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61Vincent PriceVincent Leonard Price, Jr. was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and performances in horror films.

So great but not as much recognition. He has played in so many old horror films and is well known for his spooky way of talking. He's also done introductions and voice overs for songs such as The Black Widow by Alice Cooper and Thriller by Michael Jackson. I mean, he's a legend. How can anyone not love this guy?

62Kevin Spacey
63Hugo Weaving

Think he's considered a legend? Think again! - BoltMarksman

64John Ireland
65Ryan ReynoldsRyan Rodney Reynolds is a Canadian actor and producer. He portrayed Michael Bergen on the ABC sitcom Two Guys and a Girl, Billy Simpson in the YTV Canadian teen soap opera Hillside, as well as Marvel Comics characters Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity, Wade Wilson / Weapon XI in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, more.

Adventureland, Buried (soon to be released, it looks awesome) - InsertNameHere

66Vincent D'Onofrio

Full Metal Jacket, Ed Wood - InsertNameHere

67Bob Gunton

He is so under-rated and underused. He is one of the best.

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68Noah Hathaway

He was a former child actor, who wasn't in many movies. But Noah was great in the Neverending Story and good in all his other movies.

He was great in The Neverending Story. But Tommy Wiseau sucks.

69Cuba Gooding Jr.
70Timothy Olyphant
71Stanley Tucci

Totally totally totally underrated. A fantastic actor.

72Seann William Scott
73Charlie Hunnam

Very underrated actor seen him in some stuff mainly soa but even his movies seems very talented to me

74James FrancoJames Edward Franco is an American actor and filmmaker. His first prominent acting role was the lead character Daniel Desario on the short-lived cult hit television program Freaks and Geeks.
75Kyle Gallner
76Brian Cox
77Max von Sydow

The greatest actor of all time

78Jonas Ball
79Misha CollinsDmitri "Misha" Collins is an American actor, best known for his role as the angel Castiel on the CW television series Supernatural.

Believable in any role, but especially as Castiel, the hapless angel turned human on CW's Supernatural. Collins deserves far more accolades than he's ever received.

80Paul WalkerPaul William Walker IV was an American actor. Walker began his career guest-starring in several television shows such as The Young and the Restless and Touched by an Angel.
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