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Female rtists that are able to write, sing, and compose music themselves. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Audrey Gallagher

2Ann Wilson
Ann Wilson of HEART has the best female voice of rock. She is a song writer and plays several instruments as well. She has more talent than any "divas". Wish she would get the recognition she deserves.
This is just how this poll should be, No two woman come close to Ann & Nancy Wilson They are the best at what they do and that is ROCKKKKK!
A talented and well rounded musician! Ann and Sister Nancy have more "HEART" and talent than any other female s in the music industry! I can't believe they have been overlooked for so long!
[Newest]I do not know who this is

3Sarah Brightman
Sarah is not a "talented musician" but a living aria from heaven!
sarah is one of the most talented musician in the world, she have a beautiful voice, it sounds like angels


4Emma Hewitt

5Stevie Nicks

6Nadia Ali

7Tina Turner

8Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson is awesome listen to her versions of "Don't ask my Neighbor", "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight" where she out performs the singers who had hits with them.
Nancy Wilson is the most all around talented guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, live performer in rock music, she is in a league all by herself!
Yea you gotta agree Nancy can sing. Not as good as big sister Ann but better than most any one else.

9Lisa Lashes


The Contenders

11K.S. Chithra



14Mariah Carey
I think anyone with a 5 octave range is talented. Just saying.

15Patti LaBelle

16Jackie Evancho
Sings pop, classical, movie themes, hymns - whatever it is, she makes it sound better. And she does it in English, Latin, Italian and French too!


17Shania Twain

18Celine Dion
I love you style of music its very inspirational. any time I listen to them when am bored I feel alive thanks a lot

19Kelly Clarkson

20Cara Dillon
Ireland's finest folk singer of the decade. She can sing, play the violin and and flute and interpret songs as good as Eva Cassidy.. She's now nominated in three categories for the BBC radio awards for 2010, go Cara!
OMG Cara's so awesome, I'd die just to be able to see her and Sam and Brian and Ed in concert someday. I'd probably end up being carted off by security but hey.


21Kate Bush
She has an amazing voice, she writes her own lyrics, and she is an amazing dancer. Truly fabulous.
Just the best ever. No one has ever made a better trio of albums than Bush's The Dreaming, Hounds of Love, and The Sensual World


23Chrissie Hynde
Oh please Chrissie Hynde runs circles around some of these women.

24Beyonce Knowles
She's amazing
I love her very much she is the most talented woman in the world and deserves that, and I'm here trying to get to the blue color!
Queen Of R&B! One of the best singers ever and one of the best entertainer ever... And the list goes on!

25Joan Jett

26Joni Mitchell

27Leona Lewis

28Amy Lee

29Shreya Ghoshal

30Lita Ford


32Valary DiBenedetto


Song writer
7x grammy winner
20x MTV winner
37x Billboard winner

34Mika Nakashima

35Britney Spears

36Taylor Swift

37Nelly Furtado

38Dolores O'Riordan
Ok, I am seeing everyone not reading the list as we are not just talking about a singer as most on the list don't even write their own songs.

Dolores writes the music and lyrics of all her songs, plays electric and acoustic guitar, mandalin,keyboards, piano and penny whistle in her songs, very talented and unmatchable in talent.


39Amy Winehouse

40Christina Aguilera


42Jessica Sanchez
For a 17 year old girl, jessica is definitely talented. She've got an amazing voice.
At her age she is allready a legend. I have watched her since she was 7

43Carly Simon

44Utada Hikaru


She's great and very grounded.

47Fatin Shidqia
She's very talented and she win Xfactor indonesia with unique voice, she is 16 years old... The next diva indonesia

48Bonnie Raitt


50Dolly Parton
It´s her without a doubt... she can do everything and she proved it. Most genius musician that ever crossed my path... she can play everything, she sings like a bird and she writes like a poet. SHE´S BRILLIANT!

51Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro is just awesome, far better than this low ranking, she is right up there with Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Can the can, Devil Gate Drive etc, she is one of the original founding rockers, Go Suzi Go
How did this great rocker get over looked by everyone, This list is a joke, she is much better than many here, Devil Gate Drive, Can The Can etc?

52LynZ Way
I love LynZ Way so much, she's an amazing bassist and a huge inspiration to thousands of girls all over the world. Without her I wouldn't know who I was, I would be unhappy in my own skin and I certainly wouldn't have the courage to achieve my dreams, thank you Lyn-Z! Xx

"It's okay to be any kind of woman you wanna be. I wish the world would see that" Lyn-Z

53Simone Simons

54Lindsey Stirling

55Eva Amaral
Incredibly voice, lyrics, etc. Just have to listen to a couple of her live sessions. Not being spanish born, her lyrics are something I can really relate to!
Her voice and lyrics are amazing!

56Lzzy Hale

57Lisa Germano
Not only is she an amazing composer, a good singer, but she plays almost every instrument in existence. Her violin work is awe-inspiring.

58Alison Krauss

59KT Tunstall

60Ariana Grande

61Lacey Sturm
Lacey is so much better than Ariana Grande guys, please voter her up! Please!
She is the nearest...

62Yo Hitoto
She is so talented and makes the most relaxing and beautiful music in Japan
I love her song "Hanamizuki" suprised she was on this list!

63Lorenza Ponce
Amazing violinist, she can play anything!


64Demi Lovato


66Anna Murphy

67Nicki Minaj

68Ani DiFranco

69Patti Smith

70Wendy Waldman

71Norah Jones

72Beth Nielsen Chapman

73Rosanne Cash

74Carlene Carter

75Shawn Colvin

76Lucinda Williams

77Mary Chapin Carpenter

78Sinead O'Connor

79Sarah McLachlan

80Emmylou Harris

81Natalie Merchant

82Suzanne Vega

83Vonda Shepard

84Melissa Manchester

85Carole King

86Avril Lavigne
She's the best thing that ever happened to the music Industry. Her songs actually make sense and anyone can relate to them. The songs like "Everybody hurts, " "Nobody's home, "Keep holding on, " these are the kind of songs that help you through hard times in Life.
The best female singer in the industry. She is also underrated. Smile, Innocence and most of all, My happy ending makes her collection the best in all of others. She is just one awesome singer. I hope she keeps the good work and sings like she did.
Deserves to be at number 1.
[Newest]She wrote a lot of good songs!

87Alanis Morissette
This is a true rock star in the mode of an Ann Wilson. Alanis can sing, write and play guitar just like Wilson.

Polyglot (multilingual) singer, songwriter, guitarist, choreographer, college grad, talent mentor, charitable, femme fatale! I'm sure the list could go on... She should at least be in top 5 if not #1. Who can compare or compete with this bombshell?!?

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