Top Ten Most Underrated Actors


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Dylan O'Brien
The clear breakout talent of a seemingly mindless and silly teenage-centric supernatural show. The ratings for Teen Wolf have jumped up significantly since season 1, and it has been due to a bit more than just a bunch of shirtless guys running in the woods. People that originally criticized the show due to its campiness do find themselves sticking around to watch Dylan's portrayal of his character, Stiles Stilinski. And for someone who barely decided to jump into acting right out of high school with no actual training or desire to act beforehand (he was going to attend Syracuse for film before deciding to defer his acceptance to pursue acting instead; the only thing he had on his resume for his first gig, which was Teen Wolf, was a link to his Youtube channel), Dylan does a superb job in comparison to his fellow peers on the show. With a proper repertoire under his belt, Dylan is bound to go far in this industry.
He's incredible. Not only in the way that he presents the lines, but the way he lives and breathes his characters. Whilst I have noticed many similarities between Stiles and Dylan, the way he acts in The First Time and in The Internship, has proven that not only does he have exceptional talent for acting, but he sits comfortably in his role and becomes the character himself. What I am most excited for, is his role in an upcoming movie The Maze Runner, in which he will be starring in. It's a contrast, to the other's that he's done as he is now the main role and playing a drastically different character from Stiles. I know this as I have read the book, and I can definitely say that I know Dylan won't disappoint. He is an incredible actor that is, without a doubt, going exceptional lengths in his acting career.
While still quite new to the scene, having done three seasons of Teen Wolf, cameos, and four movies, three of which have already aired, he's definitely come off as someone with raw talent, who just becomes better as he goes.

His versatility in the different characters he portrays shows clearly, and he has the capacity to make you laugh, and to make you cry. Though not yet at the level of Jensen Ackles (or Tom Hiddleston), I have no doubt that one day could very well achieve great things in the movie business, and all we have to do is wait and watch him grow.
[Newest]Breakout star of the whole show. He's got a great future ahead of him. If you need any more proof, watch Teen Wolf. He went from nerdy, goofy Stiles to a grim, dark doppelganger of himself. He's amazing.
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2Jensen Ackles
It is extremely difficult to make me cry. I say that because Jensen Ackles has achieved it more than once. The amount of emotion and power he can put in a simple facial expression is stunning. He delivers lines with a skill that is mind-blowing, and his interpretations of the characters he's played are always fascinating and unexpected. Hands-down he is one of my favorite actors of all time, and I wish he was in more so I could own an entire library of him like I do Kevin Spacey and Tilda Swinton.
Jensen Ackles is a really amazing, brilliant actor! The fact that he works on a genre T.V. show sadly means very little to none recognition from the media and the well-known awards. This has to change, because Jensen is a rare talent who deserves not only acknowledgement in terms of awards for his outstanding work on Supernatural for almost 9 years, but also the chance to spread his amazing skills on to the big screen!
Jensen Ackles makes you feel what his character is feeling without ever overacting. He emotes. He is also convincing in action scenes and has a presence whenever he's on camera. He can do comedy, tragedy, and everything in between. While, yeah, he's easy on the eyes, it is his skill at nuancing his performance and adding depth to the story without even lines that deserves recognition.
[Newest]Because he's so sexy!
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3James McAvoy
Robbier Turner from Atonement, Nicholas Garrigan from Last king of Scotland, Charles Xavier from X-Men First class and Action machine Wesley Gibson from Wanted, James Mcavoy showed many different faces through brilliant acting. His values are proved to receive BAFTA rising star award, London Critics awards, nominated Golden Globe best actor. Despite big career, he doesn't want to live as celebrities and prefer to enjoy simple life in London instead of living in Hollywood but He is certainly one of the best talented actors in the world.
He has incredible talent of acting and able to deal with various roles from tumnus of Narnia to the pervert cop of Filth. James Mcavoy deserves to win Oscar!

4Steve Buscemi
Have you seen Boardwalk Empire, Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski! This guy is an incredible actor and deep down we all know it!
I've seen him in boardwalk empire and my children have seen him in spy kids and he is an amazing actor


He's a great actor but still terribly underrated


5Colin Farrell
While a dirt bag in his personal life, he exudes an incredible charm on camera

6Casper Van Dien
An actor you'd wish to see regularly, a couple of flops isn't really his fault, I really do wish that his career gets a boost soon
Got typecast into a roll after Starship Troopers. Actually, a very talented actor.

7Eric Bana
Very intense on screen, makes everyone else look 2D

8Kevin Pollak

9Dean Cain

10Tim Roth

The Contenders

11Daniel Bernhardt
D. Bernhard is good fighter to taekwondo, and my love role is Mortal Kombat Conquest (Siro). Dramatic fighter, stale redy, and brave heart. His energy an speed.

12Gary Oldman

13Giovanni Ribisi
Yes, Giovanni was best actor in the gift!

14Mark Dacascos

15Guy Pearce
I wanted to vote for Sam Rockwell too, but can't : ( most underrated actor of all time. And Paddy Considine. Oh well.

16Michael Kenneth Williams

17Antonio Sabato Jr.

18John Cusack
Say Anything, High Fidelity


19Michael Biehn

20Gary Daniels
Decent fighting style from Red Bamboo, The Expendables, and the Live-Action Fist of the North Star

21William Hurt

22Luke Wilson

23Forest Whitaker

24Robert Joy
Great film in art Robert Joy serial killer his name Resurrection. Joy his art intellect killer Gerald Demus. Great intellect and good costume. Super scenerie.
Robert Joy is film speed and intelectual master merder. He loke individual people and red bonnet is kill to big small and apostol people.

25Seann William Scott

26Benicio Del Toro

27Edward Norton
Why isn't this man a household name? I hate having to refer to him as "that guy from Fight Club."
Fight Club, American History X


28Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan is one of the most passionate actors out there. We can see that above all else he loves his craft, often leaving safe roles to go for new chalenges. He has amzing dramatic skills and is one of the few actors that can tell a story with only his eyes. He'll also make you laugh your brains off, he has amazing comedy timing.
This young actor is exciting and deserves a lot more praise and chanllenges.
He is amazing actor, he makes bad movies good. His emotion and passion he puts in every role is noticeable and it's really amazing to see him preform and do what he loves best

29Joseph Gordon Levitt
Most of the actors are great, but they aren't underrated. JGL was the best actor in Inception (the fight scene in the hallway) and so cute in 500 Days of Summer!
Brick, (500) Days of Summer


He's just the best!

30Sean Bean
Just perfect in every movie since Lord of the rings
Always a great performer no doubts.

And now... Whit the recent job in (Game of Thrones) its getting better and better!...

31Raul Julia

32Scott Adkins

33Dean Cochran
Cochran is good art to role Cassaro of Mortal Kombat conquest, Siro (Daniel Bernhardt) is brather Cassaro the good fighter to army general Scorpion.

34David Tennant

35Lorenzo Lamas

36Michael Dudikoff
The Michael Dudikoff his great part to American Ninja. Army member man, name Joe, challenge young lady and in round army his stand is Joe ninja, winning fight of deadly alliance ninja, s and comeback to army world. Ninja Joe (Michael Dudikoff) doing ninjitsu and long time carry ninja black mask.

37Jared Leto
People need to recognize the talent this man has. He can play any role. He is so gifted as an actor, Jared needs to be acknowledged more for his gifts.


38Cillian Murphy
Utterly convincing in all his roles, which are immensely varied. So versatile. Master of accents. His dislike of celebrity culture MIGHT explain why is isn't as well known as he should be.
He is a fantastic and very versatile actor. When he needs to be he can be creepy, funny, sweet, intimidating, charming, down right scary.. The list goes on. He plays each one if these traits just as convincingly as the next and is one of my favorite actors.

39Eddie Cibrian

40Leonardo DiCaprio

41Ewan McGregor
Anyone who's seen The Impossible knows his performance is heartbreakingly tear jerking. Why exactly was this guy not given an Oscar nomination for that?

42Jared Padalecki
Ridiculously good actor. Everything he does in his roles mean something and adds to his character. In Supernatural he has played so many versions of Sam Winchester and never fails to deliver
Because he's so sexy too!

43Gary Cole

44Sam Rockwell

45Tom Hiddleston
His Loki act steals the show. And he does Shakespeare too!

46Aaron Eckhart

47Paddy Considine

48Christian Bale
American Psycho, The Dark Knight


49Ed Westwick

50Garret Hedlund

51Jesse Eisenberg
The social network, the squid and the whale, adventureland and NOW YOU SEE ME
Come on, this guy is awesome

52Hayden Christensen
I meant to say III not Episode I because he wasn't even Anakin at the moment. He really needs to be seen for his credibility and few of his good movies.
The man Hayden Christensen was good at being Anakin Skywalker at Star Wars of Episode I not II to be precise. How I wish if he had taught with better acting for roles he would have been suited.

53Kevin Bacon

54John Ireland

55Ryan Reynolds
Adventureland, Buried (soon to be released, it looks awesome)


56Vincent D'Onofrio
Full Metal Jacket, Ed Wood


57Bob Gunton
He is so under-rated and underused. He is one of the best.

58Noah Hathaway
He was a former child actor, who wasn't in many movies. But Noah was great in the Neverending Story and good in all his other movies.
He was great in The Neverending Story. But Tommy Wiseau sucks.

59Cuba Gooding Jr.

60Timothy Olyphant

61Stanley Tucci

62Charlie Hunnam
Very underrated actor seen him in some stuff mainly soa but even his movies seems very talented to me

63James Franco

64Kyle Gallner

65Brian Cox

66Max von Sydow

67Jonas Ball

68Misha Collins
Believable in any role, but especially as Castiel, the hapless angel turned human on CW's Supernatural. Collins deserves far more accolades than he's ever received.

69James Spader
He can be a very very mean antagonist.

70Paul Walker

71Jason Alexander
Truly hilarious on Seinfeld. Some of the best
Comic acting I have ever seen!

72Channing Tatum

73Michael Pitt

74Lee Pace
The fall and the hobbit movies, amazing actor!

75Regina King

76Robert Downey Jr.
He can more than Iron Man!

77Paul Dano
There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine, 12 Years a Slave

78Carlos Alazraqui

79Sean Astin

80Burkely Duffield

81Joaquin Phoenix

82Ryan Gosling
Lars and the Real Girl, Half Nelson


83Tommy Wiseau

84Djimon Hounsou

85William H. Macy

86Bill Murray

87Michael Gross

88Alec Baldwin

89Ben Affleck

90Jim Belushi
Maybe cause he's dead...

91Hank Azaria

92James Woods

93Seth MacFarlane

94Matt LeBlanc

95Adam West

96Macaulay Culkin

97Justin Long

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