Most Underrated Adam Sandler Movies


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No Adam Sandler movies that are not underrated (Happy Gilmore, Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups, etc.)

Very beautiful movie plus Adam's serious acting was impressive - Alexandr

2Punch-Drunk LoveV1 Comment
3Mr. Deeds

I guess I'm the only one who loves this movie - Alexandr

4Jack and Jill

People call it the worst Sandler film, but it's the best Sandler film. I LOVE IT!

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5That's My Boy
6ClickV1 Comment
7Big Daddy

Great movie, just an absolute riot. Sandler and cole sprouse are great together.

8Grown Ups

This is gotta be Sandler's best one yet. Fantastical work and the most funniest.

9Bedtime Stories
10The Waterboy

This was a very entertaining and funny film

The Contenders

11Mixed Nuts
12Billy Madison

I really loved that film in the 90's - Alexandr

1550 First Dates
16Reign Over Me

A moving story about two friends going through trouble who find solace in each other's lives. Also, it handles 9/11 very maturely. - Jackamalio

17The Wedding Singer
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