Top 10 Most Talented Rock N Roll Bands

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The Top Ten

Led Zeppelin
Would have gone with Hendrix on this list, but then I realized that Jimi Hendrix was the only MAJOR talent in his band. Led Zeppelin had two guitarists, both on Jimi's levels, an amazing singer and a great drummer. Led Zeppelin put out nearly nine albums, while the Jimi Hendrix Experience only had three. Also, I would have to say that Zeppelin is a marginally better than Sabbath mainly because Zeppelin I believe had a little more talent than Sabbath.


Zeppelin didn't have two guitarists... and if you're counting bass guitar then both Zeppelin and the Experience had the same number of guitarists.
I think Led Zeppelin is a LOT more talented than Metallica. Here is a a comparison of each member:

Guitar: Jimmy Page. Kirk Hammett might not be as sloppy, but Jimmy puts a lot more emotion into his music.
Drums: John Bonham. I think you can figure this one out yourself.
Bass: Tie. John Paul Jones and Cliff Burton are both amazing bassists, and it would be hard to choose one over the other without being biased.
Vocals: Robert Plant. Both Robert and James have strong voices, but I have to give the edge to Robert because of that amazing range.
Led Zeppelin innovated hard rock, helped lead the path to heavy metal, and turned Rock and Roll to what it was in the 70's. No one can top John Bonham's thunderous drumming, Jimmy Pages heavy weight riffs, Robert Plant's bluesy wail, or John Paul Jones arrangement and Bass/Keyboard.
[Newest]Never heard of him

NOBODY will ever ever compare to Queen's greatness. They had the MOST talented front man ever, Freddie and on the other hand, an uber talented guitarist, Brian and an EPIC bassist, John and a super epic back up vocalist/ drummer, Roger. They made their songs out of sheer epicness and they were just geniuses that were exceptionally talented.
They definitely deserve to be number one. I love Queen so much. They are VERY talented. Can you sing like Freddie (no one can. )? Can you play bass like John (I know you can't. )? Can you rock out like Brian (hell no. )? Can you play the best drums ever like Roger (oh, just give it up! )?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, lemme see. And I know you won't be close to their talent. No one can ever come close. EVER.
I love you Freddie, forever and ever!
Freddie Mercury is without a doubt the greatest vocalist I have ever heard, Brian May is an amazing guitarist and Roger Taylor and John Deacon are great too. They wrote some of the most memorable and greatest songs ever together and no one tops them Queen #1
[Newest]Of Course, It's Queen... !

Listen to any song by, from 1974 to the present, you'll be blown away. Rush has three members, Neil Peart is there drummer and is the greatest drummer to have ever lived. Alex Lifeson is there guitarist and is the most underrated guitarist all time. And Geddy Lee is there bassist, the greatest bassist of all time. He also plays the keyboard and foot pedals all while singing Neil peart's unbelievable lyrics. Rush should be number 1.
Rush is a band that has been producing some great music going on 40 years now. From great hits like Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio to incredible epics like Cygnus X-1 Book II (which features change in time signature every ~10 seconds in parts--insane! ) Rush just has it all. None of these other bands can touch Rush in terms of perfection and playing difficulty. Plus they can pull all of the above off live, which is even better.
The Holy Trifecta! It's hard to believe that so much sound comes from a group of three, each member displaying absolute mastery over their instrument. Long over-looked by mainstream pin heads, these guys are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I rate them #1 for the complete musicianship package and #2 overall just behind Led Zeppelin simple because Robert Plant's vocals are superior to Geddy's.
[Newest]Unbeatable in my opinion. The talent and creativity is unmatched in history. Greatest band of all time.

4 Guns N' Roses
Had it not been for Guns N Roses, the late 80's would have been a very dull time. Slash arguably the best guitarist to amerge from the era combined with Axl Rose's stage persona made for a very good combination.
They make me cry every time. I get so emotional listening to them. And then other times all I want to do is dance and sing along, and then I can't stop smiling.

Best band of all time!
Everyone on this band is really really great playing threir instruments, its a really master band
[Newest]One of my favorites

Metallica changed the way that Rock n' Roll is looked at and they share a story in their music
Metallica in the best

You dance to their music whether you like it or not. They have brilliant voices that are perfect for rock n roll, and have some of the greatest songs as well. AC/DC ROCKS! Literally!
It you know who ACDC are, then you are either on the highway to hell or you have been thunderstruck.
Greatest rock n roll band. My hero!
[Newest]AC/DC perfectly encompasses everything that is Rock N' Roll. Their guitar riffs, solos, sound, drumming, and singing is ALL spot on.

7The Who
Roger Daltrey: Great singer with plenty of power
Pete Townshend: Expert guitarists and one of the best ever, (if you doubt me try to learn Pinball Wizard or something else they did on guitar) and a super songwriter.
John Entwistle: I know little about bass but bassists tell me he is superb.
Keith Moon: The King of Drums
The Who deserve to be in the top of this list with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. They are great and very influential musicians.
Let's compare this band to Rush from a technical perspective:
Drums- Rush: Neil Peart-- often cited as one of the best drummers, very precise "the professor"
The Who: Keith Moon-- very explosive drumming, still very technical but may not be as precise as Peart
Bass- Rush: Geddy Lee-- overrated bassist that I can outplay, however he does sing and play bass, but when he's not singing and doing solos it's really not all that impressive
The Who: John Entwistle-- most technically proficient bassist in musical history. Can play in excess of 20 notes per second, and has a highly complex choice of notes
Vocals- Rush: Geddy Lee-- honestly this is up to your interpretation, I like his voice but after a while it get annoying
The Who: Roger Daltry-- great singing voice, most famous scream in rock and roll history
Guitar- Rush: Alex Lifeson-- very good guitarist, great lead guitar
Pete Townshend-- plays great power cords and invented that "bowling ball" style of playing

So, I would say both are very technical and very talented, but because John Entwistle is an infinitely better bassist than Geddy Lee to the point Geddy's playing seems like a joke in comparison, I would have to give it to The Who. I think Rush should definitely be in the top three for most talented rock bands, and so should Yes
[Newest]Best live band ever!

8Iron Maiden
ER they are the best not queen!
I love queen but truth is there's no band as much talented as Maiden
The only thing Maiden can't do is to produce a bad song

9 Aerosmith
Before Aerosmith, Rock n Roll had mostly been a British Dominated Genre. But with Joe Perry's deadly leads and Steven Tyler's shrill mouth came a perfect fusion of blues and rock.
They aren't called the "Bad Boys from Boston" for no reason. Steven Tyler has such an amazing voice and all the members are great at the instruments they play. And Aerosmith has so many great hits! They're badass!
Steven Tyler has one of the 10 vocals that will never die.

They were the most talented... Too bad it didn't last long...

The Contenders

11Pink Floyd
Great Concept Albums! True music style of their own.
Very pleasing music and money was one of the best songs ever written.
Are you kidding me?!
There music was original and there lyrics were thought provoking. They should be #1.

Best live band I've ever seen

Just saw them in tulsa. The showmanship, the music. Recent hall of fame recipients. They are the hottest band in the world. Not to mention the spider stage takes the concert experience to a complete new level some of the most recognizable anthems rock and roll all nite party every day
Initial group was absolutely talented and had a mastermind for marketing. They were simply the Hottest band in the world for about 5 years in their prime. All 4 artists could sing...
Original Rock... Original Act... They have rocked 3 generations or more.

14Red Hot Chili Peppers
This is one of the most versatile bands in music history. They have amazing vocals and guitar playing, loud and rhythmic drumming, and the best bass lines I have ever heard.
They have the best bassist in the world, one of the greatest guitarists ever, chad plays drums brilliantly and anthony's voice has really improved
Their songs are so complex and heartfelt; it's just amazing
Rhcp are amazing flea is my inspiration for playing bass

15The Beatles
The Beatles are awesome! They are the best artists of all time and will stay that way forever. R.I.P. You guys!


As in our legal system, Ignorance is no excuse!


The Beatles gave everyone else on this list inspiration and permission to write and perform what ever they wanted AND make it popular.


[Newest]The Beatles are THE BEST!

16Bon Jovi
all talented musos :) plus Jon is the greatest showman with the exception of Freddie Mercury


No others like them


17 The Jimi Hendrix Experience
When you put two masters of their instruments along with Jimi Hendrix, you get something very, very, big. Implementing Psychedelic Riffs with Bluesy Licks, the Jimi Hendrix Experience defined everything about rock n roll.

18Van Halen

19 Black Sabbath
From Tony Iommi's blungeoning riffs to Ozzy's lyrics, Black Sabbath not only invented Heavy Metal but pretty much lead the transition from the 60's to the 70's.
Black Sabbath is the Godfather of Heavy Metal and they're one of the most influential bands in rock history! And they're style is so unique. They should be at least top 5! They ROCK!

20The Rolling Stones
This band has amazed me time and time again. Who else can come up with that amazing riff at the beginning of Satisfaction?
Thank god for the Rolling Stones. This band should be at the top of the list. THEY ARE rock n roll. More than 50yrs rocking and they just keep getting bigger. They truly are the GREATEST rock n roll in the world. NO Question
34? Are you guys on Crack or something?

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