BVB, is such an amazing band! They have really awesome and meaningful lyrics.
Chad Aplin is the real lead singer Andy lip sings to Chad Aplins voice

26Sleeping With Sirens

27One Direction
They are horrible, when I fell down the stairs with my guitar it sounded just like their music.
I don't normally listen to them but they're not that bad and the member are actual very nice.


Probably the worst band I ever heard it's like listening to love advice from 2 year olds

30Bullet for My Valentine


32Design The Skyline

33Children of Bodom
I don"t see why so many people in the brutal death metal scene can hate COB. They create great music but are still considered to be sellouts

345 Seconds of Summer

I love them! I don't know why anyone would hate them. Their music sounds amazing and each and everyone of their songs have a different sound.

36The Vamps

37Bloodhound Gang

Great metal band that are often hated in the metal community as they are seen as the fore-fathers of modern (insert metal genre)-core / nu metal, most of which is rubbish. Pantera themselves however are superb

They probably hate them because they think they're "satanic" which is a really stupid idea to hate popular rock/metal bands.

I swear this whole rumor of rock and metal needs to die. How would you people like it if I went around saying that country and rap are satanic? Would you fans of those genres appreciate that?


41Suicide Silence

42Guns N Roses

Religious peoole hate this band for their satanic imagery, but their music is just brilliant.

44Cannibal Corpse
I hate cry baby's who are scared of their cover art and have never actually listened to a single song by them. Cannibal Corpse perfected Death Metal and Dark Humor they're awesome.
Some people just go on their YouTube videos to hate, these people obviously don't get the music, they're one of the best death metal bands I've heard, their cover art is disgusting (I say that in the good way). This band may not be for everyone, but it's completely useless to complain about how digusting they are.
This is death metal at its weirdest probably one of the most discusting bands of all time

45Rage Against the Machine
One of the best bands ever
I am so tired of people saying that ratm is just for people that like screaming their music is great and they love to experiment

Rush isn'r really hated that much, but they are extremely underrated!
You're right. So are Dream Theater, Radiohead, and Nightwish. People really need to get a closer look of the music world.

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