Most Talented Music Icons of All Time


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The Top Ten

Julie Anne San Jose
As a 12 year old girl, I just simply say that Julie Anne San Jose deserves this award because she is a total package performer(can act, dance, rap, sing, play instruments) so where can you find a girl like that? Besides, she is a natural girl;yan and maganda Mga parekoys! Rock And Roll!
Julie is very talented. She sings, dances, acts and plays different musical instruments. Everyone knows that!
Julie anne san jose is the best performer and good partner with elmo. She can play different instrument. And good influence in anybody...
[Newest]She really is multi-talented!

2Michael Jackson

3Freddie Mercury
He can play piano and sing like no other human and writes the most beautiful songs. Just pure God-given talent.

4Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho has perhaps the most beautiful voice of the 21th Century. At only 15 years of age she has accomplished more in the last five years than other artist have in a life time.
Most talented female singer ever - and she just turned 15!


Jackie is perfect. What more is there to say?
[Newest]Jackie simply has the most beautiful singing voice in the world.

5Sonu Nigam
His voice is just mind blowing! Blows me away every time I hear his voice! Sonu nigam rocks!

6Regine Velasquez
The Best Music Icon and the most favorite singer in the Philippines.
Regine is truly amazing singer... My number 1 singer
Still the ONE and ONLY. The UNDEFEATED QUEEN DIVA of ALL TIME. The Asia's Songbird, Pitch-Perfect Singer, World-Class Diva, The Philippine Pride, The number 1 Singer In Asia. STILL, Regine Velasquez!


7Robbie Williams
A LEGEND Nobody will ever top this man
One of the Greats

8Shreya Ghoshal

9Paul McCartney

10K. J. Yesudas
The celestial singer - Yesudas - greatest singer of the world
The celestial singer Dr KJ Yesuads. He is my favorite singer

The Contenders

11Rachelle Ann Go
Her notes and vocal prowess are unsurpassed. She simply astonishes everyone when she starts to pour emotions as she sings and belts it out in an extraordinary way. Her versatility and excellence in her craft is evidenced by multiple standing ovations that dubbed her as the ultimate champion and fierce songstress that won even the hearts and praises of music legends such as singer lea Salonga, Ryan Cayabyab, etc.
She is simply the best... Very classy and talented. She truly deserves to be called the ultimate champion--with her powerful voice, amazing stage presence, beautiful persona, she is a complete package. No one comes close to her in the talent department...

12John Lennon
John Lennon along with Paul McCartney were two people who change the music industry in so many ways with their creativity and willingness to explore new sounds

13Elvis Presley

14Jonalyn Viray
When she sings, you can feel her emotions. When she belts her high notes, you'll surely have a goosebumps. When she whistles, you might think it's a bird humming.
Jonalyn Viray's continue to amazed her supporters every time she performed on stage,.
Jonalyn viray... The only artist to match, the Asia's songbird, regine velasquez-alcasid,

15Mariah Carey


17Britney Spears

18Taylor Swift

19Whitney Houston

20Nicki Minaj

21Katy Perry

22Lea Michele

23Celine Dion


25Jaya Ramsey

26Carrie Underwood
Definitely one of the strongest voices of all times.


28Martin Gore


30Kumar Sanu

31Mike Portnoy

32Charice Pempengco
She is my idol. She is such a beautiful person. I'm happy she's finding herself now.

Only one Queen, Only one Madonna

34John Myung

35Noel Gallagher

36Kurt Cobain

37Baabul Supriyo

38Cliff Burton

39Alka Yagnik

40Aicelle Santos

41Lea Salonga

42Bruce Springsteen

Talent... My mans is a genius... Top 10 easily

44Lady Gaga

45David Bowie

46Udit Narayan

47Abhijeet Bhattacharya

48Mohammad Rafi

49Maricris Garcia

50K. S. Chithra

51Kavita Krishnamurthy

52P. Jayachandran

53S. Janaki

54Christina Aguilera

55Elton John

56Agnes Monica

57Kelly Clarkson


59Avril Lavigne

60Pops Fernandez

61Justin Bieber

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