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1The Holocaust

What I hate so much about it is that all those people who died were innocent. What did they ever do to Hitler? To top it all, teachers keep telling you and making you read books about it... -. -

We need to learn this stuff. This is history, we learn history. Whether you like it or not. Life's unfair, and your gonna have to deal with that.

I have ancestors who were Belgian resistance some were horrifically tortured and put in camps my grandad fought to stop it as well but some didn't survive I offer my condolences to the victims

I can't say that a moment in the history was worse than other, but many jews that day. And what is the worst? Some Jews are discriminated in our times! (I'm saying this and I ain't Jewish) - rock2metal

I'm still sad about it :(

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2World War ll

These are some Allied countries that have lost soldiers and civilians
Soviet Union - over 8 million Civilians - over 18 millions
Uk - 423,467 Civilians - 67,122
USA - 405,399 Civilians - 1,737
Poland - 242,254 Civilians - over 5 million
France - 219,345 Civilians - 350,566
Australia - 74,915 Civilians - 13,781
Canada - 45,408
Denmark - 2,166 Civilians - 1,189
India - 87,621 Civilians - over 2 million
Philippine - 58,421 Civilians - over 2 million
New Zealand - 11,988
South Africa - 11,919
Netherlands - 17,588 civilians - 245,716
Belgium - 12,258 Civilians - 75,814
Greece - 35,566 Civilians - 305,098
Norway - 3,444 Civilians - 6,586

Shows how crazy humanity is and how far one man would go to gain power even if it means killing millions of innocent people.

it's so terrible they keep little quilts with them in battle

More people died because of cities being bomb according to my sources.

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39/11 World Trade Center Attacks

I was in kindergarten when it happened. I didn't understand then, but every time they show the footage of everything on September 11th each year, I break out crying. I don't know how someone could hurt a country like that. They'd have to be just... Depressed and evil. Its pathetic. - mskenziecullen

I was in school in 5th grade when it happened. I wasn't even in the USA. I was in the Dominican Republic. The principal of the school did let us all out early, and no one knew why. Then when I got home at 11:00am I realized something was wrong. In the Dominican Republic every street was empty... I WAS SO scared! I did not know why. Then I got home and I thought the world was going to end... I just hope God does not allow something like that to happen again... :(

I remember this when I was 7, even though I live in Australia I still think its the worst thing that's happened in history. - dragon13304

I think that this is the number one most tragic😞❤️

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4Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

How this event was ranked below 9/11 is beyond me... I guess perhaps because the attacks on the trade center and the others were so recent. But a terrible 3000 casualties, as opposed to an instantaneous erradication of an unthinkable 200, 000 plus countless people and animals left irratiated, seems an unrealistic comparison.

Don't hate me for this but, unlike many others I believe this should be under 9/11... America dropped the bombs to end a war that was killing a lot more than the ones who died from the bombs, they had to or many more would have died. Japan was not giving up and this was the last step for it to end... Besides after the war America actually made Japan what it is today! They rebuilt everything and introduced industry and technology to Japan

The lesson learned in this awful event is that innocent people die because of the corruption started by their leaders. Nuclear bombs should never be used again.

This should be ranked above 9/11 definitely, not just for the body count but the people here were innocent too. In addition the birth defects that went on for years after and that the areas are still inhospitable, 9/11 doesn't compare to the tragedy that took place here there's just a lot more patriotic Americans that vote here

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5Sinking of the Titanic

There were over 2000 people on that ship only 710 survived

The sinking of the Titanic marked the end of an era of innocence and arrogance. The sadness stem's from the fact no one needn't have died. There shouldn't have been any loss of life in those calm waters that night. The Titanic is the last thing we were ever sure about. Never again will such a collection of human beings and ideals come crashing down. Countless families were torn apart and the famous band played until the end. Now the Titanic sits two miles down serving as a monument to a disaster which should never have happened.

This is the saddest of them all to me:( Whenever I here the titanic theme by Celine Dion I makes me think about this and makes me cry every time! The sad thing is there were enough lifeboats for all the people at first and then They only left 20 Because all the lifeboats looked junky! That pisses me off so BAD! They all could of been saved but because life boats looked junky it killed about 1290 people! Good job America

That was a heart break to America

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6The Black Plague

This List is out of wack. Most of these Top Tens are just what Americans care about the most (and I am an American). This event killed one third of the world population and deserves to be higher on the list. The other Top Tens, although tragic, are not as bad as The Black Plague. I understand that it didn't affect the Western Hemisphere much (if at all), but it devastated the Eastern Hemisphere.

the blackplage killed one 3rd
of the known poppulation

I wouldn't say the Black Plague was too bad. Yes many people died but it led to the end of tyrants who relied on peasants. Since there were less peasants, there was more reason for peasants to get paid more. If not, they would attack their ruler. If the ruler killed them, he would have no power.

SCP-049, the plague doctor

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7Justin Bieber was born

It was a terrible time for the whole of earth, it will continue to be remembered as a sad time for men and women combined.

You IDIOTS. I don't like Justin Bieber, but to think ANYONE would actually vote for this over stuff like the Holocaust or the Sany Hook shooting? You fools have no idea. - Hajj

That day led to millions of people to die...

Maddy likes Justin Bieber

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8The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

The God of the Universe, the perfectly holy being who is infinitely good, completely without sin, sacrificed himself to save those dead in their sin. To save those who mock his name, who deny him daily, who spit and turn away from his face, who are completely deserving of eternal DEATH. Through his good grace, he paid the ultimate price. I beseech anyone who sees this: turn from the path of destruction, the path of temporary, worldly lusts and wants, and follow the narrow path, for no cost on this earth is worth the infinite value of eternal communion and fellowship with Christ. Read "Hard to Believe" by John MacArthur for better understanding. It certainly changed my life. It could help change yours.

This is the #1 most heartbreaking event in history. But what fries me are the people who blame the Jews. The Jews aren't the only ones guilty for Christ's death. We all are due to sin. No one is innocent. Christ took our sins to the cross so we could be saved. That is the truth.

This is the number 1 saddest terrible events in History, this should be in number 1. Jesus is God, He died for our sins, so STOP SINNING, REPENT BE BAPTIZED IN WATER IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, FOR THE Remission of Sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues

There is no god

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9The Slave Trade

Can you even imagine being torn away from your family and brought to an alien country and treated like merchandize? Drowning in your sorrows you gaze at the skies and wonder what has become of your family thousands of miles away? I watched ROOTS and it was heart breaking.

How the hell the slave trade isn't number 1 is beyond me. a wicked evil act for over 400 years because of ones skin colour...

Knowing that children are young innocent and highly accident prone and putting them in harms way to make a few extra dollars is disgusting.

No one owns anybody. - SamuiNeko

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10Pearl Harbor Attack

This to me is the saddest moment in history for me. It just brings me almost to my knees to hear the stories and back story's in this tragic day!

The Americans did something worse to the Japanese.

Pearl Harbor was one of a very sad moment. One minute you are walking the next thing you know your city is being bombed

Pearl Harbor should be 1 and 9/11 or the holocaust should be 2nd

Just saying, pearl harbour- 2,500 soldiers lives lost, the blitz 42,000 civilians lives lost. - shelbycobra

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?Public Suicide of Budd Dwyer on Live TV
?Shooting of the Romanov Family
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11Sandy Hook Shooting

This event tore me up inside as a parent! This event should at least be in the top ten if not the top 5!

This is the most tragic in 2012 so see those children had to lose there lives

God, I just wish we could go back in time and stop this event. So many parents lives have been ruined.

I'm so so sad that happened

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12Hurricane Katrina

It caused SO much destruction!

13Rwanda Genocide

Almost 1 million people murdered in such a small amount of time... How is this not on the top ten list. Women, children, all murdered. Pregnant mothers having their stomachs sliced open and their unborn children butchered. And the world just watched...

I believe Clinton said it was the worse decision of his career not to help, and as the T.V. News people said, people would find it sad, then look the other way, which is just what they did. No one called it genocide at the time because then they would have to help... But we're willing to admit the truth now that the horrible reality has passed for the most part.

For those who were voting 9/11 or the birth of Justin Bieber, read a history book. 9/11, the Holocaust, and Nagasaki were nothing when compared to Rwanda. Up to 1 million died in 1994 because of the genocide (a far cry from 250,000 of the Nagasaki bombings), and this was truly a moment nobody would forget.

Why is it higher than Justin Bieber

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14Boston Marathon Bombings

I actually remember that day, going home from a friends, and news about a bombing at the marathon. I thought the guys were so stupid, to blow up people that were running for a charity. I also remember some towns had to go under lockdown and the news wouldn't shut up about it. - kaitlynrad11

Oh my gosh not a bomb

15Columbine Massacre

Some of the last words they heard were "Do you believe in God? " After they said yes the trigger was pulled...

16The Nanking Massacre

This is just plain awful. Beheading men. Having contest fighting for who ever gets 100 kills first. Raping thousands of women and girl then just stabbing their V. What an awful merciless act on the Chinese.

Worse than the Holocaust. Today it's still denied by the Japanese government. Deserves WAY higher than 9/11 and even higher than the marathon bombings.

Honestly, the acts of the Japanese on POW is as bad as or worse than the holocaust

17Haiti Earthquake

well I'm from haiti and a lot of my family members died

This was so tragic and so sad 2 many people lost their lives in this horiible event I just want 2 say thanx 2 all the volluntears who helped find survivers=[

This was a sad event, but I don't think that nature is evil

18The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a depressing moment in history the stock market crashed and almost every one in America was por

well it was... great depresing! so sad! they were so poor! :( SAD= THE GREAT DEPRSION

One of the most depressing moments. - SamuiNeko

I that your mum was a great person. the end

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19Queensland 2011 Floods

I live in Queensland and my house got flooded and 38 people died but I would not say that it's one of the saddest times in history

I'm very sorry to hear that,I'm sure that those 38 unfortunate lives are in heaven. - SamuiNeko

This catastrophe costed the government a lot of money, but the most traumatising event is obviously the deaths and lost homes.

20Mongol Conquests
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