Most Talented Blues Guitarists

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61Howlin' Wolf

Belongs up there eith Muddy Waters and Lighnin' Hopkins. Smokestack Lightning...

62Kim Simmonds

How could you forget one of the best from Savoy Brown?

63Tab Benoit

If you get the chance to see Tab live, you won't regret it!


This guy is from Indonesia. He can rain it down on you. Far East Blues Experience is a terrific collection of tunes. An unknown who should be known.

65Lonnie Mack

Every guitar player on this list knows Lonnie Mack. One of the cleanest players around. Way ahead of his time.

66Michael Burks
67Pat Travers

Incredible rip your face off guitarist. One of the best ever!

68Joanne Shaw Taylor

AAyoung girl who plays with the ferocity and skill of someone twice her age. Anyone who makes you stop what your doing, mesmerized, and say "tear it up girl! " has something going for them. Listen to the guitar prowess on her album "Almost Always Never." Hell in the song "Jealousy" she's unstoppable. She once said "to be top female guitarist you have to be Hendrix like." I'm pretty sure Hendrix would tip his hat.

69Ronnie Baker Brooks

Ronnie learned his chops from Buddy Guy and Buddy's friend Lonnie Brooks... Ronnies father. RBB grew with all the Chicago blues greats during the past 35 years or so. Check him out some time, you won't be disappointed.

70Big Bill Broonzy
71Lead Belly

Real blues with a great blues name.

72Jellybean Johnson
73Taj Mahal
74Matt Murphy

How can Matt Guitar Murphy be left off this list?

75Furry Lewis
76Jimmy Thackery

A real solid blues player, perhaps one of the best out there, very diverse as well.

Jimmy Thackery is the real deal... Jimmy page eat your heart out you wnaker.

Awesome guitarist gotta see him live.can play anything from jump blues to Jimi Hendrix m

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77Rusty Burns

Look him up on YouTube. Lefty AND upside down player founded Point Blank. Also watch him in his current band "Rusty Burns and Big Wampum".

78Steve Gaines

Heart and soul of Lynyrd Skynyrd until his death in 1978.

79Mickey Baker

Just listen to Champion jack Dupree and Mickey guitar baker. Jack and Mickey in heavy blues

80Jerry GarciaJerome John "Jerry" Garcia was an American musician best known for his lead guitar work, singing and songwriting with the band the Grateful Dead, which came to prominence during the counterculture era in the 1960s.

Agree and look at how many he inspired that have followed

Jerry could play anything, deserves better than 74

Played the Blues. His style was more Blue Grass banjo pickin, but still
A Blues man just the same.

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