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Robin Tunney
Robin Tunney is without question one of the best actresses on T.V.. I have not seen her movies, but I gather they did not do well at the box office. She deserves someone to write a script for her as the star of a great film. I'm amazed that some of the indie film directors haven't cast her in a really good film. Not only does she act beautifully and created the character of Lisbon on The Mentalist, she also loves the camera and it loves her back. The most beautiful and ageless actress on T.V. with subdued sexuality, who doesn't have to dress sexy to be the sexiest woman in the room.
I had never heard of her before Prison Break and I loved her in that, then saw her in the Mentalist episode "Red Badge" and wow, that Woman can act. She may be small in stature but she dominates the screen whenever she is on and is undoubtedly one of the most gifted actresses on television today. She deserves to be a big movie star but I get the impression that Robin is too down to earth and self effacing to be concerned about fame and money and is just happy being a hard working well respected actress. Good luck to her.
Whenever I really, really like the character of a series (like Lisbon from The Mentalist) I start checking if the character is so amazing because of the actor or if the actor only seems good because of the role and in most of the cases, it's the latter (I guess you all know some examples). Robin Tunney was the very first case in which the actress was even ten times better than the T.V. character. She's great in every movie she made, like Niagara, Niagara, Montana, Open Window and my favorite movie, The Craft. She deserves a really big role and sometimes I'd even like to write a bestseller just to give her such a role. I really hope that this is gonna happen the next time!
[Newest]Robin is just an amazing woman, she can act perfectly. She isn't tall, isn't sexy dressed but even next to Simon Baker she dominates the camera. It's incredible! And I watched recently her performance on Niagara Niagara... What an actress!

2Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts has proved herself as a great actress many times from "Mulholland Drive” to “21 Grams”, “Eastern Promises”, “King Kong” and now "The Impossible". She's a regular nominee during awards season but hardly gets the credit for it.
Looks like a rabbit

3Amy Adams
This is still true, although I think things are picking up for Amy. She's never had a problem getting work but until this past couple years or so has had trouble getting female leads. I do think that is starting to change after getting big roles in the Master, American Hustle, Trouble With the Curve...

4Cate Blanchett

5Alicia Silverstone
Alicia is beautiful, talented and very hot actress. What else do you need?
The New World, Hideaway, The Babysitter, Batman & Robin, Excess Baggage, Blast from the Past, Beauty Shop, Miss Match...


"Batman and Robin" ruined her career

6Debra Messing
She is equally great at drama as in comedy. Often in Will&Grace she displayed dramatic intensity in her funniest moments. In the Starter Wife, she shows her incredible acting range in her character Molly Kagan's dream sequences: spoofs of Dirty Harry, Hello Dolly, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, etc. Debra has a great singing voice, even when kidding around in Will&Grace. I loved her in movie roles: The Wedding Date, Along Came Polly, A Walk in The Clouds, etc. (even if the movies weren't always great. She's beautiful, as well. I think she's extremely underrated.
I see her compared to other actresses active today and she stands out. There's a lot of nuance and subtlety to her performances. I think Debra is closer to Meryl Streep in talent.


She is so versatile as an actress. Loved all her films and T.V. shows. Totally underrated!

7Jasmine Guy
She should be starring in TV or movies. I understand she may be reprising her role in a big screen version of Dead Like Me. I loved her as Whitley Gilbert in a Different World...she was a magnetic presence. Also, she guested briefly as Caitlin on Melrose Amanda (Heather Locklear) trouble in the corporate world. Other roles I've seen her in: as a fallen angel Kathleen in Touched By An Angel, in the miniseries Queen, etc. She is multitalented: great in comedy and drama, musically: singing and dancing. She and Debra Messing are two of my favorites. I'd love to see them work together someday.

8Michelle Williams

9Rachel McAdams
She's so pretty and an amazing person! Her acting is brilliant. She should be more recognized

10Vera Farmiga

The Contenders

11Janet Leigh

12Jennifer Jones

13Sally Hawkins

14Sherilyn Fenn
Just one thing - Audrey Horne in Twin Peaks.
Sherilyn deserved more interesting roles than she had


15Tara Strong
Why is she on this list?!? She gets way too much attention! Take her off!

16Kim Novak

17Marisa Tomei

18Maggie Gyllenhaal

19Peta Wilson
Peta Wilson is in a stratosphere of her own. She is THE Goddess among actresses. No actress in the World has ever matched her talent, charisma, screen presence and beauty. Look at her eyes, they can totally burn thru and melt anything and send a message like laser beams, and they are so full of goodness, compassion, honesty, sense of justice, ethics, intelligence and raw beauty that she totally owns the silver screen by just being there. Hollywood is scared of her. Her raw talent and charisma is in a class of her own, unmatched by any other actress and in the size of Mount Ayers. Her Charisma and screen presence is so great that it's probably difficult for any other Hollywood actresses to keep their popularity in comparison. The acting in LFN was a masterpiece. that's why LFN is the best Nikita ever, the extraordinary acting from the cast is the best with LFN. In every scene Peta totally owns the screen. that's maybe why Hollywood has never given her the chance of star roles her exceptional talent, charisma and beauty deserves. She is too good and to talented. The other established actresses in Hollywood would probably have felt too challenged. They are probably scared of her. They felt the need to protect their space. Peta would steal the show. They can not match her level in any way. It's a powerplay and they haven too much power and a lot to say not to let anyone in that would overshine them with light years of greater talent, charisma and beauty than they have. Peta Wilson is in a unchallenged class of her own as the queen of all actresses and will always be.
She was great basket-ball player
She was supermodel in Europe
She is unique but very underrated actress


Thought many times about it, why? I don't know but I suspect some 'smart' play within the Hollywood to crush her? Maybe she couldn't find good films? Anyway, all I could say she's awesome and and incredible actress. I've rarely seen people saying almost everything just with a pair of Eyes!
[Newest]Peta Wilson is definitely an icon. Nikita was then for me, what Lisbon is now...
I adore them both. And, honestly, there are no other actresses, I ever got addicted to. And they are both totally underrated. Unbelievable.

20Lee Remick

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