Most Talented Italian Artists That Became Popular Thanks to a Talent Show


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1Valerio Scanu

He is the top... His voice marvelous... Love this singer

Incredible voice... Amazing talent!

Valerio's voice is wonderful :-)

Valerio's the best Italian singer!

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2Alessandra Amoroso

The artist's most famous, that in just a few years has reached dizzying sales, certifying all its multi-platinum album, she is the queen of Talent and rankings

3Marco Mengoni

The powerful and emotional music created by Marco Mengoni, and performed by his charming, amazing voice, enjoy my mind and my soul in every moment of my life.

His voice is the best I ever heard. He sings not with voice but with soul. He's simply amazing. He is the only Italian singer who won MTV Best European Act, in 2010. His home is stage and his live performance are simply wonderful and unforgettable.

Marco have a great voice, a natural voice to sing without make efforts to sounds good. He won EMA10 as BEST Euro and his TOURS are really golden rated! I think he is the male voice of this decade making a pair with Amy Winehouse!

He's the best Italian singer.

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Annalisa is very billiant! I think she has a beautiful and a particular voice! ♥ I love she- ♡

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I love her! She reminds me of Amy wine house and Florence welch. Great singer and music!

6Loredana ErroreV2 Comments

She is a queen of Italian music *-* Go Emma, Go

She is always a really good person and she makes me happy every day with hers songs... I love she forever

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8Marco Carta

Best artist! Distinctive voice and unique.

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9Pierdavide Carone

Great and profound lyrics accompanied by a soft and warm voice which leaves you impressed! Not only a good singer but also a fantastic song writer! I believe that in the near future he will be one of the few artists from a talent show who will still be remembered and most of all still present :)

Pierdavide is the best write-singer of talents... His songs is poem!


Best performer we've ever had on a talent T.V. show... Amazing voice... Incredibly "down to earth artist"!

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11Virginio Simonelli

A true Artist. He writes music like no one else and is obviously also a great singer. I would recommend him to anyone who loves italian music with a certain quality. His latest album called "Ovunque" is a beautiful mix of italian writing tradition and international sounds. He's also collaborated with other great italian writers and Gary Barlow on the song "Tu Mi Senti". A famous italian producer said that he's been influenced by Coldplay, which is not strange considering that they are one of his favorite bands. Listen to him, you will not regret it!

Singer-songwriter for himself and for others, a very talented and humble person... He is pure emotion

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12Francesca Michielin
13Giusy Ferreri
14Andrea Faustini

The most amazing voice on the planet right now, with a voice that shines at its best live because he can. He's voice is always technically of very high quality and pitch perfect, but what makes him stand out from the others is that he is a formidable story teller, with the ability of communicating lyrics with such an emotional and passionate delivery that makes clear the huge difference between who just sing even masterfully and a real artist. Andrea Faustini is one in a million.

Andrea Faustini is one the best singers I've ever heard!

I have to add that none of the people here on this list, would have been able to conquer the heart of a nation like UK (the center of the world musically) and convince them to vote for him, week after week up to the third place. Also when Andrea sings in English is pretty good, contrary to the people on this list that are utterly embarrassing.

Never has a voice given me so many goosebumps, he deserves so much success.

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15Il VoloIl Volo is an Italian pop trio, consisting of singers: the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto.They describe their music as "popera".

Wonderful to see the world embrace three very talented young men and they remain humble--may they continue to see more success and rewards in life for the pleasures they give with their beautiful blended voices..both personally and professionally.

All 3 members of this group were discovered on Italian version like american idol. Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble who happened to have won.

Angelic voices, musically gifted, amazing entertainers, humble & gorgeous; and they are only 18, 19 and 20 years old!

The best Italian voices!

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16Fanno Tutti Cagare
17Pasqualino Maione (Paky)
18Roberta Bonanno
19Gianluca Ginoble
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